Friday, March 26, 2010

Can't Fight This Feeling - video - scroll down for the video
Someone please put the damn thing on youtube. That site takes forever to load.

Sophie arrives in a car to a party where the paparazzi blind her with the lights. She looks around to find her love interest, finds him abd smiles.

Begin Love story - A little girl who poses while her mother takes a picture of her on a polaroid. It's her birthday, and there's this little boy who gifts her a necklace with what i assume is a supposed to be a disco-ball-pendant.

All this is happening while Sophie is sitting on the sofa reminiscing about the past. Then the chorus kicks in, Sophie enters the club, meets Junior, who is at the deck. And the camera focuses on the crowd dancing. There are snippets of Sophie singing on the sofa.

The second verse sees the little girl who is a teenager now. They're at party again, and they're looking into each others eyes. Somewhere towards the end of the verse, its all flash-back again where the little girl hands a vinyl to a little boy who is DJing at the birthday party. And she karaokes along. The scene shifts to the teenager who is now doing the same thing at her party. And then to Sophie who is doing the same thing at Junior's party. More dancing and some scenes with Sophie on the sofa follow.

As the middle 8 kicks in, Sophie begins to cry. The little girl goes away, so does the teenager and Sophie's already in another room. The little boy now goes in search of the little girl, the teenage boy does the same and finally Sophie's love interest in the video does the same.

Finally, the guy finds Sophie and the video ends.

I think its supposed to be the story of a girl and guy who have liked each other since they were kids, but it took the guy so many years to finally propose. I like the little girl in the video, she can play Sophie at a young age. But the teenager looks nothing like Sophie.

Overall, its a decent video. So much better than what i expected.

More importantly, i'm just amazed that we've had two Sophie videos in the same week. This is what heaven feels like, i suppose!


Fran said...

Here's the video of "Can't Fight this Feeling" in Youtube:
Check out my YTB channel too!! :-)

M. said...

Hey, Kau!! I found another link!! This is so cool! Some time ago: NO Sophie. Now she has *2* videos out at the *same* time. Just awesome (and with the upcoming new video and EP from Keane, I'm over the moon... just saying).
Here's the link:

kaushik said...

THanks Fran and M. I love the video. There's a low quality recording of it available on Isa's website. I wonder if the video will be made available on iTunes...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaushik, thanks for this. I find the sexuality just a little more ambiguous than you suggest, but that may just be wishful thinking ;-D

Deric said...

I didn't like the song much, but the video made me change my mind! It really made the hook apparent and Sophie looked too fantastic, I'm brainwashed. :o

Also I don't think the 3 girls were all Sophie, none of them had anything close to her cheekbones and jawline! Maybe she's like representing all the heartbroken girls or something, who knows. It was an immensely enjoyable video though, I was surprised it turned out so well, given Junior's charting power.

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