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Sophie interviewed by Gay Mag

You can read the interview and the rest of the online mag right here -

Boyz Mag had a little chat with Sophie. Their recent issue has a picture of Sophie on the cover of the magazine, which was already on the cover of 69 degrees. Also, the picture used in the magazine was also a cover on Oxford Life magazine.

Sophie will be performing at G-A-Y Heaven on 26th March. So if you attend, make sure you leave a review here, or link to your review on a website/blog/forum.

Here's the interview...

With a long awaited fourth album - MAKE A SCENE - out in May, a young family at home and over a decade in the business, singer, songwriter and pop Goddess Sophie Ellis-Bextor has come a long way over the past ten years. Here she speaks to Luke Till about her creative side.

So, how's life?
Really good! Last year was brilliant and this year has been really nice so far. I've been back in the studio and I've just come back from the Little World Festival, which my husband's band, The Feeling, organise in Meribel, France. It's skiing by day and gigs and DJs by night.

Did you perform out there?
Yeah, so did The Feeling and bands like Fictionplane, Ed Harcourt, Squeeze, then at night we had people like Freemasons DJing - it was really good.

It sounds fun! Tell us about your new album, MAKE A SCENE.
It's very dancey. It's probably the most genre-specific record I've ever made - normally I spread myself around and do different genres. This one I went all out with the dance stuff. The first few tracks were done with people like Freemasons and Calvin Harris, and it sounded so phenomenal and so phenomenal and so exciting that I didn't want to drift too much from that sound.

How did the Freemasons "Heartbreak" track come about
There's a songwriter called Biff Stannard who lives in Brighton who I've been working with for the past few years, and he used to keep talking about the Freemasons because they come from Brighton too and he'd worked with them on different things. I'd told him before that I'd love to work with them, and then one time he said he had a track from them if I wanted to come and work on it. That was the first one I heard, the Heartbreak backing track. Biff had just come out a very long-term relationship at the time so we ended up talking about how it feels when you're y'know, feeling a bit wounded, and that's when we wrote "Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)". I suppose it's a bit like "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" - that kind of needing the music to heal you.

At the time of "Groovejet" had you already decided to begin a solo career?
No. (laughs) Before that I'd been in a band (theaudience) so "Groovejet" was a breath of fresh air - it was the antithesis of that whole indie scene. I suppose it only really occured to me when the band first left Mercury and I thought we were still a band. It was only after the next few months that it dawned on me that actually that was the end of that, so when I did "Groovejet" I think I was still coming to terms with the fact that I wasn't in a band anymore. It wasn't a decision like, "OK, I'm a solo artist now", it was more of a case of "Oh, I'm not in a band anymore, so I guess I'm on my own." There are pros and cons on both sides but I'm really grateful that I was in a band first because I think it changes the way you are as a solo artist. Every time I hae a live band around me now I really enjoy being around them.

Who influences your music, or you?
I probably take it from everywhere, definitely other artists. I'm constantly going back to things that excited me when I was young - the first few things that made me feel tingly. There was this programme in the early 80s called Minipops that I used to watch when I was little. It got banned quite early on because it was little girls dressed up with blusher and red lipstick and they'd perform pop songs that were in the charts. But it was quite inappropriate because they had full make up on singing about relationships, but they were only 8-years-old. But I did used to watch it when I was about four and think "That's what I want to do when I'm big." So anything from that to watching musicals, pop videos. But even now I love watching other pop stars and seeing who does what. And there's definitely room for everybody.

Had you always wanted to be a singer?
I always loved pop music - it was definitely always my friend. But it didn't occur to me to be a singer until I was a teenager. Performing definitely appealed but I was still a bit lost. And it just didn't occur to me as a job - 'pop star'! So I thought maybe I'd act, or I quite liked th eidea of being a lawyer. And then I thought maybe journalism, because I've always liked the written word. But when I first got on stage with the band when I was 16 I felt something click. I thought, "I don't need to look anymore - this is what I want to do."

Do you have a lot of input in your videos?
Yeah - definitely! With "Bittersweet" it was something quite basic - I said to the director, "I keep seeing slow motion photography, like billowing chiffon or when you drop a drop of paint into water and see it disperse." And he said "Well actually I've been doing some experiments with rose petals", so that's how the video started. Or with "Murder On The Dancefloor", I said I quite liked the idea of having a dance competition where everybody's getting knocked out gradually over the hours. And my director, who I've done most of my videos with, said how about you be the one making everyone lose the competition. I thought it'd be brilliant because at the time there was so many pop stars aound who were shiny and smiley, so I thought it would be really fun to be the antihero in your own video.

How would you say your music has changed from your first album to this fourth one?
I think I've got more fearless but I probably approach songwriting in a similar way. But I definitely don't worry about what anyone thinks anymore. I think I lost that after I had kids actually. I think I've definitely improved as a singer and a writer since then just because I've gotten more confident, and I'm better at listening to what other people are telling me as well.

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Revolution is Bex-tastic!

(Revolution live at Meribel, 2011)

Revolution is amazing live. The live version is so much better than the recent studio leak. I've always wondered how You Get Yours will sound live. That song has so much energy, she should perform that song at least once.

I think she is singing "army" or "arm me" and not "own me". Banhurt and Paul pointed that out. Even her marching actions seem like she is singing "army"
(thanks to Paul for the heads-up)

Friday, March 18, 2011 interviews Sophie

Sophie Ellis Bextor is back for another assault on the charts with more experience and a cooler sense of style. The pretty daughter of Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis had chart success the first time round when her Spiller single If This Aint Love beat Victoria Beckham to the top of the UK singles chart. And recently the mother of two’s single Not Giving Up On Love with trance DJ Armin Van Buuren had top 10s in Poland and the Netherlands. But she exclusively revealed to Very her dream was to have another number one in the UK.

She said she hoped she could achieve that by collaborating with another DJ and she is getting lots of her own DJ experience by hosting club nights around the world with her husband Richard Jones from indie band The Feeling. The cute couple DJ under the name ‘Mr and Mrs Jones’. Bless! This time round, Sophie’s shelved her pop style dresses for a more chic, experimental look and it really suits her. We loved the bright clothes she wore to DJ at a London party so much that we had to ask her where she shops. Watch the exclusive video here -

It’s refreshing to hear that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on designer outfits to look as stunning as Sophie.

DJ-ing isn’t the only thing Sophie’s working on right now. In June she’s the support act for Erasure’s UK tour. Let’s hope the hard work pays off and she gets her number one very soon.


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Starlight and Revolution leak

Unfortunately, two songs from Sophie's upcoming album, Make A Scene, have leaked. PopJusitce listeners were treated to both songs yesterday, and they sound utterly gorgeous.

Starlight is like an 80's classic - its lush and melancholic. It acts like a beautiful connector between Bittersweet and Not Giving Up On Love. Sophie sounds slightly aloof, but the emotion is perfect. The production screams Richard X, which is a good thing. But after listening to it several times, i think it's a demo, and not the finished version. Or maybe the quality of the leak was just rubbish.

Revolution sounds like something from the 90's. Sophie's delivery is quite a surprise - although, it lacks the energy that the live version had. The lyrics are clever, and the self referencing bit just blows my mind; but the production seems a little flat. You'd expect grinding basslines and loud sharp noises, but the sound seems held-back. I'm not sure if that is done intentionally, but i'm guessing this too is an unfinished demo.

Here's hoping that the rest of the album sounds just as amazing as the song we have heard so far.

I'm going to copy-paste a few reviews from PopJustice. I'm not going to post a link to download/stream the song here. You will find the links on PopJustice (and maybe several other blogs by now)

dominic spez


Oh my fucking God, "Starlight" is everything I wanted it to be. Amazing....And I'm loving the irony of the "We've been patient long enough" verse in "Revolution".

Nunya B
I think they're both fantastic just for the record. Revolution is fizzy ear candy.... Starlight has a middle eight which automatically makes it the better of the two, but I think they are both lovely. Not so far away from non-bosh Sophie after all, then.

Revolution is sublime. Guess I know what I'll be listening to all next week (or year).

I really like Starlight but Revolution is very meh as far as I'm concerned.

Already obsessed with Starlight. It's just what I needed. Revolution is ok.

love them both but if anyone else gets hold of another track or the album keep it to yourself please.
Richard X and Sophie are sublime together I just wonder what Immune To Love sounded like. I hope it gets released one day even if it's by Richard X.
However I prefer the live version of Revolution only because the little synths after "wreck this club tonight" are clearer.

Love them both, but live 'revolution' had a lot more going on, so maybe they are demos. Love them regardless.

Oh my days, Starlight is everything I wanted and Revolution... well it's alright.

My god I love these songs Revolution should be a single

I liked Revolution until the cringeworthy Murder on the Dancefloor reference and then the non-existent chorus.
Starlight sounds nice

Starlight is very pleasant.

starlight is beautiful but revolution is a bit flat, needs more modern, dynamic production

Revolution is the better track, but both are underwhelming and pretty crap. She'll never have another hit single now. She's done now, if you ask me.

I don't want to talk.
I'm quite 'i don't know'

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm, I really hope those are demos, they sound quite flat. And when I compare them to the fullness of Bittersweet they really sound like demos. So maybe no need to be worried.
Revolution sounds nice, though I'd love the final version to be a bit more bass-filled and.. well, amplified?

"Starlight" is gorgeous! I feel like swaying about in a cropped shirt.

Starlight is good, but could do with some beefing up. Quality obviously isn't very high either. Some soaring strings on the last chorus would do it good, but as it is it's pretty much as I expected.
Revolution sounds like a demo - the production is quite dated and not in a good way. Chorus is really really flat. I liked it a lot in better in live form. Hopefully it's an early unfinished version.

'Revolution' doesn't really do anything for me, especially the breakdown, which I find just sort of lacking. It's just... there. There's no sparkle to it at all. 'Starlight' is gorgeous as is, a throwback to the old higher BPM ballads but Spandau Ballet or OMD, but 'Revolution' just isn't anything special. It's certainly not single material, even weighted against the abyssmally dated 'Off & On.'
Not that any of us are concerned about singles. We're slightly deluded, but not high.

"Starlight" is as gorgeous as I wanted it to be - and should have been a big hit two years ago. "Revolution" is three minutes of catchy fun, and I love the self-reference :-)
This proves to me that I must be a huge fan - her demos even make my day!

I quite love it too. It's ridiculously campy and slightly bonkers. A tad bit like Sophia Loren in that respect I suppose.
Starlight is okay. It's not as striking as the stuff we ususlly get from Richard X though...

Carried into the Sun
I love both of these tracks! Starlight is much mellower and quite dark compared to the live performaces we've heard, but it's still very beautiful.
Revolution is just as fabulous as I expected it to be.. just so glitzy!!

*gasp* STARLIGHT! *dies*

Oh my... 'Starlight' is beautiful.
I too am a *little* put out with 'Revolution'. It does sound a bit demo-ish, especially compared to the beefy live version she did on the last tour.

"Starlight" is massive. That Richard X is a beautiful man.

DirtyPorn Star
I know Sophie is posh and always sounds uninterested, but damn she sounds like someone sucked all emotion of out her on the recording...It's not bad, it's just not that good. It's not something that one would wait 2-3 years for and I fear that's going to be my verdict of the album.

The Poop Master
It was incredibly boring, I have to say...

They're sooo good!

I had posted the lyrics to both the songs last december. Here they are, once again.

Bang bang! It's a hold up
You about to give it up
In the boot they're slippin' up
We've been patient long enough
It's a hold up
Rebels gonna play it tough
Wreck the deck and needle off
Shut it down and turn it off

Face to face
It's murder on the dance floor
Cut to the chase
Just give us what we came for

Get on the revolution
(Wreck this club tonight)

Own me, own me, own me, own me, own me, own me
(Wreck this club tonight)

Bang bang! In the club crowd
Better off or down and bow
Chaos holding - what a wow!
Tearing up the sound now
Ow! Shout it out loud
Now we're warming up the ground
Rip the deck and needle up
Shut it down and turn it off

Face to face
It's murder on the dancefloor
Cut to the chase
Just give us what we came for

Hold a moment in time
And look to the skies
And we are frozen in light
Not a second goes by

Is it a waking dream holding me?
You never really know till you know
In the blink of an eye
Hearts will unite

We are one
Find us under the starlight, starlight, starlight
I could die, right here in your arms
We are one
Ccaught here under the starlight, starlight, starlight
Oh! Cos tonight we found heaven in the dark

No silhouette in my mind
It's just you and I
And as the starlight shines
Bodies are blind

It's so natural, unbreakable
Won't ever let you go, let you go
Hand in my hand
Here till the end

We are one
Find us under the starlight, starlight, starlight
I could die, right here in your arms
We are one
Ccaught here under the starlight, starlight, starlight
Oh! Cos tonight we found heaven in the dark

As the new day rises
Lost in our embrace
We are one...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Digital Spy writes about Sophie

I love how people at Digital Spy are big fans of Sophie. Even when there's absolutely nothing to write about, they post ten well known facts about the lady. Awww!

Here's the original article:

Remember when Sophie Ellis-Bextor first promised us her fourth solo album was just around the corner? Yep, that was an awful long time ago! Well, at last there are some signs that she's finally getting it all together. So, as we shimmy along to latest trailer 'Not Giving Up On Love' and gee ourselves up for her tour of England's forests, we thought there was no better time to serve up ten triviatastic facts about one of the most effortlessly stylish women in music.

1. Sophie Michelle Ellis-Bextor was born on April 10, 1979 to tv/film director dad Robin Bextor and former Blue Peter presenter mum Janet.

2. Soph actually appeared on Blue Peter a couple of times as a child. "Once to model a snood, and another time to model a dress made out of dustbin liners, with little yellow bows on it," she revealed. Always a trendsetter! We fully expect the Arsenal XI to sport those dustbin liners when next year's snood ban comes into place!

read more at Digital Spy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sophie on Alan Titchmarsh

Sophie performed her new single with Armin Van Buuren, Not Giving Up On Love on Alan Titchmarsh.

You can view the performance right here, thanks to Renzo and Paul.

Sophie had a cold, so there was a minor glitch in the performance, but she still sounded very good. The back-up dancers are finally in sync and the performance on the whole was very pleasing. Well done Sophie + dancers.

Sophie wore a crystal daffodil brooch to support Marie Curie's Great Daffodil Appeal this March. You can wear one too. Visit for more details.

Sophie mentioned that her album, Make A Scene, will be out in May. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for a release date soon.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Not Giving Up On Love - Best Trance Track

Sophie and Armin won the Best Trance Track at the IDMA's with "Not Giving Up On Love".

Congratulations to Sophie and Armin. Here's hoping the track does well on UK Charts for Sophie.

Here's an excerpt from Armin's official site:
His collaboration with Sophie Ellis-Bextor, ‘Not Giving Up On Love’, has moved ten-thousands since its release as the second single of Armin’s ‘Mirage’ album. It moved the dance society so much, that it has now been awarded for ‘Best Trance Track’.

Click on the image to view the album artwork in ultra high resolution - 1200x1166

I have purchased both EPs on iTunes. The Zodiax Mix is very good. Its very Pet Shop Boys meets trance music. However, the best remix of this song has to be the Nicola Fasano And Steve Forest Remix.

You can buy the Italian Job remixes here:

The rest of the remixes are available on two EPs on iTunes. The Dash Berlin 4AM Dub (a 5+ minute instrumental, wrongly titled as the Dash Berlin 4AM Remix) is also very good. It is very different compared to the Dash Berlin 4AM Remix. The Mischa Daniels mix is also very good.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Digital Spy reviews Not Giving Up On Love


It's no secret that Sophie Ellis-Bextor is a lady of leisure, and given that it's almost a year since her previous effort 'Bittersweet' stalled at number 25, one can only assume that the brunches, luncheons and afternoon teas have taken precedence over her music. Thankfully, she's found time in her oh-so-hectic schedule to record a follow-up - and if us Brits take to it as well as our continental neighbours did, then Soph's got nothing to worry about.

Joined by Dutch trance producer Armin van Buuren, E-B pleads: "Hold me now/ Nothing else matters," over a combo of euphoric synths and pulsating beats, resulting in a club thumper more fabulous and heavy than a Big Fat Gypsy wedding dress. "I'm not giving up, I'm not giving up on us," she asserts, making clear that she ain't going anywhere just yet. With that kind of attitude, Soph can consider her tardiness easily forgiven.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another BEXY picture from the Make A Scene shoot.

Mama lookin' good!

Thank you Rick for the picture

Orange reviews Not Giving Up On Love


Now there's a sight for sore eyes. One of pop's premiere beauties, Sophie Ellis-Bextor is back - and with her finest pop effort since her debut hit, 'Groovejet', way back in 2000.

Still, in the elven years inbetween her Spiller collaboration and new team up with European trance maestro Armin Van Buuren she's hardly been resting on her haute couture laurels, she's chalked up nine solo hits, making her mark slowly but surely on the pop world.

Casting aside the high-camp pop of her last release 'Bittersweet' and 2009 Freemasons collaboration 'Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)', 'Not Giving Up On Love' is a sharp, energy packed club anthem. The simple piano opening proving something of a red herring as the song hits epic heights as it hits peak after peak of soaring synths over it's respectable and concise 3 minute run.

However, despite Van Buuren's glorious production skills, it is Sophie who steals the show with her distinctive, warm vocals. Superstardom has always eluded pop's poshest starlet, but her voice has more distinction than countless belting divas, and hearing it put to practice on a song which matches the quality of her voice is long overdue. We don't want to hear another 'I Won't Change You' ever, ever again please.

Already a No.1 hit in Poland (where trance has arguably a bigger following), 'Not Giving Up On Love' has all the hallmarks of a club classic. We've admittedly struggled to write this review because we've been so busy waving our hands in the air listening to the track - and it's difficult to type at the same time as having a little dance. Welcome back Sophie, we just hope we won't have to wait another 11 years for your next amazing pop single.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Unreality Shout reviews "Not Giving Up On Love"


It certainly is a sad state of affairs when the saying "out with the old, in with new" rings true for someone like Sophie, who, at the height of her fame (2000-2003) narrowly missed out on four BRIT Awards despite being one of the most successful pop peddlers in the UK since Kylie Minogue. However, the Americanisation of our own charts has dictated that we move on from people like Sophie and listen to younger artists with more current music - Ke$ha, GaGa, Rihanna, Katy et al. People seem to have forgotten that, back in the day, Sophie gave us some monster smash hits that still find their way - in original or remix form - into clubs across the whole of Europe, save the UK and Ireland. Over there, she really is like their Cheryl Cole, only with more musical talent... and the ability to sing.

It's also quite a concern that many people seem to place her in some kind of "non-relevant" category, along with a lot of other British female artists like Amy MacDonald, Paloma Faith and so forth who are, in many more ways than just one, much more talented than the likes of Pixie Lott, Cheryl Cole and Ellie Goulding.

Ask around, and people couldn't tell you any of the songs Sophie's released in the last year - 'Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)', 'Bittersweet', 'Can't Fight This Feeling' - since she's had her child, she doesn't seem to be included in the media fodder category that milks "popstars" for the very innards of their personal life, hence her musical downfall to irrelevance.

And so we move on to the fourth single from an album that still hasn't been released despite being slated for August of last year. 'Not Giving Up On Love' sees Sophie team up with European trance DJ, Armin van Buuren. It would be unfair to claim this is Sophie's best work - 'Catch You' and 'Bittersweet' spring to mind when that statement arises. But make no mistake - her super-seductive voice still shines with the stunning clarity of white ice and rings with the beauty of a siren call over Armin's glacial synths and towering melodies. There are many catchy moments, and the song is simply destined for the club scene. However, it may not find it's way to the chart despite being quite a strategic release: it's clearly trying to latch onto the tail end of the mini [insert experimental sub-genre(s) here] rage that's grown in popularity and saw many a D&B/dubstep/nu-wave track find it's way into the Top 40.

It may just do it, if it had airplay. And I see no reason why it shouldn't have airplay - Radio 1 probably being exclusive with the playlists again. Those chart fanatics among us will know that 'Not Giving Up On Love' has already peaked at #1 in Poland and charted within the Top 10 of many other countries, so it's not like it's an impossible feat if were it to get airplay.

Here's the video: It has a boat. (video insert) Watta lovely boat.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is still a mighty force on the continent, and should rightly be recognised where she originally started - the UK. A bit more effort with the promotion, a little more airplay, and 'Not Giving Up On Love' will soar. Unfortunately I feel it may be another underperforming single, leaving Sophie no other alternative than to cancel or rush release her long-awaited comeback album.

Rating: 4.0 STARS

Download: March 6, 2011 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: 'Make A Scene'

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Interview with Gaydar


The glorious Ms. E-B talks about joining forces with Armin Van Buuren for the luscious single ‘Not Giving Up On Love’, her thoughts on the new wave of dance floor divas and how her gay following has got her to where she is today.

We love the new single ‘Not Giving Up On Love’ – how did this collaboration with Armin Van Buuren come about?
I worked with some lovely girls called the Nervo sisters who were raving about Armin. They played me some of his stuff and I thought it'd be great to collaborate. We wrote 'Not Giving Up On Love' the same day.

What are you most proud of about the single?
I think it's the fact that the song crosses over different genres. I know very little about trance but I hope I have brought some of my indie and pop sensibilities to the song. Armin's production is great.

What was the video like to shoot? It looks like it was fun!
The video was so much fun. We filmed it at my friend's amazing house in Ibiza. It was like being on holiday. Sophie Muller, who directed, is a friend, as is Lisa, who did my hair and make up. We just mucked about for three days and made it into a video.

Your new album is coming out soon – what can we expect?
Dance, basically. It's my most dancey album yet. Lots of synth and bass and four on the floor.

Gay men love you – how do you feel about the term ‘gay icon’?
I am very proud of my gay following. I am not sure I've earned the status of 'icon', but I certainly feel that in some respects it's down to my gay following that I have kept going as long as I have.

What about your female fans? Have you ever felt a lot of pressure to be a role model to them?
I don't know about pressure, but I am a real girl's girl and my female fans mean a lot to me. I think I'm an okay role model as I do things for myself and not to get men to think I'm sexy. All my favourite female artists had the same approach. They owned themselves.

Music is a tough industry – what do you think you need to be successful in it?
Two things - firstly, the slightly delusional mental state that everything is going to go your way eventually and secondly, a life outside your work.

Dance music’s become more mainstream, with Lady Gaga and Ke$ha dominating the charts. Do you ever feel like you’re in competition with these new dance divas?
Nope. Thinking in terms of competition when it comes to the charts is not my thing. There is room for us all.

You’re no stranger to a bit of DJing – what was that first set like?
Probably pretty rubbish! I've got a lot better at mixing these days.

Finish the sentence: A good DJ set starts with...
Let's go for something gentle but familiar. Althea and Donna - 'Uptown Top Ranking'.

It ends with...
Well, usually in the middle we get quite dancey so maybe the end is a come down classic like 'Wuthering Heights' by Kate Bush.

If we were to buy you a drink at a bar, what would you ask for?
Is it party time? A Mojito please.

What makes you happy?
Food with friends and family.

What makes you angry?
Stuff not happening quickly enough - I'm impatient.

When the phone rings, who do you hope is calling?
Either my husband or work with an unexepected but exciting new project or twist.

Anything to add?
Cup of tea please, white with two.

You can also read an older interview with Sophie right here -

Sophie on Heart Radio

thanks to Paul for the recording, and Renzo for the upload

Interview on Heart Radio by RenzoMV

Sophie mentioned the new single, Not Giving Up On Love. She sounded positive when she mentioned that the album will be out this year. She also said that she has started working on her next album already. Let's hope her 5th album takes lesser time than her 4th to finish and release.



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