Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sophie on a stamp

Music and fashion stars Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Pearl Lowe have joined forces to donate photographs celebrating motherhood to raise money for charity around Mother's Day.

Singer Ellis-Bextor has provided an image of her as a baby, being held by her mother, ex-Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis, while the image chosen by singer-turned-designer Lowe features a picture of her two daughters, Daisy and Betty.

The Smilers stamps for Royal Mail are being put on eBay for an auction which closes on Wednesday March 17, with the money raised going to Women's Aid, a charity working to end domestic violence against women and children.

This is the fourth year of the charity initiative from Royal Mail, which has raised considerable funds for Women's Aid with the help of stars such as Helena Christensen, Rankin, Penny Stewart, Elizabeth Hurley and Jasmine Guinness.

In the past, people have paid as much as £2,000 for a sheet of stamps.

Lowe said: "This is a terrific initiative to be involved in, and a very special cause. I've chosen an image that is really special to me, and one I love looking at as it reminds me of the beauty of motherhood."

Julietta Edgar, Royal Mail head of special stamps, said: "This auction has proved to be so popular in recent years, and we are delighted that Sophie and Pearl have come on board for 2010. We are keen to raise as much money as possible for this worthwhile cause, so get bidding!"

Anyone wishing to bid on the stamps was urged to go to


In other news Sophie tweeted saying, "Just been hula hooping in high heels to Bittersweet. All in the name of work."
Does that mean we're going to get another hip-thrusting dance routine? I'm on board, i know i'm going to love this video already *jumps around*


Eden said...

Well, let's face it! it's not exactly Sophie does some really nice dance moves in her video. Heartbreak was an amazing dance track and I was really waiting to see her moving a bit but all we got was just standing and barely some moves around the mic. The back dancers did all the work. Maybe she considers it dancing but that's nothing compared to dance moves in Madonna's, Britney's, Shakira's, Kylie's... videos. So I see no reason to expect anything else other than just some very small moves like heartbreak.
And just so that I dont be accused of hatred, I'd like to say that I love Sophie so much but I dont like to see her destroy her music! She should wake up and smell the competition! Music scene isnt what it used to be and it needs a lot of efforts which am not seing from her!

kaushik said...

Thanks Charlie, i posted about it already :)Sounds marvellous, doesn't it! I'm jumping around to it right now!!



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