Wednesday, March 10, 2010

tweets, updates, reviews & PopJustice

So... if you thought that 9 minute mix of Bittersweet was every bit as orgasmic as pop heaven, think again. Sophie's official website uploaded a 45 second clip of the song, featuring the chorus of the song. The radio edit has so many many more instruments and sounds than the remix. This and the 30 second clip on PopJustice are enough to blow your socks off!

If that didn't get you beaming like a foolish cat, this will. Sophie finished her video with Junior Caldera. The video should be out soon. So French readers, do give us a review (and hopefully a high quality recording) of the video. Sophie has also finished the photoshoot session for the album cover. Here are a couple of her recent tweets:

  1. back from paris. video with junior caldera done. macaroons eaten. merci, paris.
  2. oh and i should let you know yesterday i shot my album cover. v nice photographer who made me shout out very odd stuff as he clicked.
  3. and sometimes i flung my head around. sore neck today.
  4. all in the name of pop.

Bittersweet which is still sitting on top of the PopJustice almighty has received a lot of positive reactions from fans world over and the press. Digital Spy gave the song a very good review. Mr. PopJustice made bittersweet his song-of-the-day; he also uploaded the chorus of the song 5 times telling us how good the song is (could it be that uploading the snippet 5 times signifies that he rated it with 5 stars?) Anyway PopJustice readers (fans on the official forum and bloggers) are wetting their pants with excitement - this can only mean one thing. Sophie has got a hit on her hands.

Play your cards right Sophie, and you can end up with a #1 which will stay in the top ten for more than 23 weeks this time!

New York Post gave Sophie a good review too -
You remember Sophie Ellis-Bextor? You know! Come on, the 23-week chart-topping brunette beauty behind "Murder on the Dancefloor?" Well the disco-light lovin' diva is back -- and this time, she can really ... shake it down.
Sophie's new single "Bittersweet" premiered last night on UK radio and it blew my man knickers off. It's the first single from her fourth studio album, co-written by the Freemasons (writer/producers responsible for some of Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Shakira and Kelly Rowland's hits) and Hannah Robinson (writer of hit-bangers from Christina Aguilera, The Saturdays and Sugababes). Yeah, you don't even have to press play to know it's already going be amazing.
Sophie tweeted about the song saying it is "about when you can't resist something that you know is bad for you. A guilty pleasure. Like watching celebrity 'Big Brother.'" Hold the hamburger phone miss thang! You like lady pop music, "Big Brother" and you Twitter... is that you in a fancy weave Jarett?
Well if it is, nice moves, the song is brilliant and I have high hopes the whole album will be just as good. Word all over the computer box is that Sophie is also working on new tracks with Calvin Harris, Groove Armada and the Sneaker Pimps. Damn-it, now I'm gonna need to go to the dentist.


Anonymous said...

Fotos from the set of just can't fight this feeling.

Anonymous said...

I love sophie but i think your a bit delusional if you think she's going to be number one and stay there for that long.

Fran said...

OMG!! Bittersweet is so amazing, she's gonna get a #1 for this song... & the New York Post article!! This is madness!! Wow!!!! ^^ I'm really, really excited about her new album. We love you Sophie!! :-)



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