Friday, March 12, 2010

Eurosolution's Blurb about Bittersweet and list of promo tracks

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, purveyor of some of the finest pop music of the past decade, is set to release her brand new single, Bittersweet, on 3 May through Fascination Records. It is the lead track from her fourth solo album, ‘Make A Scene’. (not sure if the album is still called "Make A Scene" or if Eurosolution haven't been informed about the change in the title)

Bittersweet is a compelling, emotive epic with dramatic wooshes, tick-tocking drum machines and cold Eighties synth. It’s the euphoric, guaranteed pop moment of the Spring.

The new single is one of two songs to come out of Sophie’s collaboration with Freemasons. It’s the second time Sophie has worked with the Brighton-based producers, following their work together on Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer), which was a Top 10 hit for Sophie last summer in the UK and also became her biggest selling single across Europe (I guess it's not a lie if they don't specify what chart).

Sophie comments: "They’re really good at celebrating the song, embracing as much pop and melody as they can. It was a natural collaboration and came together surprisingly easily."

Sophie’s album is due in the summer and her work with Freemasons is typical of how the rest of the album came together. All but two tracks on the album were co-written, the diverse team of writer/producers including: Freemasons, Greg Kurstin, Calvin Harris, Cathy Dennis, Metronomy, Richard X and Armin Van Buuren. "I collaborated with a lot of people but wanted a cohesive bunch of songs, not a scattergun approach, and I think we’ve really achieved that."

And now, thanks to the lovely guys at Fascination Records, Eurosolution are over the moon to present this massive record which comes with stunning mixes from Jodie Harsh and world wide superstars Freemasons!!!!!

This is nothing short of incredible so please make sure you are on the case 100% for this #1 Eurosolution Priority!

With thanks
Craig x

Promo tracks
1. Freemasons Extended Mix
2. Jodie Harsh Extended Mix
3. Freemasons Short Club Mix
4. Freemasons Dub
5. Jodie Harsh Dub
6. Freemasons Radio Edit
7. Jodie Harsh Radio Edit
8. Radio Edit

So i think the tracklist is pretty much going to be this:
1. Bittersweet - Freemasons
2. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (sophie mentioned that it might be on the album, dont remember when)
3. Off & On - no writing credit - Cathy/Calvin
4. Calling It Love - Cathy/Calvin
5. Scene - Metronomy
6. Magic - Richard X mentions on Black Melody that is on the album
7. Starlight - Richard X
8. Not Giving Up On Love - Burren
9. _______________ - second song with no writing credit

10. Revolution - according to JP
11. Sophia Loren
12. Synchronised

(11 and 12 are pure speculation. Sophia Loren was good enough to be a single. It has to be on the album. And Synchronised was added to the Fascination office playlist. Again, it should be on the album)

Bloody hell, where on earth is Liam Howe's song going to be? So far as i know that is the stalker song - Dial My Number. I hope Heartbreak is not on the album. Also, if tracks 9 & 10 in this list are one and the same (i.e. if Sophie has no writing credit on Revolution) then we might have room for another song. I don't really mind if Off & On is not on the album, unless its the new mix that Calvin was working on.

I also hope we get 2 UK Bonus tracks on the album, as usual... I'm gutted that Dimitri and Jim Elliott didn't make it to the final cut. We just have to get bonus tracks on iTunes and tons of b-sides.


Eden said...

I totally agree with you Kau, I hope that hearbtreak and on&off wont make it the album unless we have new versions of both songs, and even if it they were, I hope that we just get totally new songs and a lot of bonuses and all the rest can be put as b-sides or leaked later on:P hehe
as for the radio edit, it has nothing to do with mix edit that leaked, i also think that edit is just a fan made and not done by the freemasons themselves, it's not really well done and it's like someone having fun with soundforge or something trying to make the song shorter lol
The radio edit is going to be nice since it has a different kind of vibe that the extended remix that leaked and it sounds more 80ish! which is cool. cant wait cant wait :D

TheWV said...

Where's the Armin Track? she said it was gonna be releases...

kaushik said...

@ TheWV - The Armin track is the Buuren track i'm talking about. Armin Van Buuren. Lol.

I really want to listen to that stalker song, Sleepwalking (Dimitri & Ed) and Whispers On The Street (Pascal Gabriel & Jim Elliott).. I wish she releases these three songs at least as b-sides if they don't make it onto the album

Anonymous said...

Good! I think that Heartbreak and maybe Can't fight this feeling can be bonus tracks (track 13 and 14) so there is room for 2 more tracks in the official tracklisting



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