Monday, June 30, 2008

New Song Title Surfaced

Sophie had recorded songs with Richard X, Groove Armada, Calvin Harris and Freemasons for her GH which was planned for last year. She loved all the songs so much that she decided to go with an album instead. Sophie is also planning on working with Liam from Sneaker Pimps, Dimitri and Greg Alexander again.

The track she recorded with Richard X is called I Still Believe In Magic. There's also another track title that surfaced recently - In The Name Of Lust. This isn't confirmed at all. It surfaced on Wikipedia. It sounds like something that she has recorded with Liam or Dimitri. There is another Calvin collaboration called Calling It Love. So now we hopefully have 5 song titles. The album should be out by September. Fingers crossed that we're going to get a mixture of Read My Lips & Trip The Light Fantastic...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sophie Ellis Bextor is officially a DJ now!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor goes under an alter ego once again, this time to remix a song. Sophie and husband, Richard Jones (from The Feeling) are all set to release their first remix of The Feeling's new single - Turn It Up. The remix will feature on the band's CD Single.

CD - Digipack - 7th July
1. Turn it up
2. Make me pay
3. Femme Fatale
4. Turn it up - Alex Gaudino remix

5. Turn it up - Me And Mrs Jones remix

You can get a sneak peak of the song on the PopJustice homepage.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Pet Shop Boys Track Release Petition

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition. We now have 26 signatures. Hopefully we'll be able to get some more.

Here's the link:

If you want Sophie to release that Pet Shop Boys track which was given to her during the Shoot From The Hip era, please sign the petition.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Two New Songs

Sophie uploaded two new songs on her MySpace sometime back...

Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer, produced by Freemasons and Richard Biff Stannard is a brilliant club song which is very remix-y. Its got a dark sound. Whilst some consider this to be Sophie's new sound, i think its an improvement over her older dark disco songs - China Heart, Dear Jimmy and Move To The Music. Its more of a combination of the three..

The song begins with a blast (like most of the Freemasons songs and mixes). The deep bassline and groove go perfectly with the haunting tune. Although, i must say that i was expecting a lot more from this song. Sophie's vocals, as usual, are brilliant. She's stuck to what she's always been doing - a difficult tune made catchy. If the song had some muffled vocals and whispering i'd have definitely got goosebumps. Sadly though, it isn't there. And the tracklength is a little too long for the radio. 4:04!! I think the radio version will be a quick fade out @ 3:30.

The other song which she uploaded on her MySpace is Off & On, a song that has been on the internet for ages already, but by Roisin. After having listened to Roisin's version, loving it, getting bored of it and deleting it, i'm happy with what i heard on Sophie's version. Her vocals are crisp but sultry. Perfect feel for the song. Calvin really didn't change anything with the background musical arrangements. Its the same, but Sophie's vocals are the most pleasant change about the song. Roisin's version was good, but very nasal and after repeat listens i would tire of the song. Sophie has played around with her vocals on all pitches. The chorus is just sexy. And the conclusion of the song with the cut and looped verses is just genius.

Here's the links for download. Enjoy.

Sophie @ Great British Menu

Sophie was a guest at the grand finale of the Great British Menu held at the Gherkin in London recently.

The show was a cooking contest to find the best new cuisine in the UK by up and coming chefs. The final was hosted by award winning Michelin and starred chef Heston Bluementhal and guests included chefs from France, USA, Denmark and Spain as well as UK celebs. Sophie was there with Alex Hames amongst others.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sophie's secret gig

SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR made her live return with a secret gig on top of a building in West London the other night.

The sexy songstress ran through a short eight-song set in front of an invited audience at Kensington Roof Gardens - a plush venue above an office block.

The cocktail-loving posh girl bigged up sponsors Martini, and other stars at the event included LILY COLE, NICK MORAN, and The Kills' ALISON MOSSHART - minus her boyfriend NOEL FIELDING.

JAY KAY, Page 3 girl KEELEY HAZEL and NATALIE IMBRUGLIA stood at the frontsinging along like real fans.

Sophie sang several songs from her forthcoming fourth album due out later this summer - plunging straight into new track If I Can't Dance, a revved-up electro-pop offering that could well become a chart-botherer.

Ellis Bextor has roped in CALVIN HARRIS, RICHARD X and GROOVE ARMADA to help her write songs.

But the biggest cheers of the evening were reserved for the SEB hits collection. Take Me Home, Yes Sir I Can Boogie, Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) and Murder On The Dancefloor were all well received by the small audience.

Sophie looked anything but mumsy wearing an almostly indecently see-through dress and precipitous heels which required her husband - The Feeling's RICHARD JONES - to stand on a step when the couple posed for pics after the gig.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sophie wants another baby

Pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor says that she is desperate to have more children, but is concentrating on her career for the time being. Sophie, who has a four-year-old son called Sonny, is married to Richard Jones - the bassist from pop band The Feeling.

She told a showbiz website: "I'd love to have more children but I'm just really tied up with work at the moment so now's not really a good time. My album's out in September so maybe after that."

The Take Me Home singer says that when Sonny starts school in September, she'll have more free time for her work, and maybe motherhood.

Sophie was talking at the launch party for the new Martini Rosato drink, at London's plush Kensington Roof Gardens, where she performed a show for the celebrity-filled audience.

The night was hosted by Australian pop star Natalie Imbruglia, who introduced Sophie to the crowd.



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