Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A little about the past

As most of you already know, Patrick Hannan and Kerin Smith are on MySpace, and i had the opportunities to talk to both of them, and they were kind enough to reply. Patrick, in fact, was nice enough to let me interview him online for my (then) website (Soph-ology). Just thought i'd put up the interview here, so others could read...




Theaudience was a great time in my life as a musician with many memorable episodes, but the first band I had real success with was the sundays and we were a big band in the USA. The tours over there were really amazing. I don't think we ever played a show which didn't sell out. I was 24 when it kicked off and I had the time of my life. Meeting and hanging out with Depeche mode was a high light. Theaudience only ever played 3 shows outside the UK, and in my opinion the UK is one of the worse places in the world to tour.

Right, here is the second lp (short) story. After the first LP was done and dusted we started writing for the 2nd record for Mercury. Me and Kerin were trying to co-ordinate all the ideas that were coming in. Billy was not involved. The first bunch of stuff was about 20 demo tracks by various members of the band and 3 by Mr. Boyd. SEB was very keen to use his material but the band didn't really like it. This was to become a big problem as she was adament that we should use him. We were put into a studio with various big expensive producers and recorded 4 0r 5 of the tracks as masters. Producers included Youth, Stephen Street and Dave Bascombe. The CD that was on Ebay had demo versions of the songs listed on it. There are a about 25 tracks in various forms un-released. The band were dropped because they couldn't see us selling enough records to re-coupe the vast amount that had been spent. I still have some of the demo's and some mixes of the masters.

I worked with Kerin for a while and we tried to put another band together but it didn't really work out. I also played drums in Nyge's band PMFF, and we had a single out, but Nyge had to concentrate on his production work. I have only seen Dean once and have not had any contact with Sophie. After Billy had his car accident we were in touch again. He seemed to have a different view on life and we met several times and are in contact.

Sophie was a really great person and we had a good laugh together. She was going through a lot of changes in her life when we worked together. I think she has had an amazing career so far and I'm very pleased to see her success.
My kids love her music. I like her choice of material and enjoy the light hearted feel of it. I was worried that she was taking it too seriously when the whole point is to have fun. I don't much like po faced artists. But she surprised me with some of the singles.

I listen to a lot of Radio, mainly BBC 6music, and If I hear something I like I might buy it. I Like Elbow, Ed Hardcourt, Josh Rouse, Ben Folds, The Editors, XTC. I'm also into 60's easy listening and film sound tracks.

Bandwagon and my home life keep me busy enough. I do drum with a few artists on one off gigs. It's still fun. I haven't ever considered any other type of performance. If I'm not drumming I will be behind the scenes.

A partner, Sarah and five kids. Four girls and a boy all under 12. We live in a semi rural location in Hampshire where I grew up. I balance touring with lots of time at home hanging with the family, cooking, dancing and laughing mainly.

FAVOURITE TV SHOW: Poirot for the classic detail or Midsommer murders.
FAVOURITE MOVIE: Laurence of Arabia
FAVOURITE theaudience TRACK: I got the wherewithal
FAVOURITE theaudience MEMBER: Patrick E D Hannan
IF NOT MUSIC...: Sex or gardening... or both!

No, Thankyou.

Although being in the band seems ages ago now, we're all still in touch with one another (albeit infrequently). Billy I hear from regularly and am often down at his club "Aftershow" in Kentish town. Patch has been very busy and now has his own touring company called Bandwagon. I've used his services and heartily endorse them! Dean's still doing his thing and working in music - as is Nyge who's always impossibly busy with lots of projects and rarely in the country! Sophie and I did some writing and recording together for her new album - and while it was great to see her again and hang out, the tracks we came up with weren't really the direction she needed to go in. I'm intrigued to hear what it's going to sound like - especially the B52s stuff.

Recently, I've been working with an electro band called Knights and also writing and producing the debut record by Nicolai Prowse who was in a band called DoMeBadThings - follow the links on my myspace page and you'll be able to hear some tracks we've done.

Sophie's Little Black Book (pt. 1)

Here's something i found on the official Rimmel site. They were nice enough to have a little black book for Sophie, so i thought, why not post their interview here as well. This is where the original articles is - http://www.rimmellondon.com/UK/OurFace/SophieLittleBlackBook.aspx

Sophie Ellis Bextor is a true modern day style icon, her dynamic take on fashion and dramatic bright lippie are instantly recognisable and so perfect for us to recreate. She is kooky and cool and always manages to stay bang on trend despite juggling being a model, singer, songwriter and a mother. Her next album is due for release later this year and it is guaranteed to be packed full of more fabulous pop and dance tunes. As the new face of Rimmel we wanted to catch up with her on life, love and lipstick….

Rimmel: What have you got planned in your social diary over the next few months (gigs, festivals, trips abroad etc)
Sophie: Just lots of song writing, mainly. Album four is three-fourth done so it’s the final push. I’m happy with what’s been done so far though. Exciting. Oh and in November my husband, with his band The Feeling, start a tour so I’ll be popping along to a few gigs. Then it’s Christmas. Blimey! The year’s going fast.

Rimmel: What wouldn't you leave home without?
Sophie: It's probably Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick as it's quite versatile. I think when I was about 16 I realised the importance of lipstick if you are pale like me, as not only do I like colour on my lips but I also use it when I need some health in my cheeks – it makes a great blusher too!

Rimmel: When you want to create a look, what do you start with - makeup, clothes or hair?
Sophie: Depends how confident I’m feeling! I suppose I start with the frock. Then see how much help I need with everything else!

Rimmel: What advide would you give a tourist in London?
Sophie: Wow where to start? Take advantage of our galleries, go on an open top tourist bus, don’t go to oxford circus on a Saturday and stroll along Portobello on a Friday.

Rimmel: Which is your favourite street for shopping in London?
Sophie: Marylebone High Street or around Westbourne Grove. But to be sensible I should leave my credit card at home!

Rimmel: What do you think the coolest part of London is, why?
Sophie: Probably round East London - Hoxton and Brick Lane. It’s full of very trendy types. Not something I can compete with but good for people watching.

Rimmel: What do you miss when you're not in London?
Sophie: My friends and family. London is my home.

Rimmel: Where is your favourite place in the world?
Sophie: I think a lot of my most happy memories are from Italy. As well as getting married there, there's one little town we often go to on holiday and it's pretty idyllic.

Rimmel: Who are your heroines who inspire you?
Sophie: I'm inspired by strong women and find women such as PJ Harvey and Bjork really inspiring as although they may not be seen as typical 'beauty' icons, they really push the boundaries and are not afraid to experiment – their beauty comes from somewhere else.
I also loved Sindy – before she started to look like Barbie. She had this big head and great hair with amazing lips. She’s definitely influenced me along the way. So have the cast of Grease the film, and Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Print Ads for Rimmel Products

Sophie looks stunning in both. I think Rimmel should keep Sophie as their brand ambassador for a few more years, renew her contract or something... Monsoon should have her back too. And she should get more offers for modelling, she looks fabulous!!

Rimmel Advert 2 (with Sophie's new song in it)

Okay, one word - HOT!!! I didn't think the next ad would get better, but i was wrong!! This ad totally rocks! And guess what, its got Sophie's "new" (yes you heard it right, her brand new song, which might end up being the first single) backing the advert!!

The song begins with a "Sophia, Sophia..." and its got an even faster groove than Catch You. I'm thinking this song would go #1 if its promoted well... crossing my fingers!!!

I'll upload the making of both videos later

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Album update

Well, tbh there isn't much to say, cos everything's been on the QT. But...

1. The record will definitely be out in January 2009
2. Off & On or Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer won't be singles, at least not the first one
3. She has lots of new material which she likes more
4. The next Rimmel ad will have the new single as the backing song
5. She will be performing the new single on October 28 @ Terrence Higgins Trust Supper
6. A release shortly after New Years eve has been confirmed for the new single from the 4th album, cos its much too early to present it to the public

Okay, so here are my thoughts
1. The record will definitely be out in January 2009
Please please please let it be out before Jan 27!! I'd love to buy it as a gift for myself on my birthday!! If the single is out on New Years Eve or on Christmas, then it would be just perfect for the album to come out on 23rd or so and i can get my copy on the 27th.. On the other hand, i do think that the album coming out in Jan is a little late, unless the album is released along with the first single, meaning, on New Years Day. Cos she would lose out on potential christmas/new year market!!

2. Off & On or Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer won't be singles, at least not the first one
Oh that is so pissing off!! Off & On should have sooooo been the first single! I still think its single material. People listened to it and compared it to Roisin's version etc., which gave the song so much exposure. Thinking practically, if Fascination released the song as a single, instead of uploading it on her MySpace and letting it leak, they would have achieved high sales, cos the song is with every Sophie fan and every Roisin fan. They didn't play their cards right. Thats why sometimes i refer to them as "stupid people who don't care enough about Sophie".

3. She has lots of new material which she likes more

More than Off & On?? Well, that would only mean one thing. TTLF pt. 2! And i mean that quality-wise. TTLF was the perfect pop album, and i think for Sophie it was a big achievement, cos it made her an album artist. Sophie has always experimented with sounds and disco pop suits her well. Indie does too, thats been proved on her very first album (theaudience). Maybe sticking to disco pop for one more album is a good decision after all. Lets cross our fingers and hope this album does well, sales-wise!

4. The next Rimmel ad will have the new single as the backing song
Oh thank god.. At least now her song will get the promotion it deserves. Her songs are always under promoted, and i think this is the best thing that could happen. If the Rimmel ad is overplayed, then everyone will know the song and they'll say "hey isn't this the lipstick song" which is both good and bad. Good cos they'll know the song, and will download and listen to it and like it. Bad cos it will be referred to as "the lipstick (or eyeliner or w/e) song"

5. She will be performing the new single on October 28 @ Terrence Higgins Trust Supper
Oh!! I hope this will be televised, and i'm hoping my friend (littlefish, ahem!) will record this for me (and all the other Sophie fans)... Can't wait to hear the new single, i'm kinda getting the feeling its the Richard X song. Though i don't wanna keep my hopes up for that, cos someone who knows Sophie's management (or something like that) said its a rumour. But Richard's official site did claim that Sophie had to record the middle-8 of the song and she would be done, and there is a registered title as well, with Richard being credited for lyrics.. Click here to see that.

6. A release shortly after New Years eve has been confirmed for the new single from the 4th album, cos its much too early to present it to the public
The song is bound to leak before her performance, thats what happened with Catch You. I think she should just release the single in November and one more in December along with the album on New Years Day... that would make a whole lot of sense, to tap the potential market...

Anyway, in other news, guess who just did a song with Girls Aloud...yes thats right. PSB!! Fucking hell!! I so want their song with Sophie to be released. Its so unfair that Fascination give all the good producers to Girls Aloud and leave Sophie to go select her own producers. In a way, thats good, cos she only picks people whom she is comfortable with and works with and stuff, and her music is not "manufactured"! But sometimes i think i'd wanna hear something well produced from some eminent person. Like the Freemasons and Calvin collabs are excellent. Its great that she could reel them in for the album. I only hope she uses the Richard X song as well... and if possible maybe even the leftover Fred Schneider song (Dontcha Wanna Get Crazy) for the new album...

Here's wishing the best for Sophie!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Jolene (review)

Well, i love this song to death!! Its so country, so not Sophie's style, and yet she performs it so bloody well!! Is she talented or what!?!?! Sophie sounds absolutely amazing on the song. She's very very expressive with her vocals on the verses, and you can feel the pain in the song.. The downside is that its a short song, i wish it were a little longer... it would've been fantastic!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

theaudience LIVE CONCERT - T in the park

a theaudience concert surfaced!!
Download here, quick - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?5nmaj21r5rn

1. I Know Enough (I Don't Get Enough)
2. If You Can't Do It When You're Young: When Can You Do It?
3. Keep In Touch
4. I Got The Wherewithal
5. A Pessimist Is Never Dissapointed
6. Harry Don't Fetch The Water

I've listened to the gig over 17 times already!! I'm in love with it, truly!! theaudience were a brilliant band. I so wish they'd get back for one more album. Or the bloody second album tracks leak.. Sophie sounds fab!!

I'll upload their live version of "You Get What You Deserve" soon..... oh wow!! This is so bloody amazing!!

EDIT: Download "You Get What You Deserve (Live @ London Astoria)"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What is always lacking in Sophie's videos??

When you see a Sophie video, the first thing that comes to your mind is “wow she’s gorgeous!” Sophie is always very creative in her videos. She tries to add a bit of humor to her videos, which I think has worked well in the past. Then she started adding a bit of seriousness, which also worked. But when I sit back and think, I wonder why I don’t find any of her videos “perfect”. Murder On The Dancefloor is exceptional. That is one video which I think is superb. There’s a story line, there’s dancing’ there’s glamour, there are tons of back up dancers. That video is what I call a perfect pop video.

Come to think of it Get Over You is also fine. Get Over You has always been my favourite video and song. The theme may be from the movie mannequin, but who cares, its still a brilliant video. You have Sophie wearing tons of wax, she breaks out of the showroom and has tons of other backup dancers and they all dance away. But then, the one thing that is absent in the video is “real dance”. Not like Murder On The Dancefloor was full of dance.. Sophie barely dances. I think she should learn to dance. Moving her hands and legs is not really dance. I wish she’d do a dance routine…like Britney does in most of her videos, or like Shirley does in When I Grow Up video. If Sophie can do so much, I think its more than enough.

When Sophie said that she was doing a dance routine in her Me & My Imagination video, I was really excited. But then when I saw the video I was upset. The theme is wonderful, she could have danced some more though. For videos like Catch You and Today The Sun’s On Us and Music Gets The Best Of Me (dinner party video) there’s no need for dance. The seriousness or the humour does it all. That’s perfect the way it is. But her other videos which are upbeat pop tunes, I think she could include dance routines… Like Mixed Up World is so pointless!! The video idea is superb, but she could have done a bit of moves, with backup dancers, or the guys there..something a little robotic would have suited that video perfectly.

I Won’t Change You is cute, that dance routine with the backup dancers in the video is alright, but I’d like to see some more in that, not just bending down, moving hands, lifts etc., Today The Sun’s On Us is brilliant. But I think the shower scene could have been a little more revealing. I know Sophie is not a sell out who depends on skin-show, but I think that video would’ve achieved perfection with that… that’s one video which leaves an impact on me when its over. Catch You is quite good too. I love everything about the video.

Take Me Home is also cute. She’s trying to seduce men in the video, and she does that perfectly. All in all, I think Sophie needs to have a perfect pop video to define her success. If Off & On is going to be a single, I hope she does a dark video..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Am What I Am: Sophie Ellis-Bextor

An article from Times Online.

SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR, 29, is a singer-songwriter and the new face of Rimmel. She lives with her husband, Richard Jones, bassist with the Feeling, and their four-year-old son, Sonny, in west London.

* I was a confident child, but then my parents divorced. I can see a big difference between me and my half-sister, who has grown up with happily married parents. She is far more secure than I ever was.

* It never occurred to me to be a singer. I wanted to be an actress, as Mum [the Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis] always spoke about the power you feel on stage. I only realised what she meant when I sang.

* When I was starting out, being middle-class was uncool, and women were patronised. It made me mouthy, but I was advised that being “rent a quote” wasn’t a good role.

* Youth culture used to be focused on music — now it’s totally focused on fame. But having a high profile does not equate to selling records, and that’s what I care about.

* There is always music in our house. Richard and I have started DJ-ing together. We live just off Portobello Road and, with all the record shops, we’re always picking up weird and wonderful things.

* Of all the women I’ve been inspired by — Björk, Debbie Harry, PJ Harvey — it’s been about something other than looks. Debbie Harry is obviously gorgeous, but she is also a little bit bonkers, and I think that’s brilliant.

* When I was younger I realised I was never going to be conventionally pretty, so I thought: “So what if I look a bit odd? I’d better celebrate it.”

* You have to earn your right to ask people to give you their attention.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Rimmel Ad (tv advert)

From the RIMMEL official site.... WOW!! She looks fab!!

"Sophie Ellis-Bextor, makes her debut appearance in this ad for New Moisture Renew Lipstick. With her Moisture Renew Rose Passion (160) lipstick, Sophie’s ready for a party with her pals. Complementing those luscious lips is a vintage blue dress and belt with signature high heels from Rupert Sanderson. Aural delights are provided by Rox, ‘I Don’t Believe’."

And there were also a few shots exclusive shots which Rimmel have on their website.

Source: http://www.rimmellondon.com/UK/OurFace/default.aspx

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Rimmel Ad (print ad???)

Ah I love a bit of Sophie Ellis Bextor. Great fashint sense, great makeup, and oh-so-London, she’s the perfect choice to be a face for Rimmel. The news was announced way back in May time, but her debut approaches, so I thought it’d be nice to stick an auld pixthure of her mug up to admire.

Not ousting Kate, as far as I know, who remains as the face of the brand, she’s merely augmenting Rimmel’s stock of chix who model their increasingly good makeup. Her first outing is for the new line of lipsticks, Moisture Renew, which arrive on stand on the 13th. She’s slapped on a bit of Rose Passion above there, and rest assured ladies, everyone’s fave Rimmel shade, Heather Shimmer, is represented in the new line, which also boasts lip-smoothing yokes like hyaluronic acid and collagen as well as vitamins a, c and e.

Jaysis, all that for €7.25? Sold!

Source: http://beaut.ie/blog/?p=6321#comment-664449

Check out the responses there....

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Beautiful People is a new sitcom on the BBC. It's supposed to have a soundtrack coming out sometime this month. And Sophie has contributed one song to the album, which is a cover of Dolly Parton's "Jolene"...
Here's a tease - http://www.pdchem.demon.co.uk/sounds/Jolene.mp3
Enjoy listening. I love it, i think Sophie should come out with an album of covers someday...
(MP3 thanks to my dear friend, Paul, who's a life-saver when it comes to Sophie related stuff)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Lady And The Tramp

Sophie Ellis Bextor didn't cringe when hubby Richard Jones played her record Take Me Home while DJing at a party - in fact she loved it. The showbiz couple formed a DJing tag team for the Company Magazine 30th anniversary party at the Proud Galleries, and Richard was overheard saying Sophie was the one who wore the trousers in their relationship and he follows her lead when it comes to DJing.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor's night ended in disaster after leaving a VIP nightclub and being kissed by... a tramp! The Lady And The Tramp-style horror show happened as sexy Bextor exited a showbiz bash at the Volstead club in London. Dressed in a stunning black dress, Bextor must have looked so demure that the homeless man couldn't resist having a go at pulling her. He swaggered up, used his streetwise charms and flung his arms around the chart-topping singer. Initially he wanted money, but when she had nothing to give him he leaned in for a big smooch instead. Poor Sophie had no idea what to do. She tried not to squirm as the tramp wrapped his grubby arms around her and once he had her in his clutches, he wasn't about to let her go. With a cigarette in his hand, the man proceeded to dance around the singer, who then began shrieking with fear. And with all the goings on, you would have thought that Sophie's husband, Richard Jones, would have come to his wife's aid, but he was too busy laughing as the man tried his luck.




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