Monday, March 29, 2010

Album Chart Show - Setlist + Reviews

Hold onto your seats.......

Sophie performed 5 tracks there, which included two songs that we hadn't heard in the past.
1. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer
2. Revolution
3. Under Your Touch
4. Bittersweet
5. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)

Here are some reviews

Karl Siniak
WOW! This album is going to be stunning! Under... Reminded me a bit if abba's gimme in the intro, and Revolution (which HAS to be the next single) features the line 'Murder on the dancefloor' in the first verse!! Also, if Bittersweet is the bigger louder brother to Heartbreak, then Revolution is the Daddy!

Just been to see Sophie at Koko and she totally knocked everyone's socks off! She was super, super nice. Totally upbeat after Kate Nash's full performance. She performed two tracks we haven't heard before - Revolution and Under Your Touch.
Revolution was BRILLIANT. Total club song. Really really strong and kind of different to anything she's done before.
Under Your Touch was a little more forgettable, but still in a similar club vein. I can hear the sound of the album from it. There is a real strong club sound to the whole thing.
She also did Heartbreak (opener), Bittersweet and Groovejet. The crowd really enjoyed her, she was interactive and really chatty. Janet and Richard were at the balcony cheering her on.

Under Your Touch was quite good, i was so impressed how it is all shaping up to a solid sound for the album. but Revolution the pure standout at this point. Stunning!!! and you could tell that she absolutely loved it and loved performing it.
i was so impressed how she sang so well live. not in the sense that i doubt her ability but they are dance/club bangers and often they do not translate well live. but her band and her were so into it, especially the bassist. it was brilliant. very excited to see her tour this album, let alone hear the whole thing!
my video clip of Under Your Touch is just not good at all, but i got a very low quality clip of Revolution.
youtube is not working for me as i've never uploaded a video before, so i put it on some other site i found.

She was amazing tonight. The new songs sound incredible and the crowd seemed really into it. I had the pleasure of talking to her for a while afterwards (ie, me telling her how amazing she is) and she was really lovely and chatty. I don't know if this is already known, but she told me she's going to tour the album in the autumn so that's good.
It (Under Your Touch) wasn't quite as dancey as 'Revolution' and 'Bittersweet'. My memory isn't that great, but it had a good chorus and was slightly more guitar-based. 'Revolution' was my favourite of the two; it definetly sounds like a potential single.

I have to say, i'm a bit worried that she performed Under Your Touch. This could only mean that either one of Magic or Sophia Loren will be cut out from the album. I hope it isn't Sophia Loren. It would be criminal to waste such a good song. And that "Sophia Sophia" intro serves as a great album opener....


Disaster9 said...

I'm sure she won't cut out Sophia Loren since it's already promoted through the ads. Maybe it could end up as a UK bonus track?

Eden said...

lol well i cant set my mind about this album, we had heartbreak and i fell for it, then we had bittersweet and i fell for it too and now from the part that i heard of revolution, i guess i should prepare myself to fall in love again! Sophie's to blame that i had so many mistresses lol :P

Eden said...


kaushik said...

Yeah, you're probably right Disaster9. Sophia Loren might end up on the album. It was also on the Demo CD Sampler that was circulated in fascination... i have my doubts about Magic though

Fran said...

Wow!!!!! ^^ Can't wait for the album!!!!! :D

rx said...

Ho! We have maybe a tour from Sophie this year :O?:D:D
Maybee :D?

Anonymous said...

is it going to be shown on tv? and if so then do you know when?

kaushik said...

My friend is recording all the shows, so we will know when it is aired... but as of now it's not mentioned in the schedule

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me know :)



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