Friday, March 12, 2010

A teaser picture from the video for Bittersweet

1. It isn't a very clear picture, but that dress looks just alright. I was hoping for something very chic.
2. Seems like she's going with the long hair again.
3. And my god is that a trampoline? This video is going to be a shocker - hula hooping, trampoline etc.,
Looking forward to the video!

Also to clear out the confusion about the radio edit. The radio edit hasn't leaked. Everyone who are judging Bittersweet by the Freemasons Remix Edit should stop doing so. I doubt if the Freemasons Remix Edit is an official edit in the first place. It's very rough and it seems more like a the work of a fan.

The video and the song will be on TV and radio soon, so please be patient. Enjoy the Freemasons and Jodie Harsh Mix for now.

And just so you don't forget, this is what the Can't Fight This Feeling video is going to look like. The picture to your right is Junior Caldera with Sophie on a couch. That dress she's wearing here in the Can't Fight This Feeling video is probably far better than the one she is wearing for Bittersweet. Or maybe its just the quality of the picture...


Blogger said...

I think I see where this is going. Catch You had her in a plain red frock, and now she's going purple! She does look fantastic though but I have no idea what that is sticking out from where her legs are supposed to be. It looks like someone's arm or a prop?

Eden said...

Honestly, I believe that both dresses are very nice.
I really liked the purple one, it's very simly yet very elegant and I guess it will look very nice in a video. God, I used the word "very" very very much lol



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