Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bittersweet - Video

Okay, so i just saw Sophie's new video on PopJustice. I'm blown away, but still somewhere in the back of my mind, i'm a tad bit disappointed. But i may change my mind. I have only watched it 8 times so far.

Watch - http://www.popjustice.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=4558&Itemid=206
Better quality -

1. She looks awesome
2. Loving the cream-coloured dress that she is wearing. And all the hand movements she has with the dress - very reminiscent of Take Me Home.
3. Purple (Cadburys Diary Milk) Dress is kinda neat. When it's flying in the background, it reminds me of Christina's Fighter and Girls Aloud's Sexy, No No No!
4. Not very fond of the tattoo in this video. Although it never bothered me in any of her earlier videos.

1. Amazing
2. Amazing
3. Amazing
99. Amazing
100. Amazing
101. When she jumps in air, for some reason, the video feels like its a cross between Goldfrapp and Evanescence. I don't even know why!

1. Haha. I love how random confetti is thrown around. Also the smoke and the paint. Beautifully done. It's almost like the video is made for a channel to pick it up for an advert. Brilliant work Chris!
2. They actually threw purple paint on her face. Oh my god! I love it!!

1. Hats off back-up dancers! *applauds* They deserve it.
2. Why is Sophie stupidly caressing a wall when she should be dancing!?
3. That kick-move in the first half of the video is sooooo sexy!


1. The colour schemes, the subtle hues are very pleasing to see
2. I'm not a fan of Chris' lighting work, but it may look better after a couple of views
3. LOVE the slow motion.
4. I love the concept for the beginning and the ending, but i don't like how the video is swiped in and out... it reminds me of hip-hop videos.


Fran said...

I love the video!! ^^ It's an excellent video, & the outfits are chic. Love the effects on the video, & the jumpin' too! LOL
A masterpiece!! ^^

Eden said...

Thanks a lot Kau :))))
well i'll share with you my comments about the video:
1- when i first read that the video is out, my eyes just landed on the word disappointed that you wrote and i was like OMG!!!! will it be the same feeling of disappointment when I first saw Heartbreak!!! but then I saw the clip and boy, what a relief!!! despite my very slow connection and that it takes me like 15 min to watch the clip in fragments, I really enjoy it, it's a fun video to watch
2- I wont say much about the nice things of the video as they are evident: nice trampoline moves, nice effects with the paintings and nice colors and definitely awesome dance routine for the backup dancers!!!! even much better than heartbreak! but why do they always look like freaks lol i like that :P
3- I wanna point out the bad sides of the video (maybe i'll change my mind when i see it on TV or in a better resolution but i doubt it, anyway), here it goes:
. am not a pro and i have no experience in the domain of directing nor anything artistic but I think the lighting in the scenes where sophie is wearing the purple dress and there is a lot of wind blowing, is bad! at some points, the lighting looks like there is a fog on the screen or smthg! hehe
. where are sophie's dance routine that we were expecting? werent there gossips or twitters that she is rehearsing her dance routines lol i told you before, am not sure of her definition for dancing!!! maybe it's just shaking a bit lol cos i didnt see her doing anything that looks like dancing in the video! pitty, it would have been great if she joined the back up dancers in a scene or more instead of caressing that stupid wall over and over!!! god, arent 2 or 3 scenes enough with the wall!!!
.the scene with the hoolahoop or whatever they call it should have been longer, instead of the wall lol
.one major flaw in my opinion is that all the shots are taken from one angle, watch the clip again and try to see! no shots are taken from above and a bit from under,nor from right or left, you have the impression that they fixed the camera in front of the stage where they were doing their stuff and that's it, they shot everything from one place!!! which is really boring, there are many scenes specially with dancers that would have been much nicer to shoot from above or from a side angle!!!! i dont know if you got what i mean! check the scene where all the dancers gather in a circle and they hold their hands together up high(2:54), it would have been nice for a split second to shoot it from above them, or when they're in line (around 2:00 and 2:07), to shoot them from an angle side!!! enough about that hehe

anyway, i think it's a great video and maybe her best video so far!!!! love it :)))))))))))
PS these are just my personal thoughts, sorry if it bothered anyone :P

Anonymous said...

Great videoclip :D Those pastel colours are great :D. And Sophie looks georgeous in those dresses :).
Pity enough of that tatoo, but ok. It's her choice :).

Mathew said...

I quite like the video. Something a bit different for Sophie (but similar to Heartbreak, I suppose). I was impressed by the effects and sort of had a 'oh, that's what the trampolines were for' moment.

Not sure what you expect of Sophie's dancing though. We know she really can't dance - except for the 'teapot' in Me and My Imagination. She looks great though. Hope this gets plenty of notice Down Under - it's about time Sophie got remembered here again.

Kim said...




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