Tuesday, September 29, 2009

List of Unreleased songs - Sophie Ellis-Bextor and theaudience

theaudience ERA
1. Hunting High And Low - Aha's cover

QUIET STORM (theaudience's second unreleased album) ERA:
1. Anonymous (Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross)
2. Anyone Loves Anyone (Alexander Ross/Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
3. Bigger Than Life (Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross)
4. Cookie Jar (Dean Spencer Mollett/Patrick Hannan)
5. Day And Night (Nigel Butler/Dean Spencer Mollett/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
6. Doctor (Patrick Hannon)
7. Enjoy It While You Can (Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross)
8. Final Degree (Alexander Ross/Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
9. Grey With Dusty Rain (Dean SpencerMollett/Nigel Butler)
10. Headcase (Nigel Butler/Hedgens/Patrick Hannon)
11. Hey 17! Am I Off My Head Again (theaudience)
12. How It Should Be Done (Dean Spencer Mollett/Nigel Butler)
13. I Got No More School (Billy Reeves)
14. I See A World (theaudience)
15. If You Don't, Someone Else Will (Billy Reeves)
16. It's Only Natural (Bluebell/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
17. King Of Action (Dean Spencer Mollett/Nigel Butler)
18. Maybe I Was Wrong (Kerin Smith)
19. Never Shine In My Sun (Dean Spencer Mollett)
20. Out With The Old School (Dean Spencer Mollett/Kerin Smith)
21. Pink Vinyl (Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross)
22. Repetition Kills (Nigel Butler)
23. Santuary Hill (Nigel Butler/Patrick Hannon/Kerin Smith)
24. So Clever (Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross)
25. Sunshine Smile (Dean Spencer Mollett)
26. The Fool Will Rise Again (Dean Spencer Mollett/Nigel Butler)
27. The Greatest Gift (Dean Spencer Mollett/Nigel Butler/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
28. The Last Time (Youth/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
29. The List (Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
30. Too Many People (Dean Spencer Mollett)
31. Twilight Of The Teenage (Andy Boyd/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross)
32. Two Way (Dean Spencer Mollett/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
33. World (Kerin Smith)
34. You're A Handsome Man (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross/Andy Boyd)
35. You Will Do For Now (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Alexander Ross/Andy Boyd)


1. Revenge - outtake from Madonna's Ray Of Light album
2. Face The Music (Greg Alexander/Rob Davis/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)

1. You're On My List (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Robert Hedgens)
(I'm pretty sure this is Rob Hedgens, the guy who worked with Nigel on Headcase, so i guess this is a theaudience track. There is a song called "The List" in the theaudience list of tracks as well. I'll have to get this confirmed.)

1. As Sure As The Sun (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Gary Clark/Rob Davis)
2. Can I Be Enough (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Jullian Gallagher/Richard Stannard)
3. Colour Me In (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/David Kreuger/Magnusson)
4. Defenceless (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Jewels & Stone)
5. Don't You Want To Get Crazy? (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Fred Schneider/Richard Barone)
6. Eternity Begins (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Francis White)
7. Fake Love To Me (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Danielle Brisebois/Wayne Rodriguez)
8. Let Go (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Matt Prime/Hannah Robinson)
9. Life Goes On (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Julian Gallagher/Richard Biff Stannard)
10. Love Is The Law (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Dimitri Tikovoi)
11. Mr. Friday (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Shelly Poole/Paul Statham)
12. Make My Night (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Jullian Gallagher/Richard Stannard)
13. Mirror Mirror (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Julian Gallagher/David Raymond Morgan/Richard Stannard)
14. Off The Hook (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Gary Clark/Rob Davis)
15. Our Song (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Matt Rowe/Richard Stannard)
16. Pop Wow (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Shelly Poole/Paul Statham)
17. Ring The Changes (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/David Kreuger/Magnusson)
18. Running Out (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Danielle Brisebois/Wayne Rodriguez)
19. Take Me Back (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Dan G.Sells)
20. Take Me With You (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Karen Poole/Johnny Douglas)
21. The Lesson (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Stephen Lironi)
22. Turn It Up (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Fred Schneider/Richard Barone)
23. Wasted (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Andrew Watkins/Paul Wilson)
24. Who You Really Are (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Matt Prime/Hannah Robinson)
25. Worst Is Still Behind Me (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Scott Fraser/Robert Hodgens)

1. 2 Of Us (Danvers Thomas Asher/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Matthew Paul Rowbottom)
2. Love You More (Shepard J Solomon/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/James Harry)

4th ALBUM SESSIONS: (cos they still remain unreleased)
1. Calling It Love (Cathy Dennis/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Richard Wiles)
2. Carnival (unknown)
3. Dial My Number (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
4. Give Into Love (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
5. Hang Up (unknown)
6. I Still Believe In Magic (Richard X/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
7. In The Name Of Lust (unknown)
8. Lose Myself (Christopher Rojas/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
9. Moving Cities (unknown)
10. Music Took My Man (unknown)
11. My Priority (Lamont Dazier/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/John Stack Graham/Daniel Woodcock)
12. Off And On (Cathy Dennis/Roisin Murphy/Calvin Harris)
13. Only For This Moment (Alexander Perls/Cohen Wayne/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
14. Sophia Loren (Christopher Rojas/Cathy Dennis/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
15. Sorry Now (Christopher Mohr/Cohen Wayne/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
16. Starlight (Richard X/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
17. Still Mixed Up (unknown)
18. Supersexy (Jim Elliott, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Gabriel, Hannah Robinson)
19. Synchronized (Ina Wroldsen/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Fred Ball)
20. The Scene (Metronomy/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
21. Under Your Touch (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
22. Whispers On The Street (Jim Elliott, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Gabriel, Hannah Robinson)
23. Wicked Game (David Lipsey/Jeremy Shaw/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
24. Immune To Love (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Hannah Robinson/Richard X)

(The ones in RED have been made available in some form or the other)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sophie with Alex James

Not sure if this is old or new, but that is Alex James with Sophie. Alex is from Blur (for those of you who don't know) and he worked with Sophie on Shoot From The Hip. Do we see them collaborating again? I hope so...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sophie at Central Perk (yes the one from FRIENDS sitcom)

How many of you have watched Friends? I remember watching them everyday, i still watch them on DVDs every now and then..

Now the Fashion Week is over, celebrities are occupying their time with other parties. Last night, some of London's socialites headed to Soho, where a "pop-up" Central Perk café was opened in honour of New York sitcom Friends.

Fans can visit the café on Soho’s Broadwick Street and relive the memories of the ten seasons. By downloading a voucher from warnertv.com, you can also enjoy a free cup of coffee surrounded by Friends memorabilia.

Although the original cast wasn’t there, other stars at the opening included Peaches Geldof, with her hair still dyed a dark brunette colour, Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh and singer, DJ and model Sophie Ellis Bextor, who all left clutching box sets of Friends DVDs. A new limited-edition box set featuring unseen footage is also being released to mark the anniversary.. Miss Ellis Bextor span the records at the event alongside funny-man Mat Horne.

Props on display at the coffee shop include Rachel’s wedding dress from the first episode, Joey and Chandler's 'best bud' bracelets, the Gellar Cup, Brown Bird Cookies and a bar of 'Mokolate'. A Warner TV spokesperson said: “Relive the place where it all happened- the bad jokes, the chat-up lines and the gossip”. Although there was no Jennifer Anniston or Courtney Cox Arquette to be seen, the famous manager of the cafe, Gunther, played by James Michael Tyler, did make an appearance.

Top: Sophie & Gunther (left), Sophie with Friends DVDs (right)
Bottom: Sophie & Richard (left), Me & Mrs Jones DJing (right)

(all pictures can be found on Sophie-Online.net, thank you Isabella for letting me borrow them)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sophie to host fashion's big night

First she was at that Boat thingy opening, which went on quite well, i will post the pictures soon. Now she is going to host!? WOW!!! Sophie is going to become a common household name soon, and i can't be more thrilled about it:

"POP princess Sophie Ellis-Bextor is taking charge of one of the glitziest events of the year. Sophie has been enlisted to host the Fifth Annual Scottish Style Awards in Glasgow's Old Fruitmarket on October 31; appropriately with a spooky Halloween theme!

Sexy Sophie - looking incredible in our exclusive shot - admits she is already feeling nerves over her presenting debut. Sophie told Email: "It's very exciting but nerve-wracking. Music and fashion go hand in hand but the presenting element is something completely new for me."

"It's easy for me to stand in front of thousands of people and sing because I know all the lyrics but this is different - much harder. I'll do it anyway and if I get too nervous, I'll just burst into song."

Whilst Sophie has been to plenty of awards and has handed over gongs in the past, she never dreamed she would actually host a major event.

She said: "This is huge, so I was very flattered to be asked. It is a very prestigious event. Hopefully people will be nice - what worries me is I am terrible when I'm at awards shows. I always heckle. So I hope there's no one like me there."

It will be the singer's first major presenting role and will see her head to Scotland's style capital to present awards including the coveted Fashion Designer of the Year award. Past winners of the honour include Jonathan Saunders, Christopher Kane, Aimee McWilliams and Deryck Walker - although Ellis-Bextor herself is less enthralled by fashion than you may think.

"I'm not planning to head to any shows this season," she told VOGUE.COM as London Fashion Week kicked off. "I'm working in New Orleans this year anyway but I've been before but it wasn't as much fun as you would think. I'd rather look at the shows online once they are all done and decide what looks I like best for the new season from there."

The Halloween bash will feature live music from The Phantom Band as well as a runway show from the finalists in the Fashion Designer Of The Year category, previously won by design superstar Christopher Kane.

And with the stars decked out in their finest designer gear for the occasion - sponsored by Moet & Chandon - Sophie is planning on putting a lot of time into getting her own outfit right.

She said: "I enjoy the process of choosing. I don't know if I'll be doing costume changes and things - maybe I could do it the Bucks Fizz way and whip off my skirt on stage."

To mark the fifth anniversary of the Style Awards, a limited number of tickets will be on sale to the public for the first time, through www.scottishstyleawards.co.uk

Event organiser Mary McGowne said: "In every respect, the Scottish Style Awards 2009 promises to be the most glamorous night of the year. We are delighted to have Sophie hosting our fifth anniversary celebrations - she is the epitome of style and cool.

"This year's awards will recognise those Scots who have pushed the proverbial creative envelope over the last 12 months."

"And with a live performance by the brilliant The Phantom Band and a runway show that promises to be the most fashionable highlight of the year, the style countdown to October 31 has begun.""

PICTURE: Sophie Ellis-Bextor with designer Matthew Williamson.

SOURCE: http://www.sundaymail.co.uk/tv-showbiz-news/entertainment-news/2009/09/13/exclusive-sophie-ellis-bextor-brings-pop-star-galm-to-fashion-s-big-night-78057-21669776/

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sophie's Tweets

Okay, Sophie tweeted Katy Perry...
"ohmigod charo is my future, too. as your senior i am pretty sure i'll beat you to it! x"

in response to Katy's post
I.can't.stop.watching.my.future: http://bit.ly/9jU7s this is crack."

a budding friendship?? I hope so. Sophie mentioned in one of her interviews that she didn't have any celebrity friends (even though she is friends with everyone from The Feeling, Sinead Quinn and Mika).

And she also jovially expressed this to PopJustice:
boo hoo! why wasn't Heartbreak in your £20 prize shortlist? now i'm sad."

and she sent this to Julian Peake (a little tiny itty bitty bit about the album)
cool. did biff tell you i had the song on the brain non stop for about a week?! when do you think it'll be finished? x"

Julian responded:
track sounding fab sophie, just the final skills to be added now x"

... i just realised i'm turning into a stalker. I'll wait till we have some real news. Take care everyone.

Monday, September 7, 2009

song titles confirmed

So, those song titles are true. Sophie is still songwriting. I don't know how long she will continue to write for this album...

1. Lose Myself - Christopher Rojas/Sophie Ellis-Bextor
SOURCE: http://www.ascap.com/ace/search.cfm?requesttimeout=300&mode=results&searchstr=421696375&search_in=i&search_type=exact&search_det=t,s,w,p,b,v&results_pp=20&start=1

2. My Priority - Lamont Dazier/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/John Stack Graham/Daniel Woodcock
SOURCE: http://www.ascap.com/ace/search.cfm?requesttimeout=300&mode=results&searchstr=431862872&search_in=i&search_type=exact&search_det=t,s,w,p,b,v&results_pp=20&start=1

3. Sorry Now - Christopher Mohr/Cohen Wayne/Sophie Ellis-Bextor
SOURCE: http://www.ascap.com/ace/search.cfm?requesttimeout=300&mode=results&searchstr=493117230&search_in=i&search_type=exact&search_det=t,s,w,p,b,v&results_pp=20&start=1

4. Wicked Game - David Lipsey/Jeremy Shaw/Sophie Ellis-Bextor
SOURCE: http://www.ascap.com/ace/search.cfm?requesttimeout=300&mode=results&searchstr=531665119&search_in=i&search_type=exact&search_det=t,s,w,p,b,v&results_pp=20&start=1

5. Only For This Moment - Alexander Perls/Cohen Wayne/Sophie Ellis-Bextor
SOURCE: http://www.ascap.com/ace/search.cfm?requesttimeout=300&mode=results&searchstr=450877133&search_in=i&search_type=exact&search_det=t,s,w,p,b,v&results_pp=10&start=1

a new mix of Heartbreak and more song titles

Some of the recent unofficial remixes of Heartbreak are beyond amazing. Especially this mix called "Bobina Remix". This is my 3rd favourite mix of the song (1st being the Bitrocka Italo Mix and the 2nd being the Freemasons Club Mix), yes it is that good!! Listen to the amazing break-down on this mix. It gave me the goosebumps! Also, they have re-arranged the lyrics in the breakdown - "DJ gimme the answer faster!", beautifully done!!
Here's the mix - http://www.mediafire.com/?qmohndgilmg
(This mix had been floating around for a while, i had the LQ version. Thanks to Eden for the HQ rip!)

One of the readers posted a few titles, i haven't located the source for these yet. But here they are:
1. Lose Myself - Sophie/Christopher Rojas. Rojas already worked with Sophie on Sophia Loren, the track which backs the Rimmel advert.
2. Only For This Moment - Sophie/Alexander Perls. This guy apparently specializes in dance tracks.
3. Wicked Game - Sophie/Lipsey & Shaw. They also worked with the Sugababes on the albums Taller in More Ways and Change.
4. My Priority - Lamont Dozier, Graham John Stack, Timothy Danieal Woodcock
5. Sorry Now - Wayne Cohen, Chris Mohr
(thanks Kazimir for these titles. And just to clear your doubt, Defenceless is from the Trip sessions.)

Sophie is songwriting tomorrow with someone from the past. I hope it is Nigel Butler, i do remember talking to him a few months ago, and he seemed quite open to the idea of collaborating with Sophie again. He is the man (or one of the men) behind Dolly Rockers after all!

Here are some random Sophie tweets:
  • songwriting tomorrow with a someone from my past. any guesses?
  • this makes me feel weird http://bit.ly/4VEIM a glimpse into my future. x
    (by the way, good to know Sophie surfs around on the internet. I wish she bumps into this blog sometime)
  • Backstage at Miss International in Poland. The air is heavy with hairspray. Lordy.
  • Poland has cool plasters! Have bought Star Wars and, my favourite, Moomin.
  • Left so early i got to see a beautiful full moon. V v unpleasant to get up and out in the dark though.
  • Off to Poland tmw to sing at Miss Poland contest. Shall i wear a crown and sash to confuse them?!
  • saw eg white this morning. both dropping off our little folk at school. rock and roll!
  • A real cat fight not a girl cat fight.
  • whoops i just started a cat fight.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

how would it be if Sophie actually included Cher's verses in her own song and sang it live?

I was just listening to Cher's version of Take Me Home, and i had another crazy idea.. i wish Sophie would perform a longer version of Take Me Home live on her concert, with the lyrics to her version, adding lyrics from Cher's version as well... a 7 minute performance. She would perform only for 5 minutes, and her band will continue for the next 2 minutes (like they did on Watch My Lips tour)..

(Sophie's lyrics in purple and Cher's in green)

Take me home, take me home
I know another place to be
Take me home, take me home
You deserve a girl like me

Come on I know somewhere
You can unwind
We can just disappear
Now's the time

Take me home, take me home
Oh cant you see I want you near
Take me home, take me home
Ooh baby, lets get out of here

Id follow you anywhere
Your place or mine
Just a one-night affair
Would be so fine

I'm in heaven
Seems like heaven
It's so much heaven

Take me home, take me home
Only fair I get my way
Take me home, take me home
Oh it's going to happen anyway

I know what's good for you
Don't pass me by
I will look after you
You'll be fine

I'm in heaven
I'll show you heaven
It's so much heaven

Let's make a move
Lets leave this world behind
I know you approve
By the look in your eyes

I'm in heaven
I'll show you heaven
It's so much heaven

Take me home, take me home
I will show you where to walk
Take me home, take me home
Baby let the people talk

We'll get away from here
I'm reading your mind
We can just disappear
Now's the time

I'm in heaven
I'll show you heaven
Take me home, come take me home

In this moment one night with you
All alone with nothing to loose

Let's make a move
Let's leave this world behind
I know you approve
By the look in your eyes

I'm in heaven
I'll show you heaven
It's so much heaven

Take me home, take me home
I want to feel you close to me
Take me home, take me home
With you is where I want to be

Wrapped in your arms tonight
Just making love
Music and candlelight
Stars up above

I'm in heaven
Seems like heaven
It's so much heaven

Let's make a move
Let's leave this world behind
I know you approve
By the look in your eyes

I'm in heaven
I'll show you heaven
It's so much heaven

Take me home, take me home
Now's the time to follow me
Take me home
Come and live what ought to be

Take me home....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

new Sophie single this October?

HMV lists Sophie's album as 5-10-2009.

And my inside source said that we might have a new single out in 2009 followed by another single in 2010. So what HMV listed is probably the new single! I'll wait for an official confirmation before i get excited about it.

If there was a new single coming in October, then Sophie would undoubtedly hype it from now. So maybe November...

Sophie posted this on her twitter:
"just had great meeting. we are going to redo my whole online persona! new website ahoy! 'bout blooming time.."
So they're probably going to re-do the website shortly. I don't like what they did during the Trip era.. its more art than Sophie.. there's just a tiny pic of Sophie somewhere in the news and the rest of it is the sky and flowers and stuff.. pretty neat, but its not Sophie. I wish the glam up the site with pictures of Sophie etc., Rimmel did a better job putting Sophie on their background than Sophie's official website! Sheesh...

(thats another cover which i made just for fun, lets have some fun shall we. Design your covers and post your pictures, and i'll post your covers in my next post and credit you for it)



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