Friday, June 29, 2012

Mathieu Bouthier ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Beautiful (out soon)

French DJ Matthieu Bouthier collaborates with Sophie Ellis-Bextor on a hard-hitting dance track called "Beautiful", and as the track title itself suggest, the song is simply beautiful. Ellis-Bextor sounds absolutely gorgeous on the track. The chorus is brilliant - it just explodes in your face. The "la la lala" bit had better stretch on for a whole minute on the track...she sounds sexy when she la-la's.

Listen below:
Mathieu Bouthier ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Beautiful (extend snippet):

In other news, Fear Of Dawn release their remix of Fuck With You. Its very good; but I only wish they didn't cut out the second set of verses.
Bob Sinclar ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor & Gilbere Forte (Fear Of Dawn Remix):

And SEBOfficial have upload the Not Giving Up On Love performance. The live version is so good. Its criminal they didn't release a DVD.
Armin Van Buuren vs. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Not Giving Up On Love (live @ Java Soul Nation, Jakarta):

Monday, June 25, 2012

Official Catch-Up + Can't Fight This Feeling performance

Hello Sophie, how are you?
I’m really good thank you. Enjoying my current quiet life.

We noticed that the Daily Mail had a piece about you going to the park with Ray and Kit.
Yeah, that was a bit funny. When I lived around Notting Hill there were photographers just loitering all the time because quite a lot of people live around there. But that’s the first time that’s happened where we live now.

A lot of people probably imagine that famous folks organise those sort of photos with a paparazzi themselves. Were you even aware those ones were happening?
No, I had no idea at all. Sometimes you’ll see pictures and you’ll have to try and work out what day it was. But it’s alright. I wouldn’t like it if one of the kids noticed and felt uncomfortable. But so long as I’m oblivious, I think its pretty harmless.

And they pixelate the children’s faces. Well, unless Kit actually looks like that.
Haha! Exactly. But, yeah, they do seem to do that.

So how’s it all going with little Ray?
Oh, lovely. It’s been a completely different experience this time because it’s the first time I’ve had a full-term baby that I can take straight home from hospital. It’s a different world. And I much prefer it.

The birth went well?
It was all fine. I had to have another C-section because he’s my third one now and they said it’d be too risky to try anything else. So it was quite odd, you go from a standing start really. Make a little playlist of songs and then head to the hospital and off we go. It made the recovery a lot quicker because I could have him with me. I think that makes you feel a bit more focused on the positives rather than just feeling like you’ve just had an operation.

When did you bring him home?
I was in for three days. I think that’s kind of the advised time after you’ve had the operation. But, yeah, then straight home and start settling into life with five of us.

And how’s that been? Does it feel like 33% extra effort having a third child?
At the moment I’d say no, it’s not actually. It’s been fairly OK. We’re fortunate because we’ve got quite a lot of support. My mum’s just down the road and we’ve got Clare our nanny. But then at the weekends when it’s just been the five of us, it’s actually been alright because Ray’s fairly minimal in what he needs. I’m feeding him myself so we’re not taking out loads of bottles and all that kind of stuff. All he needs really is a little change of clothes and a blanket. And I can fit that in my handbag! But I think once he gets a bit bigger, he’ll start taking up more space, both figuratively and literally.

Is he sleeping OK?
Yeah. Newborns don’t do much, really - it’s all eating and sleeping. He’s definitely not sleeping through the night, but I don’t really mind. It’s quite a mellow kind of tiredness that I’ve got. The thing that’s tricky is that sometimes Kit - the one with the pixelated face - wakes up in the night, and then you have to get out of bed and sorting him out. That is knackering. But generally it’s all good. I was a bit apprehensive because we’d heard from some people that having a third is really full-on, but so far so good, I’d say.

So are you finding time to do anything beyond being a mother?
Well so far it’s all been very homely. We’ve been going out and about, but it’s all been nice family things. We went to Kew Gardens at the weekend and had a run about and did the treetop walk and all that. And I’ve been going to the cinema thing where you can take your baby along. So I’ve seen a few films, which has been quite nice, because then you’ve got something to talk about other than just baby stuff!

You’re mainly staying put in London then.
Actually, we did go to visit my dad in Sussex during half-term. But it’s all been quite localised and cosy. It’s been nice.

How have the boys taken to Ray?
They really like him actually. Luckily. Hahaha! They just squabble over who gets to cuddle him usually. But it’s early days. I think newborn babies maybe lull you into a false sense of security because they are fairly low maintenance and their demands are quite straightforward. I think once Ray is crawling about and a bit more active and needs a bit more stimulation, then we might find ourselves a little bit more spread thin.

We saw that Popjustice and various others were suggesting you should be the UK”s Eurovision entry next year. Is that something you’ve ever seriously considered?
No, I don’t think so. I love Eurovision, but I really think it’d be like throwing me to the lions. It has actually been suggested to me in a serious capacity along the way, but no. I think with all these things, anything that has a risk attached, you should go with your first instinct. And if your first reaction was, “God, that could really backfire and be quite humiliating” then you’ve got to go with that, really. The UK is very unpopular in Eurovision. It’s not just about the song. So it’s a no. But I do love watching it.

You said on Twitter that you went to see Coldplay recently. Was that your first night out since Ray was born?
It was indeed.

How was that?
It was a bit strange to be away from him, but it was nice. I was only away for a few hours.

And you took Sonny?
Yes. He was excited for about the first 20 minutes or so and then he got a bit bored. I remember when I was about 8 being taken to see Pink Floyd and I had a similar reaction.

And Sonny booed Chris Martin for swearing?
Yes! Hahaha! He didn’t like that. The flashing wristbands were amazing, though. I absolutely loved those.

Have you been up to anything else?
Not much, really. I’ve had the odd meeting and I’m starting to think a bit about work. And I’m going away to DJ with Richard this weekend. That’s my first job, actually.

Where are you doing that?
We’re going to Serbia. To Belgrade. We’re away for 24 hours, and we’re not taking Ray.

First night without him?
Yeah! I think I’m going to find it a bit traumatic, actually. I know he won’t miss me, but I’ll definitely miss him!

And here is the live performance of Can't Fight This Feeling from the Java Soul Nation gig at Jakarta.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Revolution (live) + Incredible Women Play

Revolution always goes down well live. She packs so much energy into the song when she performs it. I wouldn't mind another banger like this sometime in the future - it sounds fantastic. Still, none of her performances have outdone the performance at Meribel. That was something else....

Sophie took part in a small 15-minute drama on BBC Radio 4 on June 1, 2012. In this story, reporter Jeremy Front spends time with Andrea Wickham, a very loud, but rather bad opera singer who has invited famous people to her home in order to record an album in support of her favourite charity. All of the celebrities make excuses, and only Sophie arrives. When she learns more about the charity, Sophie tries to make excuses too, but she cannot avoid having to sing a duet with Andrea. We hear them singing a tiny bit of The Teddy Bears' Picnic, a famous children's song from the 1930s.

Download the whole comic play here -



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