Friday, November 26, 2010

Official Catch Up with Sophie - final instalment


Mariel Parada asks - Who's your favourite Fashion designer?
SEB: Budget no issue: Chanel, Paul and Joe, PPQ, Dolce and Gabbana. On a budget: Topshop, Urban OUtfitters, H&M and any vintage stall.

watford_boi asks - Hi Sophie, I know it's early day's but what are the chances of Revolution being released as a single? I absolutely LOVE this track I haven't been able to get it out of my head since I heard you perform it at Heaven back in May and would really love to hear remixes of this song. Also are any other songs on Straight To The Heart reminiscent of the style of Revolution, I feel it is quite a different approach musically compared to most songs you have done. I already know this song is going to be the most played when I buy Straight To The Heart.
SEB: I love Revolution too - written with the amazing Cathy Dennis. I think there is a strong possibility of it being a single as the song has had a brilliant reaction. I'll definitely perform it on the tour, it's a great live song. Straight to the Heart has a few fairly heavy dancey tracks like that - perfect for gigs.

John Sanders asks - What song from your catalogue do you wish had been a single? And why?
SEB: Maybe something a bit different like What Have We Started from Trip The Light Fantastic or Party In My Head from Shoot From The Hip. They both show a slightly different side to what I do that I think you know if you listen the album but wouldn't expect if you just heard the singles.

Joel Cipriano asks - What is the first thing you think about when you get up in the morning?
SEB: How early it is. Kit is our house alarm clock and we never know if he's going to be kind or cruel.

Efrén Cantú asks - Which current female singer would you like to make a duet with? And which female singer of all time do you admire?
SEB: Well I would love to sing with a true icon like Debbie Harry, Cher or Dolly Parton.

Paul-Aaron Van de Rooy asks - Hi Sophie. Do you plan to do any more work with the Freemasons? :)
SEB: I would love to - anytime. I love them and their sound.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Love Heist (unreleased demo)

I couldn't save one line from the song this time, but the flow is still perfect. Too bad this one wasn't released too (i might have to say this about every song that leaks)



The quality isn't great. But Renzo from LaBextor said he'll try to obtain the demo in higher quality. If he does, i will work on it once again.


Mewbox caught up with Sophie

You can listen to the interview on the Mewbox Site -

Sophie talks about:
1. Metronomy Track: quirky and leftfield. Joe and she have a mutual friend and that's how the collabration came about.
2. Wants to work with: Aha, Arcade Fire (she had also mentioned Daft Punk and Kings Of Leon in the past)
3. Tours with TT & PSB
4. She wants us to reward us for our patience by touring

thanks for the heads-up Danny.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sophie & Armin are #1 in Lebanon

Sophie & Armin are #1 Lebanese Radio Charts after staying in the top 10 for the longest time. Congrats to Sophie and Armin. To celebrate, Sophierazzi gives away a wallpaper.

Side (left-1366x768. right-1024x768):

Center: (left-1366x768. right-1024x768):

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sophie Ellis-Bextor going fourth

This was a good read... definitely worth the re-post.


Sophie Ellis-Bextor has a cough, but nonetheless she is happily chatting to me on her mobile about shopping for vintage clothes from her home in London. “The best place for vintage is still eBay,” she tells me, “but failing that I like car boot sales.”

At 31 Sophie has pretty much got it all. A rock-star husband (The Feeling’s guitarist Richard Jones) with whom she has two young boys, Kit and Sonny, an ex-Blue Peter presenter mother (Janet Ellis), a huge international hit (Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) with Italian DJ Spiller) and a fourth album due for release next spring which she describes as “my danciest album, very positive, shiny and sparkly”.

Two years in the making, the album features songs co-written with some of the very best songwriters around – Cathy Dennis, Greg Kurstin – and relative newcomers like Calvin Harris and Richard X. Who impressed her the most? “Basically every song that made it onto the album I really enjoyed making, and I enjoyed working with those people so I couldn’t say one specifically,” she neatly sidesteps before adding, “the criteria was that if I hadn’t enjoyed making it then I wasn’t using it.”

Unlike most artists, it was her third album that Sophie found the most difficult to make, not her second. “Because you’re aware what’s at stake,” she says. “The first one you’re so excited. The second you think, ‘Oh yeah, I know how this works’ and the third one you’re like, ‘Right, if I get this right then I’ve got a career’. That was the turning point but once you get past that… Well everybody treats you quite differently as well and, I think, don’t doubt your motives. Especially the British press. At the beginning they’re always there to trip you up, but once you’ve been around for a while they come to accept that maybe you’re an honest person getting on with what you do.”

And Sophie certainly does get on with it. This year already she’s been busy with live shows promoting singles from the forthcoming album, including a date at the O2 Academy Islington on December 13. “I was in Russia every weekend of last month. It is quite tiring and at the same time it is quite fun.” And December alone will see her back in Russia as well as Turkey and the UK: “It’s a bit chaotic, but there’s two more singles from the album that haven’t been released here but have been in other countries,” she explains.

Despite the glamorous jet-setting and many adoring fans – her MySpace and Twitter pages are testimony to this – Sophie is very rarely featured on the pages of the weekly gossip rags. Is this a part of celebrity culture that she consciously avoids? “Yeah, definitely,” she says, politely stifling a cough. “I’m kind of fascinated with what some people reveal to the public. I’ve just never felt the need to share everything all the time. I don’t think it’s particularly interesting a lot of the time, but also once you’ve done that you can’t get it back again.”

She also thinks there’s nothing worse than people getting jaded, especially pop stars: “I find cynicism a general turn-off anyway, I’m quite a positive person really. It is really easy to become bitter although some of the people I know who are like that are not necessarily the ones who have been hugely successful.”

And what does she think about celebrity culture being the motivation behind most young artists today? “When I was a teenager, teenage culture was all Melody Maker, Select, Smash Hits and Top of the Pops and everybody would talk about what bands you liked. Now if you look on the shelves it’s all celebrity culture, it’s not so much about music.” And although embracing celebrity is a route she’s chosen not to go down, being too judgemental about those who have is something she skirts around: “I don’t think one’s good or one’s bad, the whole way you go about your world has changed anyway and now it’s a lot more about branding, how you do your videos and how you do your artwork.” Her tolerant attitude is also backed-up by her thoughts on other artists. “Complaining about what other artists are doing makes no difference. There’s absolutely room for everybody, if you’re good at what you do there’s room for everyone. Of course there’s going to be people I look at and go ‘I don’t understand why they’re successful at all’, but it’s got nothing to do with me.”

A huge Mad Men fan – “I find watching it a bit like having a nice White Russian or a nice hot chocolate, kind of decadent and creamy and lovely” – she also, along with the rest of us, spends Saturdays nights watching The X Factor, although says sagely: “I think you can see some genuinely talented people come up through the ranks, but it’s important to remember that that’s not the only option.” And she’s also pretty busy on Twitter, though she questions this with a laugh. “I’ll go through a phase of answering loads of questions and I’ll just go quiet again. I don’t know how you can keep it up all the time, I suppose you have to write about everything you’re doing but I kind of feel like ‘Are they really interested in all that?’… Maybe they are. I’m a bit like that with all those things, I kind of go in and out of phases with them. I don’t really update my status on Facebook.”

This all sounds frighteningly normal as does the admission that she’s not a complete workaholic. “I’m not like Dolly Parton up at four and writing songs, I definitely let life get in the way,” but then when she starts talking of “jotting down lists of people she’d like to work with on the next record” and going for a more “stripped down live sound”, I’m reminded that maybe her world is a little more shiny and sparkly than most after all.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor will be appearing at the O2 Academy Islington on December 13 – for tickets, call the box office on 0844 477 2000

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sophierazzi is now on Soundcloud as well. I have started with uploading 3 demos including the recent "The Hype" demo, only in much higher quality. You'll notice it sounds a lot less demo-ey.

Also, links to Sophierazzi's Youtube Channel and Soundcloud Channel are under the Sophierazzi banner (top). It's a lot easier now for all those of you who couldn't find me on youtube (thanks for your emails, i hope this helps you out.)

Sophierazzi - for anything Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Let the hype begin!

An official Catch Up from (part 1 & 2)

Wextor asks - As your tour is about to kick off soon, I'd like to know if your fans can expect a new DVD from this tour? Watch My Lips is an amazing DVD!
SEB: Thank you. No DVD is planned for this tour but I might bring a crew out to film our Moscow show - it's the biggest date of the tour and such a fascinating city. I would quite like a little memento of that night.

KingRefusenik asks – What is your favourite lyric you have ever written and why? PLEASE come to glasgow! x
SEB: I think I am proudest of the lyrics for Today the Sun's on Us. I am the person in that song sometimes - I struggle to be truly relaxed and happy when life is good - I feel like something has to go wrong. I have to remind myself to enjoy the moment before it goes.

Newdoberman asks - Hi Sophie. David from Ireland here. Saw you at the Milk Festival. Had a great time. Did you enjoy it? Just wondering did you hear that Murder on the Dancefloor was used in the Eastenders episode where the Queen Vic burned down. Just before the fire started you were singing "Gonna burn this goddamn house right down". Quite the honour that you signalled the end of the Queen Vic.
SEB: Wow yes. Thank you for pointing that out - I had no idea. I used to watch lots of Eastenders and I remember when I heard my first band Theaudience, being played in the show - it was a bit of an 'I’ve made it' moment!

Anouk asks - Hello Sophie, just wondering. How was it like to work with Armin van Buuren, because the genre of his music is quite different? Xx
SEB: Fun! I love trying out new things. Armin's sound is different but he's at the top of his game and I think what makes his stuff special is that it crosses over. I love the track we did together and I am not a trance kid. That’s what sets him apart I guess - he is informed by different genres while he plays what he plays.

Chris_Sydney asks - Hello Sophie from sunny Sydney! I always look forward to your single releases because they are usually jam-packed with remixes. (I remember importing the German editions back in the early days because they often had more than the local releases!) Do you have a favourite remix of one of your songs? Love to you, as always.x
SEB: Hello chris! I am jealous of your sun. My favourite remix was an early one - jewels and stone remix of Take Me Home.

Dave H asks - Hey Sophie - so cool of you to do this. Since you go to Russia so much - what is the main thing you like best about it - and what is the thing you like least?
SEB: I love the foreign-ness of Russia. It's got such a rich history and whenever I tell people I am going, they always want to come too. Also the people are interesting and there's a lot of progression happening in youth culture - lots of exciting things occurring. Oh and some brilliant restaurants! The thing I like least is the journey although I am quite used to it now. This year I did a stint of 6 weekends in Russia out of 7 and towards the end I started to really flag - the commute was a bit much! Some great shows though.

Roman Sovrano asks - What music or artist are you listening at the moment?
SEB: I am still loving the latest Phoenix album and Arcade Fire's latest.

Nancy Buckland asks - I love your style Sophie and wanted to ask who your own personal style icon is? (Apart from your mum!)
SEB: My style icon is a combination of Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews as Maria, the doll Sindy and the cast of Grease.

Jeff Tilton asks - Will you ever tour the USA? Come to Las Vegas, We love you here!
SEB: I would love to do some shows in the US. I have never been to Las Vegas but I know I would love it. Start a petition, Jeff!

Gabby asks - Dear Sophie, for my fashion design class I decided to do a profile about your sense of style. It's a project I have to work on. So can you describe to me your sense of style, your likes and dislikes for your wardrobe. And you what you like to wear during different seasons?
SEB: Hello Gabby and thank you for the compliment. I think my style is quirky, colorful and feminine. I like quite sharp tailoring but am really influenced by the past. Anything from 50's to 80's can be found in my wardrobe - my friends always come to me if they have a fancy dress party. Hang on, that may not be a good thing....
My dislikes are things that are too baggy or try too hard. That being said I'm sure I have bought many things along those lines that looked great on someone else, but not on me.

Bashar Al-ani asks - If you have three wishes, what would they be?
SEB: To change the weather, to make good moments last longer and to be able to tidy up with the click of my fingers.

Onvoor Spelbaar asks - Hi Sophie, what kind of career would you have chosen if you had not venture into the media/music industry and why? Thanks a lot =), a fan from Malaysia.
SEB: Maybe being a writer. Either fiction or maybe a journalist. Having said that I am very slow, so if it takes 3 years to make an album, writing a book would take me forever!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Sophie leaks - "Romeo (Don't Believe The Hype)"

I am aware that the song is called "Romeo" and "Hype". I decided to call the untagged version that i made "Romeo (Don't Believe The Hype)" to differentiate it from the original that was uploaded on youtube by getyourheadstra1ght right here -

Here are the untagged versions that i tried to master.
If you remember, Sophie recorded a song sampling Kraftwerk's "The Model". She couldn't obtain license to release the song, but it has finally surfaced. This song is miles better than the leak from yesterday... Trip The Light Fantastic would have sounded completely different if it had tracks like this one, Colour Me In, Take Me With You, Mr. Friday, Pop Wow, Love Is The Law, Dear Jimmy etc., I wonder how she selected those 14 songs to release on the album. Some of the leaks are really good!

My edited version - removes the tag from the beginning which was placed before the song began. There was a snippet of some other song that was layered on top of the second chorus. I managed to get rid of it.


Romeo, Romeo… Where for art thou Romeo? (x4)

It’s Firday night and I’m waiting for my friends to come
So I’m standing in a bar all by myself
And there’s a boy who’s caught my eye too many times
I don’t think that tonight sees me up on the shelf

He’s walking over to me now, his chat-up lines are coming out
I’ve heard them twice or more
“Have we met somewhere before?”

And all you girls are gonna know what I mean
You meet a new man, swears he’s the one of your dreams
Well he may be exactly all that he seems
But don’t believe the hype (overnight)

Romeo, Romeo… Where for art thou Romeo?

But this one could be different to the other guys
Shall I give him the benefit of the doubt?
But I hear a voice inside my head, protest
She’s saying we’ve been over this
Just ‘cause he’s caused a stir, doesn’t mean he’ll rock your world

And all you girls are gonna know what I mean
You meet a new man, swears he’s the one of your dreams
Well he may be exactly all that he seems
But don’t believe the hype

You’ve got to wait ‘til dawn, see if he rings true
Because the light of the sun’s brighter than the moon
Sure enough, he may be made for you
But don’t believe the hype (overnight)

Romeo, Romeo… Where for art thou Romeo? (x4)

Well he may be exactly all that he seems
But don’t believe the hype

C’mon now, all you girls are gonna know what I mean
You meet a new man, swears he’s the one of your dreams
Well he may be exactly all that he seems
But don’t believe the hype

You’ve got to wait ‘til dawn, see if he rings true
Because the light of the sun’s brighter than the moon
Sure enough, he may be made for you
But don’t believe the hype

The way I do…
Can break your heart in two
Don’t let it happen to you
Don’t believe the hype
(Don’t believe the hype)

SPECIAL THANKS TO getyourheadstra1ght FOR THIS DEMO, AND FOR MIRACLE. Lyrics, thanks to Carried Into The Sun from PJ

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sophie's 4th record will be out in Spring 2011.

Sophie was on BBC Radio Leicester this morning. Here are the highlights :
Touring next month
Setlist is gonna be all the singles, some stuff from the new record, some covers.
Situation with the new album - will be released in Spring (around April)

I made a fairly large post about my thoughts on PopJustice. I'll just quote the same thing here. But what are your thoughts?

I don't think she is blaming the DJs. Didn't someone here say that the project was going to have singles as DJ feat SEB etc., Seems like that was true. She confirmed that, well, sort of... Had Polydor not stopped Roger Sanchez from using that song she did with him, we would have a single now, and she wouldn't have said that.

The good thing is that she knows where she is and it's not like she believes she can still get away with a Christmas release. I appreciate her honesty for that. April release - i suppose i understand why she wants the album out in Spring. Remember, it was supposed to be out in Spring back when Sophia Loren was planned to be the lead single. It's a dance album, it wouldn't make much sense to release it in the winter when no one will care about it, unless of couse, it's something like Loud. There's your perfect winter dance album. Judging by Bittersweet, Not Giving Up On Love, Can't Fight This Feeling and Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer, i think the album is filled with summer anthems.

I hate to wait, just like any other person in this thread, but i think i will be okay with it eventually. We have waited 3 years. A few months really shouldn't matter that much. But i do hope and pray we have a single or two between now and the album. And hopefully that won't be CFTF....

I can think of several reasons for this delay:
1. Polydor have no interest in taking risks with her, so they want her to make enough money from her gigs and use that to fund this release.
2. My theory about a summer dance album
3. She intends on recording new songs
4. Polydor want people to disassociate the album with Bittersweet (which is tragic. so what if it flopped. it's the highlight of 2010 and deserves to be on the album. if it doesn't make it to the final cut, i will be very very disappointed)
5. Fascination couldn't really do much, but Polydor FINALLY have a plan in mind and they want to go about it that way
6. She has no record label and she is trying to release this on her own.

Read more:

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Sophie on Alan Titchmarsh (performance) + Miracle (new song HQ DL)

Sophie was on Alan Titchmarsh yesterday when she performed Heartbreak. And what a wonderful performance it was! (i kept wondering why Alan Titchmarsh was such a familiar name, and then i realised my grandmother has a book written by him, Rosie - it's a sweet little book.)

Here is a recording of the performance -

AND (the moment you've all been waiting for), here is MIRACLE in high quality. There are two separate links. One is for MP3 which is the original that was uploaded on youtube and soundcloud. The other is a slightly more polished AAC file, the volume has been adjusted and the unwanted silence at the beginning and end have been edited out. The AAC file is also tagged with a little artwork that i made for the leak.

Here are the files:

(you will find the lyrics to Miracle in my previous post)

Special thanks to Alex for the MP3 and Paul for the recording.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Miracle (new song?)

So, the Sophiesticaters have found an outtake. No one is sure as to which era this belongs to.

MIRACLE (stream)

Enjoy. If i get hold of the song in higher quality i'll put it up for download.

Here are the lyrics for now.

Now this couldn't be a dream
But my reality is tearing at the seams
How did you know it makes me tick
You hurt me in so quick
What have you done to me?

I'm allowed to see
So i just go with the flow
I am acting crazy
If you're in the know
I feel intoxicated
You're like a drug and i crave it

Oh! Addicted to your miracle
You give me nothing typical
Won't you come and get me
Now you got me where you want me
Oh! You stole (stalk?) me like a criminal
It's gone beyond the physical
Won't you come and get me
Now you got me and i want you

So how do you want to play this out
I want to know what you're about
C'mon you gotta let me in
I have never felt this way before
You showed me what my heart is for
And now i'm in a spin

I'm allowed to see
So i just go with the flow
I am acting crazy
If you're in the know
I feel intoxicated
Who is this girl you created?

Oh! Addicted to your miracle
You give me nothing typical
Won't you come and get me
Now you got me where you want me
Oh! You stalk me like a criminal
It's gone beyond the physical
Won't you come and get me
Now you got me and i want you so

Hey ho!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hi folks. I will be out of town for a couple of days starting Tuesday. I should be back by the 20th. I'll try to update you guys if there's any news. If i don't, you know what you can do. Just post the news in the comments section of this post so everyone can read it. Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Exclusive Interview with Purple Revolver


Purple Revolver had a little chat with Sophie Ellis Bextor ahead of her headline UK tour today and discussed everything from the festive period to portable periscopes.

Purple Revolver: Hi Sophie, how are you today?
Sophie: Very good thanks, you?

Purple Revolver: Not too bad at all. You have recently been on tour with the Pet Shop Boys, what was that like?
Sophie: It was great, really lovely. I have been a fan of theirs since I was little, so it was a real privilege to be asked to go on the road with them. I loved every minute of it.

Purple Revolver: Were there any practical jokes on tour or was it a relatively sedate affair?
Sophie: No not really, I have never really been any good at pranks. The only one I can remember is years ago now, and it is quite boring so forgive me. On one of my first tours, our drummer was reading a book intensely and when he was on the last page, we wrestled it off him and hid it. A couple days later, we ripped out the last page of the book and stuck it to his drum, but it turned out it was not the right book we had taken the page from and so it had no relevance. I think he was a bit perplexed by the whole situation.

Purple Revolver: So you have never done any April fooling in your time?
Sophie: No I don’t think so, I might have to change that (laughs). I remember once when I was younger, I took my mums diary and tried to mimic her handwriting, but what I was writing was all nonsense. I think that caused some confusion at the time.

Purple Revolver: You have worked with a number of artists on the new album, from Calvin Harris to Metronomy. What can we expect from the new project?
Sophie: It is a really dancey record, but also has a lot of electro elements. I just wanted it to be an unashamedly dance floor focused record, so that when people hear it they want to get up and move.

Purple Revolver: Going off on a tangent here, it was Back to the Future’s 25th anniversary recently, you a fan of the film?
Sophie: Yeah I love it, how old must I have been when it came out? Six I think- so yeah, I am definitely from the Back to the Future generation.

Purple Revolver: If you could make a time capsule set for 100 years in the future, what would you put in it to embody this age we live in today?
Sophie: I think I would just buy loads of crap on Ebay and stuff it full of that. All I can think of is food related, but I am not sure the people of the future would want our leftovers. Haribo will get a space in there undoubtedly.

Purple Revolver: Tangfastics?
Sophie: Yeah they are the best ones, along with the cola bottles. I would also probably put a lot of toys in. I think children’s toys really evoke the age they belong to, like Steiff bears and model-rail ways. My son is really into his Transformer figures at the minute, so I might also put some of them in. And a picture of Simon Cowell.

Purple Revolver: Now I am going to pose a question to you, a problem of sorts, and I would like your creative input to find a solution. At gigs, people of a smaller stature often can’t see the stage as they are surrounded by giants, 6 foot plus brutes who obscure everyone’s view with their enormous heads. How would you solve this problem?
Sophie: Well I think the logical thing to do would be to organise the crowd in order of their height, smallest at the front and all the brutes at the back. But that might be a logistical nightmare. You could also buddy up with someone of the same height I suppose.

Purple Revolver: What about a periscope?
Sophie: (laughs) That could be cute, a little portable periscope you could carry around with you. I am sure I have heard people on the radio discussing this problem recently.

Purple Revolver: You mean my periscope idea has been conceived already? I am ruined.
Sophie: No they were just talking about the problem. I think you could be onto something though, I will back you all the way.

Purple Revolver: The paperwork is in the post.
Sophie: Excellent.

Purple Revolver: So Christmas is on the horizon, who is going to be donning the pinafore in your household?
Sophie: Oh me definitely, I love cooking Christmas dinner. We are going to have lots of our friends and family over for a big party, I can’t wait.

Purple Revolver: Would you classify yourself as a good cook?
Sophie: Well I am OK, I wouldn’t say I am going to win any culinary awards but I think a roast is dummy proof, as long as you get the meat and potatoes right you are in business.

Purple Revolver: Will the much maligned sprout be making an appearance on your Christmas plate?
Sophie: I love sprouts, I eat them regardless of the time of year so they will be in there somewhere.

Purple Revolver: Will there be any fights over who puts the star on the tree in your household?
Sophie: I doubt it, it is all very democratic and we share the decorating responsibilities. The problem that I am facing now is when to start decorating, people are putting their lights up earlier and earlier, some Novermber time- which it is now. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone!

Purple Revolver: Time flies when your having fun.
Sophie: It does.

Purple Revolver: So you have just announced details for your upcoming tour, looking forward to it?
Sophie: Yeah, it will be the first time I have done a headlining tour for such a long time so I am really excited. I just want to make it look great and for the fans to have a really good time. It will be a real spectacle I can promise that.

Purple Revolver: Well that should wrap it up Sophie, thanks a lot for that.
Sophie: No problem at all.

Tour dates read as follows:
Sunday 12th December – Concorde 2, Brighton
Monday 13th December – O2 Academy Islington
Thursday 16th December – The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth
Friday 17th December – Academy 2, Manchester
Saturday 18th December – O2 Academy2 Birmingham
Sunday 19th December – O2 Academy2 Oxford
For more information on Sophie Ellis Bextor’s tour visit her official site here:

Lanvin for H&M with Sophie.

"...As if all that wasn't enough, come 6pm it was over to Oxford Street for the store launch of the new Home collection. A congregation of stylish celebrities rocked up for a piece of the interiors action, but we couldn't believe our eyes when realising that Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Roisin Murphy actually wearing the new Lanvin collection! The pop singers both chose the one-shoulder, ruffled cocktail dresses (priced £99.99) with Ellis-Bextor in canary-yellow and Murphy in black."

"Sophie Ellis-Bextor must have some darn good fashion connections, coz we spotted her at last night's Instyle Magazine and Dolce & Gabbana soiree wearing a statement making embellished necklace from the famed Lanvin for H&M collection — which we saw for the first time yesterday! Even NYC fashion editors won't be able to get their paws on the collection as fast as Soph has. The range hasn't been released to the public yet, but we're guessing the PR machine behind the H&M collab' is handing out press pieces for editorial coverage and celebrity loans... ... but we think that Sophie looked just as good, teaming it with a standout purple shift"

left: Sophie and Roisin wearing the Lanvin collection.
above: Sophie wearing the Lanvin necklace

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Undead DJ

Lady Bex manning the decks - there's something sexy about a woman working the decks, seriously!

Here's her ginger (bread) man with a drink in his hand watching the pro at work!
thanks to @benyacobi for the high quality pictures.



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Cheers, Kaushik. (