Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sophie performed at the last ever G-A-Y

Sophie was one of the performers at the last ever G-A-Y saturday night. Sophie has been performing at G-A-Y ever since her first single came out, and it was her favourite stage. Anyway, Sophie performed her new song Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (which might suggest that its the new single from the 4th album. Click here and here to watch snippets of the video) and Murder On The Dancefloor (of course, like she would miss this one out. Click here to watch the full video). She also did a duet with The Feeling - Video Killed The Radio Star (Click here to watch the full video).

Except for that tacky outfit, Sophie seemed to perform well on stage and the crowd loved her as usual. Looking forward to more duets with The Feeling...

Friday, July 25, 2008

some news

Apparantly, Sophie had recorded a version of Madonna's Revenge track, but never released it.

You also revealed information about another cover of an unreleased Madonna song - Sophie Ellis Bextor's cover of 'Revenge' from the Ray of Light sessions.

Peter: Yeah, that's right. I was surprised to hear about that. Greg Fitzgerald who co-wrote 'Revenge' told me about that and by the way, he's as nice a guy as he is talented and you must check out his Black Fras project at his website here at
Greg had worked with the equally talented Rick Nowells, who as fans will know worked with Madonna on some tracks that made it on to Ray of Light, albeit re-recorded with William Orbit. 'Revenge' was one of just a number of songs that Madonna recorded with Rick that she didn't release and some of them were offered to other artists to record, however, only Laura Pausini's version of Madonna's unreleased 'Like a Flower', re-titled 'Mi Abbandono a Te', would get an official release.

Many fans already know about Kylie recording another Madonna/Nowells track from the Ray of Light sessions, 'Alone Again', because it was so well publicised, even making the cover of The Sun. But unfortunately, someone (not Madonna or Kylie) had a change of heart at the last minute and the song didn't make it onto the B-side of Kylie's 'Come Into My World' as planned. At least we finally go to hear Kylie's version of the song on the soundtrack to her White Diamond documentary last year.

The same thing more-or-less happened with Sophie, which is a shame because her version of 'Revenge' is amazing and in my humble opinion it could easily have been a single. Greg even went to the trouble of recording a live orchestra for the song that really adds a new depth not heard on Madonna's version of the song. Sophie has often mentioned in interviews how she admires Madonna's stage persona and, like Madonna, Sophie also assumes a character when she is performing, albeit in a less theatrical way. So, I think she was a great artist to record a Madonna track.

Sophie is also featuring on Junior Caldera's debut album

Inspired by different music styles, Junior Caldera, after 5 years of music conservatory, made his first steps in rock music before falling into house music in 2002. At the time he was working as a stage designer for several clubs, and met a lot of DJs, like Master Seb who gave him a residency at D! Club in Lausanne. The following year, he won a mix contest on FG Radio and get the opportunity to achieve the warm up for David Guetta at Circus club. Then he mixed in several Parisien clubs, like le Milliardaire, le Rex, le Queen or le Cat Corner during the Festival de Cannes, with Groove Armada, Marshall Jefferson, Jérôme Pacman, Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes. From the turntables to the studio, there is only one step and he started producing several remixes (for Paul Van Dyk, Janet Jackson, Magic System...), so as his own tracks (“Push” in 2006). In 2007, "Sexy" came to life and became a perfect Electro anthem. Playlisted on all major dance radios, the track reached the Top 5 of the French Clubs Charts. Thanks to this success, Junior spent the last past months putting the final touch on some tracks, for his first album "Debut". By listening to them, you should be surprised by Junior's capacity to surf from underground productions to pop songs, made in collaboration with a lot of different artists. You'll recognize powerful or sophisticated vocals of Sophie Ellis Bextor, Elan (signed on No Doubt's label by Tony Kanal and Wailers’ new voice), Lizzy Pattinson (Milk & Sugar, Aurora) or the incredible Vika Kova. Cozi Costi and Carl Ryden (at the origin of the biggest hits from David Guetta and Booty Luv) so as the star DJ Jesse Garcia (lot of remixes, at the origin of "The Underground" by Celeda) participated in the writing or production of some tracks included in "Debut".

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sophie's acting debut - The Town That Boars Me

God knows what its all about but its Sophie's first movie. And its really exciting! Sophie proved that she can be a good actress in her Today The Sun's On Us video. Maybe this will be a good start for her. She should star in a bond movie. There would be noone more perfect than her for it..

Watch the trailer here

The Rimmel Ad Is Finally Here

Sophie who was signed on to Rimmel a few months back finally started shooting her ad for the cosmetics house. The ad so far is Sophie getting off a red bus in a yellow dress and a black overcoat, and she's also doing a catwalk. You can also see Sophie in a blue dress at the shooting area (to the left). Her new hairstyle is just FANTASTIC, and her long legs are sexier than ever. Look at her showing them off by lifting her

Looking forward to the ad....

Here's the making of the ad



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