Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Real Radio Northeast interview - download

Finally, here's the interview from Real Radio Northeast.
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8NGVLSSP (thanks to Paul and Leon)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Album Chart Show - Setlist + Reviews

Hold onto your seats.......

Sophie performed 5 tracks there, which included two songs that we hadn't heard in the past.
1. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer
2. Revolution
3. Under Your Touch
4. Bittersweet
5. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)

Here are some reviews

Karl Siniak
WOW! This album is going to be stunning! Under... Reminded me a bit if abba's gimme in the intro, and Revolution (which HAS to be the next single) features the line 'Murder on the dancefloor' in the first verse!! Also, if Bittersweet is the bigger louder brother to Heartbreak, then Revolution is the Daddy!

Just been to see Sophie at Koko and she totally knocked everyone's socks off! She was super, super nice. Totally upbeat after Kate Nash's full performance. She performed two tracks we haven't heard before - Revolution and Under Your Touch.
Revolution was BRILLIANT. Total club song. Really really strong and kind of different to anything she's done before.
Under Your Touch was a little more forgettable, but still in a similar club vein. I can hear the sound of the album from it. There is a real strong club sound to the whole thing.
She also did Heartbreak (opener), Bittersweet and Groovejet. The crowd really enjoyed her, she was interactive and really chatty. Janet and Richard were at the balcony cheering her on.

Under Your Touch was quite good, i was so impressed how it is all shaping up to a solid sound for the album. but Revolution the pure standout at this point. Stunning!!! and you could tell that she absolutely loved it and loved performing it.
i was so impressed how she sang so well live. not in the sense that i doubt her ability but they are dance/club bangers and often they do not translate well live. but her band and her were so into it, especially the bassist. it was brilliant. very excited to see her tour this album, let alone hear the whole thing!
my video clip of Under Your Touch is just not good at all, but i got a very low quality clip of Revolution.
youtube is not working for me as i've never uploaded a video before, so i put it on some other site i found.

She was amazing tonight. The new songs sound incredible and the crowd seemed really into it. I had the pleasure of talking to her for a while afterwards (ie, me telling her how amazing she is) and she was really lovely and chatty. I don't know if this is already known, but she told me she's going to tour the album in the autumn so that's good.
It (Under Your Touch) wasn't quite as dancey as 'Revolution' and 'Bittersweet'. My memory isn't that great, but it had a good chorus and was slightly more guitar-based. 'Revolution' was my favourite of the two; it definetly sounds like a potential single.

I have to say, i'm a bit worried that she performed Under Your Touch. This could only mean that either one of Magic or Sophia Loren will be cut out from the album. I hope it isn't Sophia Loren. It would be criminal to waste such a good song. And that "Sophia Sophia" intro serves as a great album opener....

Vote for Bittersweet


Thanks Charlie for the heads-up.

Vote for Bittersweet on MTV Dance Chart... lets get Sophie some major airplay.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sophie on Album Chart Show + upcoming performances

Sophie is done with her radio tour. So far, we know that she was on two radio stations:
1. Real Radio Northeast (pictures from the session)
2. West FM 96.7 (the entire interview was up for download here)
(Thanks to LittleFish for the information)
Surely she'd have been on more Radio Stations, if anyone caught her on the radio, please post about it in the comments.

You might want to mark your calenders. We have two lives dates:
The Album Chart Show - March 29th, 2010
G-A-Y, London, England - May 1st, 2010

If any of you are attending the Album Chart Show, do leave a review in the comments section, and please make a note of the whole setlist. Thank you! :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great week for SEB Fans

It has, indeed, been a great week for Sophie fans. No. March has been a great month for Sophie fans. First we heard the Freemasons Extended Club Mix and the Jodie Harsh Mix of Sophie's new single "Bittersweet". Then we were treated to the video. Recently the video for Junior Caldera's single "Can't Fight This Feeling", directed by Jelle Posthuma hit the internet. And it's far from a boring low budget video. Does Junior have plans to release this outside France? - only time will tell.

Meanwhile, the actual Freemasons Radio Edit (run time 3:38 mins) leaked, and i can definitely hear a little difference in the chorus. There's another layer of vocals, almost like Sophie is talking in the background.. "Your love....is bit.....ter sweet". This might be the hook from the middle-8 in the radio edit, cut up and layered properly over the chorus. Nicely done. Also, love the very aloof beginning and the sudden bang in the face. For all those of you who missed the riff on the radio edit, this is the version you want to listen to. But for me, nothing beats the radio edit.

1. Freemasons Extended Club Mix - 8:59 mins
2. Jodie Harsh Club Mix - 6:36 mins
3. Freemasons Club Mix - 5:10 mins
4. Freemasons Dub - 7:56 mins (this is kinda neat with a few changes in the instruments)
5. Jodie Harsh Dub - 6:36 mins
6. Freemasons Radio Mix - 3:38 mins
7. Jodie Harsh Radio Mix - 3:38 mins
8. Radio Edit - 3:28 mins
(no public sharing allowed, readers please don't post or request for download links.)
The single will be up on iTunes for download in May. It has already hit the radio and TV... Let's all hope the single does well on the charts

Friday, March 26, 2010

Can't Fight This Feeling - video

http://www.alloclips.com/video/Junior_Caldera/Video_Clip_Cant_Fight_This_Feeling-(Feat._Sophie_Ellis-Bextor - scroll down for the video
Someone please put the damn thing on youtube. That site takes forever to load.

Sophie arrives in a car to a party where the paparazzi blind her with the lights. She looks around to find her love interest, finds him abd smiles.

Begin Love story - A little girl who poses while her mother takes a picture of her on a polaroid. It's her birthday, and there's this little boy who gifts her a necklace with what i assume is a supposed to be a disco-ball-pendant.

All this is happening while Sophie is sitting on the sofa reminiscing about the past. Then the chorus kicks in, Sophie enters the club, meets Junior, who is at the deck. And the camera focuses on the crowd dancing. There are snippets of Sophie singing on the sofa.

The second verse sees the little girl who is a teenager now. They're at party again, and they're looking into each others eyes. Somewhere towards the end of the verse, its all flash-back again where the little girl hands a vinyl to a little boy who is DJing at the birthday party. And she karaokes along. The scene shifts to the teenager who is now doing the same thing at her party. And then to Sophie who is doing the same thing at Junior's party. More dancing and some scenes with Sophie on the sofa follow.

As the middle 8 kicks in, Sophie begins to cry. The little girl goes away, so does the teenager and Sophie's already in another room. The little boy now goes in search of the little girl, the teenage boy does the same and finally Sophie's love interest in the video does the same.

Finally, the guy finds Sophie and the video ends.

I think its supposed to be the story of a girl and guy who have liked each other since they were kids, but it took the guy so many years to finally propose. I like the little girl in the video, she can play Sophie at a young age. But the teenager looks nothing like Sophie.

Overall, its a decent video. So much better than what i expected.

More importantly, i'm just amazed that we've had two Sophie videos in the same week. This is what heaven feels like, i suppose!

Off And On will be a future single

Sophie on WestFM 25th March, 2010
Download the interview here - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MNV72E58
(thanks to the best Fish in the sea, haha - you're a life saver)


  1. The album is called “Straight from the Heart”. The previous name “Make a Scene” did not feel quite right – it was a bit considered. “Straight from the Heart” is more direct – it’s like what the album is – euphoric, very emotional and impulsive.
  2. Calvin Harris has contributed. He’s produced a song called “Off and On” which I think will be a further single.
  3. I worked with a trance DJ called Armin van Buuren.
  4. Boom – Boom – Boom – Boom - Boom! Like fairground music. I mean that in a good way. I am pleased with that one. It sounds like authentic trance. I would never have thought in a million years I would do a trance record. But like everything I do it’s all about melody and song, so it just happens to be a trance record.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

more about Revolution

So, we know Revolution is a Kurstin/Denis/Ellis-Bextor track. But here's something from the lady herself:

"One of my favourite songs is Revolution. It's very energetic, short and hard-hitting and unlike anything I've done before. It name-checks Murder On The Dancefloor, which is extremely funny. It's clever but was not my idea."

Looking forward to this song.

SOURCE: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/showbiz/music-news/2010/03/24/sophie-ellis-bextor-stalker-was-inspiration-for-song-on-my-new-album-straight-to-the-heart-86908-22135529/

Straight To The Heart - the tracklist

Okay, i know i've made tons of predictions, but i'm sure this time i've got it right. Richard X mentioned on Black Melody that 2 out of 3 songs of his would end up on the album. But Sophie's MySpace says "The" Richard X track. So i'm unsure about Magic. The rest of the tracks are confirmed.

Oh and whoever told me (and stupid of me to publicise without proof) that Synchronised is co-written with Sophie was wrong. PROOF!

1. Sophia Loren (Cathy Denis, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Christopher Rojas)
2. Revolution (Cathy Denis, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Greg Kurstin)
3. Not Giving Up On Love (Armin Buuren, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, The Nervo Sisters)
4. Bittersweet (Hannah Robinson, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Freemasons, Biffco)
5. Starlight (Hannah Robinson, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Richard X)
6. Off And On (Cathy Denis, Roisin Murphy, Calvin Harris)
7. Dial My Number (Hannah Robinson, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe)
8. Cut Thru' The Heart (Ed Harcourt, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Dimitri)
9. Make A Scene (Metronomy, Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
10. Synchronised (Ina Wrolsden, Fred Ball)
11. I Still Believe In Magic (Hannah Robinson, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Richard X)
12. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Biffco, Freemasons)

(this is not the official cover, don't worry. i'm just playing around with a picture i found online)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Myspace Profile Updated - loads of new info

(Guys, there's a new post before this one too. Don't forget to read that...)

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is back with album number four, after baby number two, looking and sounding better than ever; but as she once warned us – it’s a Mixed Up World, and juggling young children, with a recording career, international tours, running club nights with husband Richard and her ongoing commitment as the face of cosmetics brand Rimmel, is not without it’s challenges.

How does she manage the balancing act? “I don’t really - it’s quite chaotic, you have to just not fight it. My upbringing was similar because my mum and dad both worked in TV doing funny hours, so I suppose I’m not really designed for consistency.”

In fact the singer who reaches her ten-year anniversary in the pop game this year couldn’t be happier. “I’m having an amazing time right now. It really is the best it’s ever been. I’m still completely excited, and I think that’s vital! There’s nothing more unsexy than a jaded pop star.”

When you hear her new album you’ll understand why Sophie is quite so giddy, “I felt like the album needed to be really positive, and unabashed”, she explains, “if it’s your fourth record you don’t want to be apologetic about it. I like pomposity in pop and confidence and chutzpah.” She’s got chutzpah up to her four-storey hips. Straight To The Heart is a plugged-in pulsating pop juggernaut, which will have Sophie murdering dance floors all over again.

Sophie may be the ultimate pop starlet but she’s no pop puppet – she was heavily involved with all parts of her album, co-writing much of it and working with an in-demand team of writer/producers that includes Freemasons, Greg Kurstin, Calvin Harris, Cathy Dennis, Metronomy, Richard X and Armin Van Buuren.

Freemasons, the team behind those amazing Beyoncé remixes (and much more besides) have two songs on the record. The first, Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) was not just a massive success on home soil but went on to become one of her biggest successes on the continent, particularly Russia where it reached number two in the chart. “I did 8 trips to Moscow last year and I’ve even picked up a bit of Russian too - menya zovut Sofiya… my name is Sophie” she says to prove she’s not fibbing.

The second Freemasons song is her forthcoming single Bittersweet, which is out 25 April. A compelling, emotive epic with dramatic wooshes, tick-tocking drum machines and cold eighties synth, Bittersweet is the euphoric, guaranteed pop moment of the spring.

The song Greg Kurstin (Ke$ha, Kylie and Lily Allen) wrote with Sophie and Cathy Dennis is Revolution: and with it’s gritty bass, crunching beats and ear splitting squeals it is a veritable pop uprising that demonstrates the sophisticated madam’s unladylike penchant for tunes that compel you to get ur sweat on. “The Richard X track”, Sophie says tantalisingly, “is like Borderline era Madonna.” Then there’s the much talked of Calvin Harris song Off & On which sounds like it could easily replicate the dizzee success the lanky Scot has become accustomed to.

Since her last album Trip The Light Fantastic in 2007 Sophie hasn’t just been holed up in the studio creating the pop soundtrack to 2010 she’s been on the road, both on her own and supporting born again boy band Take That on their mega sell out Beautiful World tour. “That was brilliant,” she beams, “they’re such lovely guys and they really looked after me. They threw great parties and we were often staying in the same hotel so we’d all hang out.” Sophie was as much of a fan of the boys onstage as off, and could be regularly found in the wings singing along: “I would have loved to have run on for the Lulu part of Relight My Fire but they actually had a bloke sing it.”

Sophie emerged ten years ago with rare poise amidst the most memorable chart scuffle since Brit pop. Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) with Italian producer Spiller, her debut solo release (after splitting with rock band theaudience) has recently been awarded the astonishing accolade of ‘the decade’s most played track on radio.’ “That’s so cool, I’m really proud of that. I thought it would have been something like Can’t Get you Out of My Head.”

Since those early beginnings Sophie has stuck with her record label Polydor/Fascination and they’ve stuck by her, something rare in an industry where everyone from Kylie, Janet and Mariah have at one time been ‘let go’. She has lived through the mid-late noughties mire of landfill Indie and come out the other side lipstick (Coral Queen is a current fave) barely smudged.

On the subject of lippy, Ms E-B always gave good face, so it was no surprise she was chosen along with Kate Moss as the face of Rimmel cosmetics in 2008, and she has just renewed her contract. “They sponsored my tour years back, so there was already a seed there, plus I genuinely like what they do.” She’s not kidding either, Sophie is make-up obsessed, “I’ve still got make-up I had when I was 16, which I’m probably not supposed to do - I love it.”

Isn’t she daunted following in the footsteps of the world’s most famous super model? “I can’t deny that the first day on set for the Rimmel ads I was very conscious of the fact Kate Moss is a modern icon. I just focused on the thought that I was adding to it, rather than carrying on from where she left off, because I’m not daft, I know that’s not happening.

Sophie the entrepreneur expanded her repertoire in 2008 with successful Soho club night Modern Love. She ran the club and DJed with husband Richard Jones (guitarist with indie band The Feeling) in a tag-team playfully dubbed ‘Me and Mr Jones’. “DJing got me back into being really excited about music,” she says, galloping off ten words a second, “wanting to hear old and new stuff really loud and seeing if it filled the dancefloor.” Amazingly Sophie and Richard were also responsible for some serious carnage. “About a year ago we did a set at Imperial College,” recalls Sophie. “We were playing stuff like 9-5, and David Bowie and Prince, moving into Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx, but when we played Rage Against The Machine they went crazy and nearly knocked down all the security barriers. The promoter told us it was the most lairy reaction they’d ever had to DJs.”

This time spent DJing certainly had an effect on Straight To The Heart. Nearly every song on it is a stiletto snapping dance floor demon. “I think there are two songs that are slower,” Sophie says wracking her brain, “but I’d start writing something and think, ‘oh I like these chords, shall we do a ballad? Nah four to the floor!’”

“I do what I do and I really enjoy it”, says Sophie, “In the past I’ve tried out different things, but I always come back to the stuff I do best, which is electro pop, and it’s also what I really enjoy. Sometimes you can’t fight it. There’s plenty of time for me to do…whatever it is you’re supposed to do when you get old.”

SOURCE: myspace.com/sophieellisbextor

Exclusive Chat with Sophie - Daily Record (youtube)

Watch Here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6S1zgSjBl8
1. Album out in July... maybe the second single is going to co-incide with the album's release. Well, time will tell.
2. She changed the album title after having a glass of wine with Richard. She named the album after a line from a song she wrote with Ed Harcourt (which i guessed long back) called "Cut Thru' The Heart". The song is going to be on the album, and it's produced by Dimitri (according to ASCAP). Now this changes everything. I'll have to re-work my possible tracklist.
3. And she confirmed "Dial My Number" the stalker song by Liam Howe (again, i guessed that long back)

So far Dimitri/Harcourt, Freemasons/Biffco, Liam Howe, Calvin Harris/Cathy, Richard X/Hannah, Metronomy/Future Cut, Armin Van Buuren/Nervo Sisters and Greg Kurstin have been confirmed by Sophie herself. The other possible collaborators include Christopher Rojas and Fred Ball.

So the tracks that will be on the album are:
Dimitri/Harcourt - Cut Thru' The Heart
Freemasons/Biffco - Bittersweet & Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer
Liam Howe - Dial My Number
Calvin/Cathy - Off & On
Richard X/Hannah - Starlight
Metronomy/Future Cut - Make A Scene
Armin/Nervo - Not Giving Up On Love
Greg Kurstin - (unknown)

Possible inclusions:
Fred Ball - Synchronised
Christopher Rojas - Sophia Loren
(unknown) - Revolution

Bittersweet - Video

Okay, so i just saw Sophie's new video on PopJustice. I'm blown away, but still somewhere in the back of my mind, i'm a tad bit disappointed. But i may change my mind. I have only watched it 8 times so far.

Watch - http://www.popjustice.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=4558&Itemid=206
Better quality -

1. She looks awesome
2. Loving the cream-coloured dress that she is wearing. And all the hand movements she has with the dress - very reminiscent of Take Me Home.
3. Purple (Cadburys Diary Milk) Dress is kinda neat. When it's flying in the background, it reminds me of Christina's Fighter and Girls Aloud's Sexy, No No No!
4. Not very fond of the tattoo in this video. Although it never bothered me in any of her earlier videos.

1. Amazing
2. Amazing
3. Amazing
99. Amazing
100. Amazing
101. When she jumps in air, for some reason, the video feels like its a cross between Goldfrapp and Evanescence. I don't even know why!

1. Haha. I love how random confetti is thrown around. Also the smoke and the paint. Beautifully done. It's almost like the video is made for a channel to pick it up for an advert. Brilliant work Chris!
2. They actually threw purple paint on her face. Oh my god! I love it!!

1. Hats off back-up dancers! *applauds* They deserve it.
2. Why is Sophie stupidly caressing a wall when she should be dancing!?
3. That kick-move in the first half of the video is sooooo sexy!


1. The colour schemes, the subtle hues are very pleasing to see
2. I'm not a fan of Chris' lighting work, but it may look better after a couple of views
3. LOVE the slow motion.
4. I love the concept for the beginning and the ending, but i don't like how the video is swiped in and out... it reminds me of hip-hop videos.

Bex and the Becks'

Bex has taken her love for fashion one step further by becoming a designer for a Sport Relief project in collaboration with Sainsbury's, TK Maxx and Swarovski.

Sophie's unique version of the Becks' Sport Relief Tee is encrusted with Swarovski Crystal and will be auctioned for Sport Relief.

It is not the first time that Sophie has 'accepted the challenge to Sportt Relief' - earlier this year she participated in an exclusive photo shoot with fashion photographer Jason Bell who took a picture wearing the same shirt that she has used for design.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sophie at Meribel

So, Sophie's concert at Meribel had a long list of tracks -
1. If I Can't Dance - with the same intro as the iTunes performance, she even says Good Evening Meribel at the same time as she does on the itunes performance
2. Take Me Home
3. Me And My Imagination - sounds great live...amazing breakdown. Sophie's vocals sound crisp when she la la's from 2:14mins to 2:28mins. I have to say, this is my least favourite track from TTLF, but this performance made me change my mind. I actually like a lot. Love the performance.
4. Starlight - oh my god, the song sounds excellent, i can't wait to listen to it on the album
5. Today The Sun's On Us
6. Catch You
7. China Heart - sounds marvellous live
8. Bittersweet - oh my god, people will go crazy when she starts performing this live
9. Get Over You
10. Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) - excellent as usual
11. Groovejet - encore #1
12. Murder On The Dancefloor - encore #2

The quality of the recording was really crap, but you can easily make out that Sophie's voice sounds as amazing as ever. I can't wait to watch HQ performances from Meribel. I hope the concert was filmed.
(many thanks to Andrea from Italy for the mp3s)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bittersweet - The review

Put together Blue Monday '88 (by New Order), Strangelove (by Depeche Mode), Sweet Dreams (by Eurythmics), One Word (by Kelly Osbourne) and The One (by Kylie Minogue), mix those with Sophie's bittersweet vocals and what you get is...well..."Bittersweet"

Bittersweet, which is first single from her fourth album recently titled Straight To The Heart, is produced by the Freemasons & Biffco and co written with them and Hannah Robinson. The nearly-9-minutes long orgasmic mix by the Freemasons, which leaked a couple of days ago, boasted of the Eurythmics meets Depeche Mode "oh-holy-shit-mother-of-all-riffs" all through the mix, with hints of New Order on drum snares. Everyone raved about how good the mix was and how it blew them away, but little did they know that there was more to come... The Radio Edit of the song which recently hit youtube surpasses the Freemasons Extended Mix in almost every way possible. Almost, yes.

The arresting riff, which got a usual clubber to go "oh fuck hell yeah" at it's premiere, is safely hidden under the verses of the Radio Edit? Why they chose to overshadow that is a mystery to me. But the Radio Edit is far more beefy - in that it has lots of lush strings and synth, and layers of sounds that completely make up for the lack of the riff. But wait, there's more. The 80's style disco anthem, drawing influences from some of the recent hits by K. Minogue and K. Osbourne, oozes elegance and melody in a gentle yet strong manner. The lyrics and the delivery are perfect, as usual, with Sophie experimenting her part-silk-cushion-part-scorched-lizard vocals - elongated words, high pitched "ooohs", meandering melody, whispers (oh my god!)...and just when you think you have heard it all, the feline siren comes back mewing "so here i am". DigitalSpy rightly calls this moment as three seconds of pure pop loveliness. Indeed!

If you haven't already wet your pants, then try this, but i warn you - you may get insanely addicted!
Bittersweet (Radio Edit) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WvGElFmZYI
Bittersweet (Freemasons Extended Mix) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiOqkkv8tT4
Bittersweet (Jodie Harsh Remix) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT_O6c-EDDE

Sophierazzi gives a thumbs up to the Freemasons and Biffco, and salutes Sophie, the rightful pop Goddess.
Bittersweet (Radio Edit)- 10(0000)/10
Bittersweet (Freemasons Extended Mix) - 9.9999999/10
Bittersweet (Jodie Harsh Mix) - 7/10

P.S. - People, please don't forget she also has a single with Junior Caldera which is out; the video will premeire soon. Keep your eyes peeled. Love, Kx.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Holy shit it leaked, and it sounds marvellous!

The actual (final) radio edit. Oh. My. God!

1. I love how the riff is neatly hidden behind the verse. I had to turn up the volume, but i'm sure it will be more evident when i listen to it on my iPod.
2. The beginning is absolutely fantastic. Biffco and the Freemasons have nailed it. It's exactly how i wanted it to be.
3. I love how the radio edit is so beefy. It's so full of music and melody and far far far better than that bland Freemasons Extended Mix (which i also love).
4. Some people on PopJustice complained about the middle 8. The middle 8 is there. It's the hook followed by the line "anytime you call my name". The Freemasons Extended Mix uses the second bridge in the middle 8 again.
5. I definitely think the song is top 5 material. *cross my fingers*

That is the teaser for Can't Fight This Feeling video!
Is Sophie crying in the video? I think i saw a tear on her cheek. I can't wait to see this video, and Bittersweet. Junior Caldera looks fit, Sophie looks gorgeous as ever.. Oh and she's wearing 3 outfits in the video! (thanks to BITTERSWEET for the keen observation).
The video should be out soon. French fans....keep us posted, please.

Oh. And Sophie is calling the album "Straight To The Heart". I prefered "Make A Scene", but right now i'm too excited to think about anything. 4th listen of the radio edit - sounds way better than the Freemasons extended mix.

This made my day, and its only 7:00am. Wooo-hooooo!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fascination tweet + CFTF video still

Fascination's recent tweet:
welovepop Ooh....first cut of the Sophie Ellis-Bextor 'Bittersweet' video just arrived in our inbox!!

So..erm yeah. That's pretty much what happened. Oh and to your right is what appears to be another video still from Junior Caldera's new video "Can't Fight This Feeling" with Sophie. Sophie seems to be wearing two outfits for the video. Or this may just a picture from an after-party (if there was one).

And thank you readers, PopJustice readers, UKMix readers and Sophie-Online readers for the good response. I'm really happy that you all liked my edit. Looking forward to the radio edit now. *prays it lands safely in the top 5*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bittermasons vs. Sophierazzi (The Perfect Mix Edit)

That 4 minute 18 second edit of the remix that's almost everywhere on the internet is just garbage. The bits weren't cut and placed at the right places. And something after the second chorus didn't feel right. The 16th second in the song was just terrible.

I've worked on a whole new beginning for the song, it's very similar to Heartbreak's (Radio Edit) beginning. I've used a bass sample from the song in reverse and played it intermittently. And the end is something that you wouldn't expect. I won't spoil the surprise

Hope you like it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

more about the Bittersweet video

Sophie tweeted saying "video shoot great. a lot of trampolining, a spot of hula hooping, a ton of wind machines and a bucket of paint over the head to end the day."
Not sure if i should get excited about this or not. I don't want to jump to conclusions. Hoping the video will turn out to be totally amazing!
I just hope its a video where Sophie is enjoying herself, something like Music Gets The Best Of Me. Cos somehow i can't put the song and trampolines and hoops together, it doesn't make any sense in my head. I do hope the dance routines are interesting..... *prays for more hip thrusting actions*

Friday, March 12, 2010

Eurosolution's Blurb about Bittersweet and list of promo tracks

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, purveyor of some of the finest pop music of the past decade, is set to release her brand new single, Bittersweet, on 3 May through Fascination Records. It is the lead track from her fourth solo album, ‘Make A Scene’. (not sure if the album is still called "Make A Scene" or if Eurosolution haven't been informed about the change in the title)

Bittersweet is a compelling, emotive epic with dramatic wooshes, tick-tocking drum machines and cold Eighties synth. It’s the euphoric, guaranteed pop moment of the Spring.

The new single is one of two songs to come out of Sophie’s collaboration with Freemasons. It’s the second time Sophie has worked with the Brighton-based producers, following their work together on Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer), which was a Top 10 hit for Sophie last summer in the UK and also became her biggest selling single across Europe (I guess it's not a lie if they don't specify what chart).

Sophie comments: "They’re really good at celebrating the song, embracing as much pop and melody as they can. It was a natural collaboration and came together surprisingly easily."

Sophie’s album is due in the summer and her work with Freemasons is typical of how the rest of the album came together. All but two tracks on the album were co-written, the diverse team of writer/producers including: Freemasons, Greg Kurstin, Calvin Harris, Cathy Dennis, Metronomy, Richard X and Armin Van Buuren. "I collaborated with a lot of people but wanted a cohesive bunch of songs, not a scattergun approach, and I think we’ve really achieved that."

And now, thanks to the lovely guys at Fascination Records, Eurosolution are over the moon to present this massive record which comes with stunning mixes from Jodie Harsh and world wide superstars Freemasons!!!!!

This is nothing short of incredible so please make sure you are on the case 100% for this #1 Eurosolution Priority!

With thanks
Craig x

Promo tracks
1. Freemasons Extended Mix
2. Jodie Harsh Extended Mix
3. Freemasons Short Club Mix
4. Freemasons Dub
5. Jodie Harsh Dub
6. Freemasons Radio Edit
7. Jodie Harsh Radio Edit
8. Radio Edit

So i think the tracklist is pretty much going to be this:
1. Bittersweet - Freemasons
2. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (sophie mentioned that it might be on the album, dont remember when)
3. Off & On - no writing credit - Cathy/Calvin
4. Calling It Love - Cathy/Calvin
5. Scene - Metronomy
6. Magic - Richard X mentions on Black Melody that is on the album
7. Starlight - Richard X
8. Not Giving Up On Love - Burren
9. _______________ - second song with no writing credit

10. Revolution - according to JP
11. Sophia Loren
12. Synchronised

(11 and 12 are pure speculation. Sophia Loren was good enough to be a single. It has to be on the album. And Synchronised was added to the Fascination office playlist. Again, it should be on the album)

Bloody hell, where on earth is Liam Howe's song going to be? So far as i know that is the stalker song - Dial My Number. I hope Heartbreak is not on the album. Also, if tracks 9 & 10 in this list are one and the same (i.e. if Sophie has no writing credit on Revolution) then we might have room for another song. I don't really mind if Off & On is not on the album, unless its the new mix that Calvin was working on.

I also hope we get 2 UK Bonus tracks on the album, as usual... I'm gutted that Dimitri and Jim Elliott didn't make it to the final cut. We just have to get bonus tracks on iTunes and tons of b-sides.

A teaser picture from the video for Bittersweet

1. It isn't a very clear picture, but that dress looks just alright. I was hoping for something very chic.
2. Seems like she's going with the long hair again.
3. And my god is that a trampoline? This video is going to be a shocker - hula hooping, trampoline etc.,
Looking forward to the video!

Also to clear out the confusion about the radio edit. The radio edit hasn't leaked. Everyone who are judging Bittersweet by the Freemasons Remix Edit should stop doing so. I doubt if the Freemasons Remix Edit is an official edit in the first place. It's very rough and it seems more like a the work of a fan.

The video and the song will be on TV and radio soon, so please be patient. Enjoy the Freemasons and Jodie Harsh Mix for now.

And just so you don't forget, this is what the Can't Fight This Feeling video is going to look like. The picture to your right is Junior Caldera with Sophie on a couch. That dress she's wearing here in the Can't Fight This Feeling video is probably far better than the one she is wearing for Bittersweet. Or maybe its just the quality of the picture...

Official Catch Up (Pt. 2) - Sophie talks about Bittersweet

So Bittersweet is the first single. How long has that song existed?
Well, I remember I wrote it just after Kit had come home from hospital. So I think it must have been April. It should be on the radio around its first birthday!

Where did you write it?
It was a very, very relaxed writing session just after I'd come back from hospital. I was taking things easy and Hannah Robinson, who I write a lot with, came round. I was still feeding Kit at the time, so I had to keep stopping every two or three hours to feed him. I remember at one point in particular I was actually feeding him while I was writing. I was thinking, "This is pretty much the modern pop star - feeding a baby and writing a dance track!".

Must've been quite memorable for Hannah too.
Ha! Well, I've been working with Hannah for years. I first met her for the third album. We wrote Me And My Imagination together, and a few other songs. She's lovely. She's a great songwriter and we just really clicked. I think she's probably my favourite top line writer to collaborate with, really.

So you're pleased with Bittersweet?
I really am. It's one of those songs where the more I listen to it, the more I like it. Last week I was rehearsing with the band and it sounds really great live.

And it's a Freemasons collaboration too?
Yes. They sent the instrumental to me and we wrote our stuff over the top. Then they mixed it and added a few parts.

We hear there's also a remix by Jodie Harsh.
There is indeed. I've known Jodie for a few years now - he's someone I always used to see out and about. He's getting involved in doing remixes, so he offered to do it. I think it came back really well. It's a little bit more hardcore than the Freemasons' mix.

Have radio stations heard the single yet?
No, don't think we've got to that point yet. That's always a bit scary. Sod it, though, it's too late to worry now! But I really don't feel I could've done any better. I'm really happy with it, and I think it deserves to do well. But I do appreciate that the music industry loves something new, and the fact I've been around for ten years doesn't always help. But, at the same time, it does also mean I've got a platform which you wouldn't get as a new artist. So I think there's a positive and a negative from having been around a while. I'm certainly appreciative of the fact that I've been able to do it for so long. I know now how special that is, I think.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can't Fight This Feeling - video idea, pictures etc.,

First of all, thank you Charlie for the heads-up. All information borrowed from the La Bextor blog. I do not own any pictures and i take no credit for any information.

Apparently, the idea for the video is very simple - partying, retro, love. Junior is featuring DJing, there's a little dancing too. And Sophie is doing what she does best - looking absolutely fantastic!! Watch out for March 26th, that is when the video premeires on the telly. (French fans, are you reading??)

You will find the pictures on the La Bextor blog. Here's the link: http://labextor.blogspot.com/2010/03/mas-fotos-de-cftf.html

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

tweets, updates, reviews & PopJustice

So... if you thought that 9 minute mix of Bittersweet was every bit as orgasmic as pop heaven, think again. Sophie's official website uploaded a 45 second clip of the song, featuring the chorus of the song. The radio edit has so many layers..so many more instruments and sounds than the remix. This and the 30 second clip on PopJustice are enough to blow your socks off!

If that didn't get you beaming like a foolish cat, this will. Sophie finished her video with Junior Caldera. The video should be out soon. So French readers, do give us a review (and hopefully a high quality recording) of the video. Sophie has also finished the photoshoot session for the album cover. Here are a couple of her recent tweets:

  1. back from paris. video with junior caldera done. macaroons eaten. merci, paris.
  2. oh and i should let you know yesterday i shot my album cover. v nice photographer who made me shout out very odd stuff as he clicked.
  3. and sometimes i flung my head around. sore neck today.
  4. all in the name of pop.

Bittersweet which is still sitting on top of the PopJustice almighty has received a lot of positive reactions from fans world over and the press. Digital Spy gave the song a very good review. Mr. PopJustice made bittersweet his song-of-the-day; he also uploaded the chorus of the song 5 times telling us how good the song is (could it be that uploading the snippet 5 times signifies that he rated it with 5 stars?) Anyway PopJustice readers (fans on the official forum and bloggers) are wetting their pants with excitement - this can only mean one thing. Sophie has got a hit on her hands.

Play your cards right Sophie, and you can end up with a #1 which will stay in the top ten for more than 23 weeks this time!

New York Post gave Sophie a good review too -
You remember Sophie Ellis-Bextor? You know! Come on, the 23-week chart-topping brunette beauty behind "Murder on the Dancefloor?" Well the disco-light lovin' diva is back -- and this time, she can really ... shake it down.
Sophie's new single "Bittersweet" premiered last night on UK radio and it blew my man knickers off. It's the first single from her fourth studio album, co-written by the Freemasons (writer/producers responsible for some of Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Shakira and Kelly Rowland's hits) and Hannah Robinson (writer of hit-bangers from Christina Aguilera, The Saturdays and Sugababes). Yeah, you don't even have to press play to know it's already going be amazing.
Sophie tweeted about the song saying it is "about when you can't resist something that you know is bad for you. A guilty pleasure. Like watching celebrity 'Big Brother.'" Hold the hamburger phone miss thang! You like lady pop music, "Big Brother" and you Twitter... is that you in a fancy weave Jarett?
Well if it is, nice moves, the song is brilliant and I have high hopes the whole album will be just as good. Word all over the computer box is that Sophie is also working on new tracks with Calvin Harris, Groove Armada and the Sneaker Pimps. Damn-it, now I'm gonna need to go to the dentist.

Digital Spy gave Sophie a really good review

The new Sophie Ellis-Bextor single landed in our inbox this morning and since then, according to iTunes play count, we've listened to it precisely 16 times. We always pick pleasure over pain, so you can take that as a testament to the track's quality.

It's called 'Bittersweet' and it's a co-production between Biff Stannard, who previously worked with Soph on 'New York City Lights', and the Freemasons, with whom she hooked up last year for 'Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)'. The latter's the Bextor track with which 'Bittersweet' shares the most DNA, though the pair are more second cousins who see each other at Christmas and significant family birthdays than brother and sister.

Right, time for the nitty-gritty. 'Bittersweet' is a big spangly club banger with a pleasing whiff of the '80s to it and a chorus that's both uplifting and wistful. "I know I shouldn't go but something makes me crave the heat, your love is bittersweet," she sings on that chorus, "The fire in your touch I always find so hard to beat, your love is bittersweet..." After both "bittersweets" there are extra snippets of Sophie vocal buried just beneath the surface of the mix - "woah-woah-woah, so here I am" - and each one is three seconds of pure pop loveliness.

Time for a final thought? Oh go on then. Well, this is a cracking comeback single from an artist we've long been a fan of here at DS and always enjoy pestering at awards shows. It's not out until May, and God (scratch that), GaGa knows what's going to happen between now and then, but, if you ask us, Mademoiselle E-B's given herself every chance of bagging an eighth top ten hit with this one.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PJ's song of the day - Bittersweet Radio edit (with an audio snippet)

So.. erm.. as anticipated, the radio edit is similar to the club mix that premeired on Gaydar Radio. But...
Kau: Is that out-of-this-world Eurythmics meets Depeche Mode synth on the radio edit too?
Mr. PJ: Hello. It's there, sort of, but in the background of the verses rather than as a 'prominent riff'.
However, you can hear prominent whispering in the chorus now, which i find quite sexy in a song. I can only compare it to the "ooooh"'s in New York City Lights somewhere towards the end of the song.

After being on the PJ Almighty for what seemed like forever, it has finally become the song of the day! Yay! Listen to the clip on PopJustice:
Thank you Mr. PJ!

Oh and here's what he had to say about the song:
And then, of course, you'll have a bit of a cup of tea, maybe listen to 'Bad Romance' a few times and gradually you'll start to calm down but let's be honest here, 'Bittersweet' is pretty much the complete opposite of a crap pop record.

It so totally beats Bad Romance, but whatever!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Freemasons' Bittersweet Mix

Listen to Bittersweet (Freemasons Mix) here. The song sounds absolutely fantastic. But i imagine the album version will be a little more upbeat! Will post the lyrics later.
Right now i'm moving to the beat. "your looooooove is biiiiittersweeeeet"
Thanks to Danael Hornby, Charlie and Fabien J for the heads-up!

Your love's bittersweet (so here i am)
Your loooooooooveeeeee....

(that oh-my-god-this-synth-is-amazing thing)

How can i deny the feeling?
Can't you defuse the lights that spark?

Don't think i'll hold out too much longer

The lines are blurred and they're dividing
I desire light, i desire dark
Your influence is getting stronger

Despite my mind, my body is still curious
So won't you show me all there is to know?

I know i shouldn't go
But something makes me crave the heat
Your love is bittersweet (so here i am)
The fire in your touch
I always find so hard to beat
Your love is bittersweet (so here i am)

(oh holy crap the most amazing synth ever)

No substitute for real pleasure
You feed the need that lies in me
I've lost all sense to this devotion

One touch and there's a rush of electricity
So won't you show me all there is to know

I know i shouldn't go

But something makes me crave the heat
Your love is bittersweet (so here i am)
The fire in your touch
I always find so hard to beat
Your love is bittersweet (so here i am)

(salvation: the drum snare-fill)
(the orgasmic synth again!)

Your loooooooove etc.,

One touch and there's a rush of electricity
So won't you show me all there is to know?
Anytime you call my name

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sophie on a stamp

Music and fashion stars Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Pearl Lowe have joined forces to donate photographs celebrating motherhood to raise money for charity around Mother's Day.

Singer Ellis-Bextor has provided an image of her as a baby, being held by her mother, ex-Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis, while the image chosen by singer-turned-designer Lowe features a picture of her two daughters, Daisy and Betty.

The Smilers stamps for Royal Mail are being put on eBay for an auction which closes on Wednesday March 17, with the money raised going to Women's Aid, a charity working to end domestic violence against women and children.

This is the fourth year of the charity initiative from Royal Mail, which has raised considerable funds for Women's Aid with the help of stars such as Helena Christensen, Rankin, Penny Stewart, Elizabeth Hurley and Jasmine Guinness.

In the past, people have paid as much as £2,000 for a sheet of stamps.

Lowe said: "This is a terrific initiative to be involved in, and a very special cause. I've chosen an image that is really special to me, and one I love looking at as it reminds me of the beauty of motherhood."

Julietta Edgar, Royal Mail head of special stamps, said: "This auction has proved to be so popular in recent years, and we are delighted that Sophie and Pearl have come on board for 2010. We are keen to raise as much money as possible for this worthwhile cause, so get bidding!"

Anyone wishing to bid on the stamps was urged to go to www.ebay.co.uk

SOURCE: http://www.louthleader.co.uk/latest-entertainment-news/Stars-donate-photos-for-auction.6130657.jp

In other news Sophie tweeted saying, "Just been hula hooping in high heels to Bittersweet. All in the name of work."
Does that mean we're going to get another hip-thrusting dance routine? I'm on board, i know i'm going to love this video already *jumps around*

Friday, March 5, 2010

The latest catch-up + Tweet confusion

So the latest tweet left us in confusion. Sophie recently confirmed that the album would be called "Make A Scene" but now she wants to change it? Personally, i love the title. I hope it's just some idiot who hacked into her account. Anyway, here are her recent tweets (and one by Sophie HQ)

  1. just come out of a shop where 'i like the way you move' was playing...surely the creepiest song ever.
  2. Anyone got a question for Sophie? We're doing our latest Q&A for the official site at lunchtime today, so bang 'em over... SophieHQ
    (tweet your questions - http://twitter.com/SophieEB)
  3. busy time starting... off to dublin to dj, back for album photos then two videos to film next week. lordy. no rest for wicked etc.
  4. the two video are: Can't Fight this Feeling in Paris with dj caldera and Bittersweet in blighty. x
  5. Changing the album title. Make A Scene not good enough! Will get back to you...

And now for the official catch-up

Hello Sophie, how are you?
Not too bad, thank you.

Are you busy today?
Not really, actually. It's the quiet before the storm, because next week is pretty absurd. It's all good, but it's all coming in one week.

What are you doing?
Well, Richard and I are going off to Ireland on Friday to DJ on Friday and Saturday night. We come back on Sunday and then on Monday I'm doing all the photos for the single and album cover. Then Tuesday I'm doing press photos. Then Wednesday I'm in Paris cos there's this dance record that I've done with a French DJ. It's the fourth single from his album and it's doing quite well, so I'm filming a video there.
Then Thursday, back in London, I've got a dance rehearsal, because on Friday I'm filming my video for Bittersweet. Then I go to Meribel on Saturday for The Feeling's Little World festival.

Blimey. That really is busy.
I know, it's a bit ridiculous. This week has been quite quiet, but I feel like I've got a lot of nervous energy, cos I'm waiting to get started. But I think I'll just need to get my head down, work hard and then get to Meribel and have lots of cheese, red wine and fun.

So, you're making two videos in three days?
That's right! It's good that I've got a day inbetween - they were originally going to be back to back. So I'll probably just go into the dance rehearsal on the Thursday for a couple of hours and take it quite easy. And because I'm just "featuring" in the French track, I don't feel the responsibility is so much on my shoulders.

Are you happy with the album cover photos you've done before?
Actually, with the album covers, I think I've been incredibly spoilt, because I've used the same company for everything I've done. It's a design company called Michael Nash. And I just completely trust them.
They've always managed to pick these photographers that are on their way up. We've been very lucky. The first album was done by these photographers called Mert & Marcus and they've gone on to great things. So, yeah, I feel like I've always landed on my feet with photographers. Next week we're working with a young photographer called Ben Weller whose work is lovely. I have a good feeling about it.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 10th, PJ Almighty, Music Week Playlist

Junior Caldera posted on his facebook page saying that he will be filming the video for his new single Can't Fight This Feeling on the 10th of March. Sophie will be in Paris to shoot the video with him.

In a previous interview with Digital Spy Sophie said she would be filming the video for her single shortly. Maybe the lack of updates from Sophie is because she is busy with the video, organising the final tracklist and deciding the promo work.

(thanks to Egalite for posting this on the PopJustice forums)
This week's Music Week playlist had this to say about Bittersweet:
Sounding like something straight out of the Stock, Aitken & Waterman songbook, Bittersweet is a classic, synth-charged pop song that puts Ellis-Bextor in her element. It bodes well for the new album.
This could mean that promo CDs are being sent out. We're not too far away from a radio premeire now!! *excited*

Also, not sure if anyone is keeping track, but Sophie has been on top of the PJ Almighty for several weeks now. Maybe even months. That has to mean something right?! Here's wishing Sophie all the success for her new single. Hope it goes #1. Also hoping for Can't Fight This Feeling to chart somewhere inside the top 10.

Monday, March 1, 2010

my artwork for the album

Any creative minds out there? Let's see what you can do. Post your artwork for the new album on Sophierazzi.
This is mine, I really like those random squares on the theaudience album artwork. I wanted to use that. The album title demands your attention. So i thought it would be appropriate to have a close-up of Sophie's face which can really grab your attention. Both pictures are from the Rimmel adverts.



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Cheers, Kaushik. (sophierazzi@yahoo.com)