Sunday, November 30, 2008

SPLIT SECOND LIFE (confirmed title for 4th album)

Inside sources just confirmed that the wikipedia rumoured title "Split second love" is actually "Split second life". The album "WILL" come out in the end of 2009, which is a relief to me!! I'm so happy she decided to do it in 2009 itself.

Also, here's a shocker. CARNIVAL is the name of a song recorded by Sophie. If you thought P!nk and Britney were the only two circus freaks, you were wrong!! I wonder what this would sound like, considering the fact that Sophie may be a little too posh sounding for a title like that, i don't know... i do hope this song makes it onto the final cut!

There's a petition going on on the official forum to release a 5-track EP. Click here to sign the petition. Who knows, we might get one!!

So here's a list of tracks confirmed (till now). I'm going to keep mentioning the tracks that we have everytime a new title surfaces, so we'll have an idea of what the tracklist might be...
1. Sophia Loren (which sadly won't be a single)
2. I Still Believe In Magic (the Richard X song)
3. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (the Freemasons song)
4. Off & On (the Calvin Harris song, Roisin Murphy reject)
5. Calling It Love (the other Calvin Harris song)
6. Still Mixed Up
7. Music Took My Man
8. Carnival

And guess what!? Sophia Loren is produced by Christopher Rojas, who made "Fingers" for P!nk. WOW!! Can't wait for this song to come out. Denis/Ellis-Bextor are the credits for the lyrics (Yay!! Cathy dennis and Sophie writing a song, its got to be pop brilliance!) and mixed by Jeremy Wheatley (he's always done this)... really looking forward to this song!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Comparative analysis

Has anyone noticed somethings similar between Trip The Light Fantastic and the 4th album...

Release being postponed:
TTLF - Yes
4th album - Are you kidding me!?

Reason for delayed release:
TTLF - Being a mother
4th album - Going to be a mother (again)

Tracks which leaked pre-album release:
TTLF - Amazing
4th album - Oh-my-god-they're-HOT!!!

Modelling contract prior to the album:
TTLF - Monsoon
4th album - Rimmel London

Cathy Dennis worked on a song:
TTLF - Catch You
4th album - Off & On

Amazing song released before the album:
TTLF - Dear Jimmy (wow!!!!)
4th album - Jolene (double wow!!)

Worked with a DJ:
TTLF - Busface
4th album - Junior Caldera (now, if he releases his collab with Sophie, it would be 100% similar)

Anyway, no real news! Sophie is yet to "officially" confirm about the release of her first single from the album and give us more details about whats happening.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

concrete news about the album and single

First of all, before i make any comments and before Sophie gets to read anything that might seem a little negative, i would want to say that i completely understand Sophie's decision to spend time with her baby. Good luck with the baby Sophie.

Anyway, Sophie stopped filming the video for Sophia Loren. Only a few shots were done before she decided that she wouldn't release the single now. In fact, Sophia Loren might not even be a single. By then the hype would have died down and it would be foolishness to release it as a single. Too bad! That was one hell of a song, and it would have been a smash hit!! There goes another good song down the drain. But the song will still make it onto the album. Thank god for that! It would be criminal to scrap it!! I do hope fascination decide to leak that song so fans could enjoy listening to it in HQ.

Sophie had a long discussion with her manager, and he understood her decision and asked her to concentrate on her baby for the time being. The first single might be some unknown song which might come out sometime around Sept 09! And the album is probably going to come out late 09 or early 2010!!!

Anyway, on the bright side, Sophie and her management may decide to leave a few demo recordings on her MySpace. Keep your eyes peeled for anything new on her MySpace.

In the meantime, might i interest you in a fresh Sophie song??? I did post about Sophie being featured on Junior Caldera's "Debut" (thats the title) album. A remix of the song leaked onto the internet!! Sophie sounds F-A-N-T-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! I love how her voice has matured so well. She can reach such high notes!! I think Sophie's 4th album has a whole lot of surprises, if they sound anything like Off & On, Heartbreak, Sophia Loren and Can't Fight This Feeling.. oh thats (probably) what the Junior Caldera song is called...

Here you go:

Junior Caldera ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Can't Fight This Feeling (Mischa Daniels Remix)

Just can't fight this feeling
And its beating me, beating me, beating me
Down down down down down down down down down down down

And i just can't fight this feeling
We should be lovers. We should be lovers
No i just can't fight this feeling
We should be lovers. We should be lovers
No i just can't fight this feeling
My head is spinning. I think its winning
No i just can't fight this feeling
And its beating me down...

Why don't you, why don't you, why don't you come with me?
Why don't you, why don't you, why don't you come with me?

Pretty sure this is just a part of the song which is looped for the mix. The lyrics seem to be good. I hope the album version of the song has a bit more than this...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

pushing the single back again??

There might be a slight chance of change in the release date, although i will have to confirm that with my sources as well.

An acquaintance of Sophie (under the screen name St. Sinner) posted this on her official boards:
"I met Sophie on Thursday night and she told me that she will be waiting until after the baby to release anything... and to be honest, personally I think it's a better release strategy than releasing the first single in January and a 7 or 8 month gap between the second single and the album, plus it means she can take it easy until the baby is born.
I don't think you should give her a hard time about it guys, she works really hard and there aren't many artists out there who treat their fans as well as Sophie does... and aren't all good things worth waiting for?

Once again, i'm not sure what my reaction to this should be. I completely understand Sophie's decision to pay more attention to the pregnancy right now, but i'm not sure what this is doing to her public image.

There has been a small discussion about the release of a digital EP as well on the official boards, which i'm going to quote here, and comment about as well.

Dave said:
"That said - what Pork Smork and I (and others) have suggested - that she update her MySpace page with demos, outtakes, works-in-progress, limited run listens - would not harm her "marketability" in any way. In fact, much like Pork suggests (and I agree) would only help create interest and enhance it.
I mean - in many aspects - that's what MySpace was originally for. For bands and artists to test out their material with their true fans."

and wartford_boy's idea was:
"i was talking with a friend about how they should start bringing back ep cds with like 4 or 5 tracks on with stuff that would be on the album but there is no room for or stuff that just doesnt fit in with the rest of the album i think it would be a good idea for sophie to do that on myspace and release as a digital download on itunes and 7 digital
no need for personal promotion just website banners and as it would be a ep for unreleased promo/demo songs no video required she could always release love is the law again in a better quality as every version ive found has always been of lower sound quality than any of the other songs i have of hers and actually have heartbreak make me a dancer and off and on for legal download too with say 2 or 3 other non albumers.
one thing that has me wondering is if sophie will wait until after the baby to do a proper release what will the single be? because i feel sophia loren maybe a little outdated by then for the fact that she could have tied in the marketing with the rimmel ads and i doubt they'l still be running in 7 or 8 months.
it would be nice if the record company thought of doing a digital download ep for the fans just to tide them over until official releases come in because i can see some peoples frustration over the pushback but at the same time i really DO NOT believe sophie should put her life on hold jus to please us silly hardcore fans and lets face it all the grumblers are hardcore fans for the pure fact that normal sophie fans dont check here once a week goin when is she going to release something"

I remember sending Fascination an email (before Sophie's MySpace was updated with the new songs) about using the MySpace for promoting the new album by uploading teaser tracks etc., and they took it seriously. Of course, there were tons of other fans pressing for the same. Now again, the idea has been put forth...

Having waited for the album for this long, i think i can take 3-4 more months of wait, but whats the point if i'm going to wait for another cancelled single. Frankly speaking, the hype of the 4th album is already dying down. Sophie is building her public image well, but her career is still showing a downward trend. There was so much excitement about the GH coming out, which turned into frustration and excitement again when the 4th album was announced. Now all the hype and excitement has faded away, plus the Rimmel ads aren't really going to affect Sophie's sales in any way if she choses to bring the single out in Apr/May.

The best idea would be to bring out the single now, and see how the public responds to it, and then ad finishing touches to the album while teaser tracks are uploaded onto the MySpace keeping fans busy for 3 months and then she can come back with her 2nd single and promote the album. She doesn't really have to do a tour for one single.

Sophie should stick to the release date for Sophia Loren, bring out the video in december, and the physical release in Jan, sing the song live a few times. Her fans are going to buy the CD or download the track off iTunes whether its in December or January or April. So why not test the song on the fans first. The single will obviously feature a b-side which will allow fans to speculate about the new album..

As far as i know, Sophie is all set to record the video, and i think she should just go ahead and do it. She should promote that single, along with Heartbreak and Off & On whenever she gets an opportunity to perform live. That will keep her fans busy, while she can take 3 months off work. She can make her return with a second single and wait for a month to release the album. That should give her some more time to spend with the baby. With the album, she could release a third single. That will fetch high sales for all three singles plus the album. And after the album is out, she could have two more singles coming out at ease... And by the end of June she could do a tour...

Sophie at British Fashion Awards

One would have thought the last place the dreaded phrase 'credit crunch' would be mentioned, is at a lavish fashion industry bash. But singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, 29, admitted that even she was counting the pennies when it came to her choice of outfit for last night's British Fashion Awards.

Sophie Ellis Bextor was among the celebs who shunned designer frocks in favour of high street chic at the British Fashion Awards. Sophie chose a simple Topshop minidress with puffed sleeves, an antique brooch and white tights, which showcased the best of British style talent, and said the flailing economy had had an effect on her choice.

"Like most girls I changed my mind several times before I left the house but this is just a Topshop dress and the brooch is one I've had for years... I just threw these tights on because I didn't have any skin colours in my drawer to be honest... Not everybody can afford designer outfits. Some of the people I say are most stylish are my friends. I like to look at what they're wearing rather than in magazines... I don't buy maternity clothes, a lot of stuff on the high street is easy to adapt. We're pretty spoilt here, we've got the best high streets in the world." Sophie, who did the best to cover her bump, opted for comfort over the restrictions of high fashion!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sophie rarities

Sophie has been around in the music scene for a decade now, and there's tons of new fans that she has now. So i was thinking of sharing some of these rare studio demos and alternate versions with the world, its not going to affect sales in any way, so might as well do it...

Murder On The Dancefloor (Original Demo Version) - I like this version of the song. You can see that Jewel & Stone built their mix around this version of the song. Its not the typical dance track that the original sounds like. Its got a catchy groove, and is very very bassy!! But i'm happy that they changed the song before it made it onto the album. This would sound weird on Read My Lips

Final Move (Original Demo Version) - After you listen to this, you'll think "is this a demo!?" Well, at least that was my first reaction. I prefer this to the original. This is a bassy power ballad, which is so well produced. I wonder why Sophie didn't like this version and chose the louder album brash version instead. This song has a more emotional appeal than the album version.

Love It Is Love (Sampler Version) - This version didn't make it onto the album because of the obvious difference in the sound. Its a whole lot dancier than the original, a foot thomper! The lyrics are different in this version as well. Its got a driving groove, which puts you into a trance and the guitar sampler which is looped in the song catches your attention. Sophie's vocals sound very echo-y. This song was supposed to be a single, if it was, i'm sure this version would have been played on the radios more than the orignal.

Party In My Head (Sampler Version) - I've already given my views about this in the previous psot. Its a charming track!! And i love it!!

Lover (Demo Version) - Its very very rough. I prefer the bassy album version to this.

Is It Any Wonder (Produced by Moby) - Or famously known as the "Moby Mix" is just a vocal and background track demo. When RML was still being made, there was a whole lot of hype that Sophie had reeled in Moby to produce one of her tracks. Here's the demo they made together. Its pretty much the same as the album version, except, Sophie sounds like she just woke up and ran to the studio... lol..

what would a perfect Sophie album be??

Well, there's still a lot of time for any news to come out (i'm very very sneaky).... So i had a random thought, which i decided to share...

I'm going for a 12 trackker...

1. Off & On - I'm probably the only Sophie fan who is obsessed with this song. Cos i do remember when both the new songs were put up on her MySpace, everyone were rambling about Heartbreak, while i seemed to enjoy this one more. Why? Lets analyse... One - The song is penned by Cathy Dennis (ahem!!). Its bound to be pop perfection. I like songs that take on the dark side of relationships. I find this one interesting. Especially, the line "i'm only human babe", genius!! Two - Produced by Calvin Harris. Not because i'm in love with his work, i think the point should be changed to "well produced song". I like the spacey robotic feel to the song. Its one of those songs which feels light years ahead of its time. Don't know what instrument Calvin is using on it, he used it on Kylie's song as well. Its a ear-candy!! Three - Sophie proved that she owns the song! I mean, i heard Roisin's version, and to be honest, i didn't think Sophie could pull off the emotional appeal on the song, but she surprised me!! She began to surprise me with TTLF, with all the emotions packed in with a whole lot of fun!! Roisin's voice had an emotional appeal, which made the pain in the song more obvious. Sophie's version however, featured rougher vocals, which gave the song a whole new outlook. It made it seem like a "i'm stronger now" type of song. The whiney chorus is also perfect, Roisin didn't whine enough on the song, but Sophie did it perfectly!! I'm amazed that she's reaching such a high pitch (octave?!? whatever it is). I still remember the girl in theaudience trying hard to reach high notes, and her voice would be all scratchy and breaky.. Off & On definitely wins my vote as a song on a perfect Sophie album!

2. Lover - Lover is a song that i've always found effing hot!! Throw a little bit of orgasms and more grime, and this song would have been her second #1 for sure!! This song has sex appeal oozing... "i'm going undercover, i'm gonna be your lover". The way Sophie sings it is what makes the song sexy. There's a certain amount of "kinky"ness in her voice which makes it hot!! And the bassline is brilliant. It would have been so much better with a thumping bass and a bassy groove, a song fit for the underground clubs.. Sexellent!!! Lol!! It was supposed to be the second single off Read My Lips, but Murder On The Dancefloor found its way to the limelight. Lover is a great song, and it should have been a single!! Back then, Sophie could have got a hit with this. I don't think she'll score now, even if she had a song that was similar to Lover... times have changed, and music tastes have changed too! Sad...

3. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie - That song was written in the heavens for Sophie, not for Baccarra. Wonder why it made it to earth before Sophie became a star!?!? Sophie owns the song! She's performed it live so many times. And everytime it sounds brilliant! I think its the way Sophie sings, her english accent. Its common these days, but Sophie still seems to have maintained that individuality in her songs. Even if she performs a cover, she does it so well, that it seems like no one else could have done it better.. Even her live performance of Nobody Does It Better was super hot!! Sophie is a goddess!! She must have been a siren way back...

4. New York City Lights - I just have one word for this song - Massive!! Everytime i listen to it, i turn it up to full blast, keep the headphones pushed up against my ears, close my eyes, and feel her voice saying "runawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay with me"... W-O-W!!! I could even say "ruff ruff awwooooo ruff"!!! The song is classy!! It's the perfect blend between whats in and retro. Like someone rightly said, its like guitars introduced to Kraftwerk. The looping the "do it feel it" was a great idea. The song is this guitarry robotic anthem, which suddenly takes off of the earth with the "runaway" and sends you orbitting andromeda!!! And the end of the song, with the guitar finale - sexy!! I've just heard a clip of this being performed live. I'm longing to hear this live, in full length!! She has GOT to perform this song on her 4th album tour (if she has one..) Amazing song, wittily penned, and well sung!!! Kudos to Sophie for this masterpiece!!

5. Dear Jimmy - My definition of pop would be this one song!! Its got a style, its got that "something" which is lacking in practically every other pop song thats there now... And i can't seem to figure out what. Hannah Robinson does some neat work, not just on Sophie's songs. I've heard a lot of her productions, and they're all brilliant. But this one has that magic touch, its a stand out track. When the verses start with Sophie saying "clock watching, heart stopping...", i begin to dream!! You can feel a video playing in your mind, you don't really need to have a good imagination for it!! The strange rhythm that Sophie adopted for the song is a good trick!! The song has its emotional appeal balanced perfectly. In the verses, you have Sophie's voice in a bit moody style, and in the chorus "whats a girl like me to dooooo", that craving is felt so well!!! And those "oohs" are haunting!! The hair on my hands always raise to it, and the ooh's are stuck in my head forever!!! Too bad this didn't make it onto the final cut of the album. Actually, too bad it wasn't a single!! It would have done really really well!!

6. Can't Have It All - Its not a power ballad, but its somewhere close. Once again, i think the song is perfect, because the emotional appeal to the song goes perfectly with the well produced background music. Lyrically, its excellent.. the highlight lines being "why won't i listen when i hear them saying, you're better off without a heart thats breaking, though i'm fool enough to love when you don't want me, i'm wise enough to know that you will always haunt me".. Beautiful!!

7. The Walls Keep Saying Your Name - Before i say anything good about this song, i'd first want to say that it was unfair not crediting Andy on the tracklist behind the CD for vocals. Anyway, Sophie wrote this all by herself!! Amazing!! I wonder where she got the idea of having memories haunting and taunting, not allowing one to slumber!! Moreover, i wonder where she got the brains to use the word "slumber" in a song!! She's a genius!! I've always liked her poetic abilities. She's written the song so well. This song inspired me to use words which i generally don't use in my poems... And i've always referred to this song as Sophie's masterpiece track (at least till TTLF came out). Love the bongo drums mixed with the orchestral chorus, Sophie's whispers, her scratchy vocals and violins!! All nicely put togehter...

8. By Chance - This is the most beautiful song. And i really mean "beautiful"... I find so much of innocence, so much of passion and emotion packed in this soft ballad!! And the trick to it is the insanely catchy beats and the chorus!! Oh and the finale of the song, with the looped lines "take it down, turn it around, tell me if we can work it out"...brilliant!! This is one of those perfectly punctuated songs (read the lyrics, you'd know what i mean...) I think in most of the songs on Read My Lips, the influence of theaudience in the lyrical content is more evident. And in this song, its clearly seen...

9. Party In My Head (Sampler version) - This song makes me want to give Sophie a big hug. The album version of the song is a lot softer than the brash sampler version. I like the sampler version better, because its a mix between a melodious tune in the lyrics, to a brash beat mixed with soft synths and that DJ's supressed vocals!! The party mix in the end is a good gimmick!! I think this song was a contender to be a single. It would have done well, i'm talking about the sampler version here.. The perfect song for a video!!

10. If You Go - Obvious reasons, really!! I think every (each and every single) Sophie fan would rank this song in their top 10 Sophie songs (as of now). Its something fresh from Sophie, something that we had least expected. Xenomania did a splendid job on the song. Again, a song which was primed to be a single, but didn't come out...

11. Murder On The Dancefloor - There's no song in history that is as entertaining as this one (at least for me). Both the video and the song are excellent. I think when the song came out, it was fresh, something that no one had heard in pop before. Wittily penned and nicely sung...

12. Sophia Loren - (in case anyone is wondering, i haven't heard the song yet) From what i heard on the Rimmel advert, and that clip which leaked onto the internet, the song seems to be perfect!! I think this is what i've always wanted from Sophie. Maybe when i hear the track in full i'll be able to judge better, but from what i've heard, its already on my faves list...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

ahem!! more *inside* stuff... about the video

Okay!!! I feel like the paparazzi right now, but i'm glad i'm not horrendous like them!!

In my previous post, i said:
"Sophie is set to film her video for Sophia Lauren in 3-4 days according to a very reliable source. Apparantly, the video "may be" in Black & White colour scheme, which i think is perfect, considering the fact that she has to relate to Sophia Lauren... i hope she does a lot of different hairstyles in the video, not to mention showcase a bunch of dresses. The single cover is probably also going to be BW, with a retro touch... Sophie is very creative, i've always loved her single covers (more than her album covers) and i'm quite curious about what she's going to do next..
The single is going to be out sometime in Jan, so keep your fingers crossed for a good charting and go out and buy the CD or download from iTunes..."

Here's some more about the video.:
They're filming the entire video in a studio, no outdoor shots!! Take Me Home of 2008/09?? I'm quite excited if its going to be that... Sophie looked fabulous in TMH and i think she should do a whole lot of dresses and hairstyles (god i keep rambling about this...). And i think Sophie would go for the idea too, cos i specifically remember Sophie mentioning that she loved the idea of wearing many dresses in a video!! The video will premiere early December...

Speculative tracklist for album #4

There's a long way to go for the album to come out, and i'm guessing its still 3/4th done (as Sophie always says lol). And we are all aware of a few song titles, so why not form a tracklist, till an official one comes out...

1. Sophia Loren
2. Music Took My Man
3. Off & On
4. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer
5. Calling It Love
6. Still Mixed Up
7. I Still Believe In Magic
8. (the Sneaker Pimps track)
9. (the Dimitri track)
10. (the Groove Armada track)
11. (the Greg Alexander track)
12. (TTLF leftover)
13. (UK Bonus Track 1)
14. (UK Bonus Track 2)

Sophie should use Dontcha Wanna Get Crazy for this album. I remember talking to Jenny (from Fascination) about this, and she said maybe they're keeping that song for a future release. It was primed to be a single and stuff, so just go ahead and include the song on this album Sophie, please!!! Or at least as a b-side to one of the singles....

is it January yet?

The wait is just dragging on. The single hasn't leaked yet (which is good in a way, but bad because the wait is killing me, and i've pretty much forgotten how the song sounded!) What happened to the Rimmel adverts?? I thought she was signed for a contract of 3 ads, not 2...

Anyway, ever since she announced about her pregnancy, there haven't been any *real* updates. Sophie has been made several public appearances, the most notable one being the World Music Awards. Sophie looked fabulous, she looked even better than the award statue..see for yourself!! She was wearing Temperley London by the way.... (pictures from

She also attended the pre-party and DJed at the closing party.. Its good to see Sophie being one of those professional Celebrity DJs!! (pictures from

Prior to all this was the Rimmel Photocall.. The formal launch of their products, and Sophie of course, posing with them in her hand.. the first is with the Moisture Renew Lipstick and the second is with the Sexy Curves Mascara... (pictures from

And here's a pic of the couple at the Emeralds and Ivy Ball for Cancer Research UK held at Battersea Park in London

Who can tell that she's actually 4 months pregnant!! She looks fabulous!! But what happened to the fringe??? I loved her hair with the fringe!!

Anyway, moving onto some news related to her musical career...

Sophie is set to film her video for Sophia Lauren in 3-4 days according to a very reliable source. Apparantly, the video will be in Black & White colour scheme, which i think is perfect, considering the fact that she has to relate to Sophia Lauren... i hope she does a lot of different hairstyles in the video, not to mention showcase a bunch of dresses. The single cover is probably also going to be BW, with a retro touch... Sophie is very creative, i've always loved her single covers (more than her album covers) and i'm quite curious about what she's going to do next..
The single is going to be out sometime in Jan, so keep your fingers crossed for a good charting and go out and buy the CD or download from iTunes...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Interview with Sophie at Nokia Trends Lab - Lithuania

Transcript thanks to a dear friend (Paul)

In recent interviews you have mentioned that the only thing that you know about Lithuania before coming here was a strange meal called cepelinus?

You already tried it?
I haven't tried cepelinus but I've had lots of other things, umm... We've been having some really nice meals here, but you're right, I haven't had cepelini. What are they, are they sweet or savoury?

You are here in Vilnius since yesterday evening

So what have you already seen?
Umm, well... Yesterday we thought when we arrived it was already quite late because we didn't land until about nine or ten o'clock at night. So we had our supper and then I went to bed. But some of the other people I'm with went into the centre and went to a student bar. I had a bit of a good night; because I have to sing tonight I have to be good. To day we went for a walk to the Castle and the Cathedral and had a look round. Very beautiful and very well-kept, like recently cleaned, a lot cleaner than London. And everything really sweet. And I bought some things from some of the stores.

You've mentioned that you're going to perform most of great hits here in this concert. Is a certain song that you like the most, you prefer singing always, like, I don't know, Murder On The Dance Floor? Which one of them?
Oh what, from the singles? Well I guess Murder On The Dance Floor's always fun to do because the crowd know it and it's always a really special moment. We usually put it towards the end of the gig so it's kind of the finale really. But I don't know, when I'm doing the live concert all the songs have something in it that I enjoy really. I think you always have a tendency to like the most recent songs because they're a bit newer, a bit fresher so you're still experimenting with them.

Have you got any rituals before getting up on stage like saying a little prayer, or I don't know... drinking a glass of water, something that you do always before getting on stage?
I don't think so. I mean it's like the normal stuff of life, making sure I've loads of make-up on and that kind of thing [chuckles]. If I need to then I have some hot water with honey and lemon and ginger in it, but nothing exciting, I'm afraid.

You have toured with George Michael, Take That. Is there a certain group, a dream group or dream artist that you would like to tour together - dream tour mates?
I've been very spoilt and I've worked with lovely people. It would be quite nice to work with a woman because I've done a lot with male artists but it would be quite nice to maybe tour with someone like Madonna where you can really see how those productions get put together, and the team of people involved. Wouldn't that be quite an education!

Mandy has mentioned already and I want to ask something about your shoes as well - you have a lot of them...
I do

And I guess at a certain point one or two of your pairs of shoes should have a very fun story how they came into your life; like you found them ten years ago in your Granny's closet and you still wear them, or some such story?
I mean my Granny has different shoe size to me, so not there. But I guess a lot of them are shoes I've had for a long, long time. Some of my favourite shoes are ones I've worn to death, and my favourite shoe shop is this shop in Hamburg where the shoes are meant for girls who are pole dancers, and dancers, that are really hard-wearing. Some of then have been all round the world with me. I've got one pair that are all Gold and Glitter and they're a favourite. They've been on some good nights out, and they were the shoes I was wearing I got together with my husband, and you know... they're quite special.

You're not only a singer, but a song-writer as well. Maybe there was some kind of silly situation during which a song was born, I don't know... like giving birth to Sonny, and during that thinking up the song?
I don't know about that! Um, well, I'm trying to think.... I guess it's more just sometimes you can be having a silly conversation with someone and then something they say you think, "O that's a really good turn of phrase", and you kind of remember it as lyric. And I've definitely had some funny song-writing sessions, but in the ones that are really funny you don't always write the best music, to be honest! I think if you're spending a lot of time working with someone where you're not really gelling and you'll find it quite funny then it probably isn't a very good song... [ha-ha] Exactly!

You have posed for PETA with a dead fox without fur. Are your beliefs really that strong you don't have anything from leather or from fur?
No, I do wear leather, I do wear leather, I don't wear fur. I mean that's part of the reason why I wanted to do it is because I think some people feel that there's an excuse: "I eat meat and I wear leather so it's OK to wear fur". I don't think they're the same thing. Arguably humans need meat in their diet as it has health benefits. Leather is a by-product of the meat industry. But fur is something that's farmed purely for its fur and serves no other purpose than as clothing, and I just can't justify it.

So you use other fluffy things?
Yeah, just don't wear fluffy stuff [ha-ha]. But we have fantastic man-made fur these days, it doesn't need to be real to work.

I wanted to congratulate you because as far as I know you're going to be a mother
That's right, yes. Thank you.

Is there anything that you wouldn't do again whilst raising a child, now you're an experienced mother you know many more things than you knew before? An example - wouldn't give so many candies, or would buy bigger shoes or something?
Well by-and-large I think my little boy's a very happy, content little boy, so there's nothing fundamental I'd change. I guess one of the biggest lessons you learn as a parent is, my job is as his mother to be the person who makes him safe and happy overall. But sometimes you make decisions that he really doesn't like in the short term. So I guess trying to be more relaxed about not needing to be liked all the time. It's more important to be a good mother in the bigger picture rather than to just say "yes" to things because it's the easiest answer. But you know, I don't know if I'll definitely be able to live by that, it's just something I'm aware of. But if your little boy's asking for something its really hard to refuse.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sophie has got to tour

Sophie hasn't been on a tour since Read My Lips, its going to become a decade very soon. Whats wrong with Sophie!?!?! Singing live is her biggest passion, and she's not doing it enough!! I'm really happy that Sophie sings at every opportunity she gets, but i think she needs to tour, to regenerate interest in her. All the interest she got way back while supporting Take That and George Michael are gone now. Even the interest from the Rimmel adverts are gone.... Sophie needs to have extensive promos coming out for the new album... I think Fascination and Wallace should come out with TV adverts about Sophie's upcoming album...i've seen many artists get such promotion from record companies. I'm going to make an advert for Sophie in December when Sophia Lauren video gets aired, i'll use bits and pieces of Sophie's videos, some stats and facts, some really sexy pictures and come out with an advert to promote Sophie...maybe fansites and other blogs could borrow it and help promote Sophie, cos Fascination is not doing it enough

Friday, November 7, 2008

idea for Sophia Lauren music video

Sophie is pregnant, and the bump is already noticeable. So filming a sexy video is out of the question. I think what she should do is concentrate on how good her face looks on screen. Tons of make up, lot of hairstyles, and lot of gown type dresses which hide the bump. Something like the Take Me Home video, only with a whole lot of Sophia Lauren style...

Here's a collage of most of Sophia Lauren's hairstyles, i think Sophie should do this.

Also the music video would be the perfect place for product placement for Rimmel and Monsoon. I think she should get the camera to focus on her highlights - eyes, lips, curves etc., and wearing make up... oh and even maybe a shower scene again!! I don't know if the video will have any sex appeal at all, compared to the recent videos that have been coming out (Rihanna, Britney and hell, even Hilary!)

I think Sophie must break her sophisticated look for this video, and do a bit of skin show... Afterall, its a song about comparing herself to Sophia Lauren... c'mon Sophie... the video should ooze sex appeal!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby #2, album #4, debut single news, and fan responses

Before you read this, i suggest you calm down, and hope for the worst!

Here's the statement Sophie left on the official forums:
greetings guys and girls
i hope you are all well.
i am having a very good time of it as of late... the new single, Sophia Loren, is featured in the Rimmel sexy curves mascara advert and will be released early next year which is wonderful. thank you for all the positive feedback to the launch of the rimmel adverts. i am proud and flattered to be taking part.
i'll then be having a break around march april as i am very happy to share with you all the news that i am having another baby. i am due at the beginning of april and naturally the ellis-bextor-jonses are thrilled that sonny will soon have a little brother or sister.
i'll then be back with another single and the fourth album which is coming along very nicely. expected to be released around july august.
so i hope you're feeling good about all this news.. looks like 2009 and is going to be an exciting year (and busy!) for me. i can't wait!
as ever, thank you for being such a warm and supportive bunch.
Before i post my response to this, i want to quote the responses of some of her fans (from PopJustice, UKmix, Sophie online forums and the official forums)

Personally, as a supportive fan, I´m very happy that she finally announced some more info on the new album herself. It´s still great to see that we will have a single early next year. I´m hoping that january 9th is true!First, congratulations to Sophie for being pregnant! She always wanted to have more children. I think it´s sort of strange to see that this pregnancy seems to be just a date in her agenda or something, she´ll just have the baby and then quickly continue promoting the new album. That´s nice for us, of course, but will she be able to do that.
Nunya B:
Aw, more ginger babies! Adorable.
Well this explains the peculiarities of the single release and the album release and all that. I'm not surprised- Sophie seems like she really enjoys being off from being famous. I just hope this album isn't a nail in her coffin career-wise because she had to take time off promotion to take care of the child. Visions of the halted campaign for "Shoot from the Hip" are dancing in my head.
UGH. album now pushed until 'july august' 09.
am going to take a stab and say that the january single release is going to be scrapped eventually and that the album will instead be launched with single post-pregnancy in july, with an album in september/november. releasing a single months before an album is to be released/mid-pregnancy seems like a strange plan.
popstars should really just put their lives on hold for their fans. this pregnancy is not really great timing for me.
I'm pleased for her having a baby - but it only spells trouble for her music career.
It's not practical to have a baby and then head back into such a stressful job - she'll make herself ill.
I wish she could have waited until after the latest album campaign to have her baby as it really is make or break time for Sophie in the UK.
Record labels aren't renowned for the "oh dear, that didn't work, lets try something else" approach - especially with an artist like Sophie who has been on steady decline (both in terms of popularity and sales) since her debut.
I really love Sophie's work and I think it's great she'll have another child - but sadly it'll probably be at the expense of her music career. Or at least, her association with Fascination and Polydor.
I love Sophie as an artist but this is really just another case of Shoot From The Hip...if the song is featured in a current advert why isn't it coming out this month! It's ridiculous...then the baby which means, she'll probably release 2 singles from the album if we're lucky.. there won't be any space for a tour....even if there is, it won't be until this time next year which is just another kick in the teeth for fans.
I find it hard to be a fan of Sophie sometimes, as much as I love her music, situations like this, waiting and getting tickets for the tour, the tour being cancelled, waiting for releases, then getting them & the wrong singles are released, then waiting again is just becoming highly off-putting. I'd go as far as to say angry.
Rebirth: (who by the way is a private friend of Sophie)
Oh my god, this will flop so hard. What is she doing??? A single in Early 2009? Then another single in July?? The album around July/August 2009?? A baby in Abril?? The hype for "Sophia Loren" will be over by then and the break between both singles is too long and the baby will need all her time, so there won't be promotion or a tour next year. This project is so ruined and over for me right now, how could she do this again...why not release a new album this year? This is a sure flop, sorry! I really heard this this morning and i was so happy for her to have another baby, because she knows it for only a few days, so she wants to delay her album now to summer 2009. I was so shocked that she wants to have a single in January still and wait 6 months until the next single...i am sorry but this is a big mistake.
I'd say it's a good idea really - if it all goes wrong then they've got a good six months to fix it all. And if it goes right, she can just sell her pregnancy to OK!
It's not like she can fuck up how Trip The Light Fantastic did, so even if Sophia Loren does well and we do have a bit of a wait, people will still anticipate the album because of that song.
I just don't think it's all that bad as everyone's going on like. Sure, it's not the best idea in the world but she seems like she's working around it well!
...and the TTLF-story again. Again the single in January and the album in July. Yeh, that's what Sophie needs, and another pregnancy, not that I don't want her to have more babies, but hello! you're about to release the album, what's with the tour? You haven't been on any since RML. It's sick.
I know it's not great that there has to be a big gap and the album is delayed, but it's a bit extreme to say it's ruined already.
Sophie always makes time for promotion when she has music out and she's an advocate of being a working Mom so i see no reason why it should be any different this time around. She still promoted I Won't Change You properly before taking time out during her last pregnancy. It's not good timing, but what can you do.
Hi Sophie!
Congrats - so pleased for you! Great news!
Really looking forward to the new single - it is really cool and different! Love it! Cant wait for the album - I love that it will be out next summer - hopefully it will be the album of next summer!
Your Rimmel ads are fab! I dont think anyone thought anyone could do it better than Kate Moss...But you clearly do it better!!!
Bring on 2009!!!
Here's my response:
I'm not sure what to say actually. On one hand i'm pleased that she's having her second baby. As a human being, i completely understand her craving to enjoy her personal life outside her career. She has always kinda mixed her personal and professional lives, and she's been managing that well. So i don't think this would be much of a problem. Plus, its her second pregnancy. I'm sure she's learnt by now, how to manage a baby at home alongside work.
But come to think of it, that would (in a way) mean the end of Sophie's career (or at least the end of her popularity). Sophie should have taken this album more seriously. I do remember that she mentioned she wanted a baby, but she would put her album and DJing first. But anyway, its all done now, and none of us would want her to do anything to harm the baby. Which only means the album is gutted!
She obviously can't tour with the baby in hand, so a tour is out of question. She can't promote the album well, again, because of the baby. Poor baby, i pity the unborn thing, its going to be the reason for so much disaster, and i hate to say that, really! I think the whole "having a baby, and putting the second single out after that" is a bad idea.
Sophia Lauren should get a release in early Jan along with the video and proper promotion, even if she is pregnant (like she did with I Wont Change You). Then all she needs to do is send out Off & On and Heartbreak to the radio to keep herself in the music scene. Maybe release them as radio singles, and she could have her performance @ GAY as the music video for Heartbreak. She could shoot a video for Off & On during her pregnancy. It would add to the emotional effect on the video. A pregnant girl singing about her relationship which is always undulating.. Couldn't be a better idea for a video, frankly! And she doesn't have to promote those two songs, everyone has it, they'll just go buy the single for the b-sides and it would get airplay.
And then come out with a proper single with proper promotion and a good album. Thats the only thing that she can do, really!!
Oh well.. i'm just going to hope and pray for the best for Sophie...
And hoping that Sophia Lauren does well...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More about "Sophia", the new single

Short recap:
1. The record will definitely be out in January 2009
2. Off & On or Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer won't be singles, at least not the first one
3. She has lots of new material which she likes more
4. The 2nd Rimmel ad will features the new single as the backing song
5. A release shortly after New Years eve has been confirmed for the new single from the 4th album, cos its much too early to present it to the public

Moving on to the good news:
SOPHIA WILL BE RELEASED ON JAN 9, 2009. We have a date, finally!! The video shoot for the single will commence in November (end) and will hit the telly in December (mid/end).

And now the bad news:
Off & On and Heartbreak may not be on the final cut of the album... This is their worst decision since Dear Jimmy didn't make it onto the final cut of TTLF. I hope they decide to leave those two songs on the album. They are perfect!!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor helps school pop project

IT WAS a media studies lesson with a difference when singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor dropped by today (Tues).
The pop queen - famous for hits such as Murder on the Dance Floor and Take Me Home - spoke to six formers and year 11 students at Loxford School of Science and Technology, Loxford Lane, Ilford, about her rise to stardom.
It was thanks to the good contacts of a school teacher that the singer was able to lend her expertise.
Jason McKay, head of media studies, knows Sophie and asked her to help the children with their pop music projects.
"It was really interesting and fun," said 16-year-old Pooja Kaur.
For more on this story, see Thursday's Ilford Recorder.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Making of the Rimmel Ads

Making of the lipstick advert:
Plot: Sophie and some friends in a car, they're gonna have a bunch of presents with them, balloons, ready for a party. But they're stuck in a traffic jam. So they get out of the car, ditch the cab. They walk, looking all beautiful in their party dresses and high heels, tottering around. they're going to the house, it starts to rain. Its all about the lips, it keeps your lips sealed shut with moisture and colour
Tag: "For rich vibrant colour, new Moisture Renew Lipstick, from Rimmel London"
Punch: "Live The London Look"
Soundtrack: "I Don't Believe" by Rox

Making of the mascara advert:
Plot: Sophie sees a bright looking dress in a boutique, so she jumps off a red bus and walks in to the boutique. She's going to shop, find lots of different dresses that highlight her curves, but then realises that all the sexy curves she needs are in her eyelashes and she walks out
Tag: "The only curves to wear, new Sexy Curves Mascara, from Rimmel London"
Punch: "Live The London Look"
Soundtrack: "Sophia Lauren" by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

My Comments:
The Rimmel promotion/advertising team are brilliant. The production team for both ads are simply brilliant. I think they have come up with really good concepts for both ads and selected songs that fit perfectly onto them. Rimmel were nice enough to upload the making of both adverts on their MySpace account. Sophie signed on for three adverts, i hope they decide to keep her for some more. Sophie is a fresh face, and is a glam icon, and being the brand ambassador for Rimmel will benefit them, cos she will help them to tap a larger audience. Her fans are so loyal that they would go and buy the product, even if they don't use it. That would mean more sales for Rimmel. And for Sophie, of course, any exposure is good exposure. She's been getting some really good offers. Monsoon signed her to be the face of their product a year ago. That went on well. Then she was featured in a musical, to hype it up. Then Rimmel picked her up. I'm glad she's getting all the attention she deserves. I hope that her new album comes out soon, and she uses bits of the Rimmel adverts in her own music video, or at least, do the same kinda thing..wearing lipstick, makeup etc.,

Sophie's new single, excerpt
Thats where you'll find a LQ excerpt of Sophie's new single, Sophia Lauren...

1. Upbeat electro pop (very much like Catch You)
2. Still got the disco touch
3. Vocoder (whoa...i'm amazed Sophie used it, and i'm actually happy she did!! YAY!!)
4. Fresh sound for Sophie, indie meets!!

By the way, here are the pics from the Rimmel ads... seems like the next advert will be about Eye shadow



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