Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great week for SEB Fans

It has, indeed, been a great week for Sophie fans. No. March has been a great month for Sophie fans. First we heard the Freemasons Extended Club Mix and the Jodie Harsh Mix of Sophie's new single "Bittersweet". Then we were treated to the video. Recently the video for Junior Caldera's single "Can't Fight This Feeling", directed by Jelle Posthuma hit the internet. And it's far from a boring low budget video. Does Junior have plans to release this outside France? - only time will tell.

Meanwhile, the actual Freemasons Radio Edit (run time 3:38 mins) leaked, and i can definitely hear a little difference in the chorus. There's another layer of vocals, almost like Sophie is talking in the background.. "Your bit.....ter sweet". This might be the hook from the middle-8 in the radio edit, cut up and layered properly over the chorus. Nicely done. Also, love the very aloof beginning and the sudden bang in the face. For all those of you who missed the riff on the radio edit, this is the version you want to listen to. But for me, nothing beats the radio edit.

1. Freemasons Extended Club Mix - 8:59 mins
2. Jodie Harsh Club Mix - 6:36 mins
3. Freemasons Club Mix - 5:10 mins
4. Freemasons Dub - 7:56 mins (this is kinda neat with a few changes in the instruments)
5. Jodie Harsh Dub - 6:36 mins
6. Freemasons Radio Mix - 3:38 mins
7. Jodie Harsh Radio Mix - 3:38 mins
8. Radio Edit - 3:28 mins
(no public sharing allowed, readers please don't post or request for download links.)
The single will be up on iTunes for download in May. It has already hit the radio and TV... Let's all hope the single does well on the charts


Kim said...

Love the new layout!!

Dan said...

Where did you listen to the Promo? Has it leaked?

And thanks for posting that picture of Sophie. She looks beautiful. How can anyone be so beautiful?

And, once again, wonderful layout. You have the best layouts. I like it double this time because i love the video for Bittersweet. It's nice that you used the dancers as well - very clever.

Momo said...

what? No b-side? =/

kaushik said...

That's the club promo... not the official single Momo. Don't worry



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