Thursday, March 18, 2010

Holy shit it leaked, and it sounds marvellous!
The actual (final) radio edit. Oh. My. God!

1. I love how the riff is neatly hidden behind the verse. I had to turn up the volume, but i'm sure it will be more evident when i listen to it on my iPod.
2. The beginning is absolutely fantastic. Biffco and the Freemasons have nailed it. It's exactly how i wanted it to be.
3. I love how the radio edit is so beefy. It's so full of music and melody and far far far better than that bland Freemasons Extended Mix (which i also love).
4. Some people on PopJustice complained about the middle 8. The middle 8 is there. It's the hook followed by the line "anytime you call my name". The Freemasons Extended Mix uses the second bridge in the middle 8 again.
5. I definitely think the song is top 5 material. *cross my fingers*
That is the teaser for Can't Fight This Feeling video!
Is Sophie crying in the video? I think i saw a tear on her cheek. I can't wait to see this video, and Bittersweet. Junior Caldera looks fit, Sophie looks gorgeous as ever.. Oh and she's wearing 3 outfits in the video! (thanks to BITTERSWEET for the keen observation).
The video should be out soon. French fans....keep us posted, please.

Oh. And Sophie is calling the album "Straight To The Heart". I prefered "Make A Scene", but right now i'm too excited to think about anything. 4th listen of the radio edit - sounds way better than the Freemasons extended mix.

This made my day, and its only 7:00am. Wooo-hooooo!


Kim said...

You are Sophie's biggest fan. How you get to things so quicky, i'll never know! Do you even sleep??!!

Thanks for the youtube links. Bittersweet sounds like heaven. So much better than Heartbreak.

And yes, it does look like Sophie is shedding a tear in the CFTF video. I can't wait to watch both videos.

Eden said...

it's brilliant :))))
am so happy that it sounds different than the remix, however there is no "holy crap synth" in it lol and really, it sounds very 80ish!! hope it tops the charts !!!
As for the clip, yea it seems it's a tear! weird to see it in a dance music clip!
as for the title, it's not bad, but the moment i read it, it reminded me of a song for the backstreet boys, i guess from their last album, i am not sure, but i think it's called straight through the heart, so i didnt like the similarity since i dont like the bsb. make a scene was muuuuuuuch better
Thank you kauuuuuuuuuuuu :))))))))))

Deric said...

YES YES YES!!! This is the best day of 2010 already!

Dan said...

How do you do it mate!? Good god you just know when everything comes out, don't you!? I'm amazed by you...

Now, Bittersweet. I think i like the Freemasons mix better only because of that riff. But the radio edit is full of synths and strings, which is gorgeously layered. I wish that riff was more evident in the radio edit... soon after the chorus maybe. It acted like a nice link between the chorus and the verses.

Oh well, i'm still really excited about the song. I hope it does well on the charts.

And..Make A Scene was a better title.

Can't Fight This Feeling looks pretty good. You still in touch with Junior Caldera?

kaushik said...

you're welcome you guys!

I can't wait for the CFTF video actually. It looks quite good from that teaser. Sophie looks gorgeous.

Bittersweet is awesome! Now i want the whole album. *fingers crossed the rest of the album is just as good or even better than Bittersweet*

Eden said...


after listening to the radio edit, i guess the lyrics should be
"despite my mind, my body is still curious,... "
"I desire light, i desire dark"

Fran said...

Wow!!!!!!!!! ^^ I absolutely love "Bittersweet"!!! :D

M. said...

I also preferred "Make a scene". If feels more "dancey" than this title... but the title is the least important thing, it's the content that matters - and Bittersweet sounds AWESOME!! (Yepee!!)
Besides, the title might change again ;)



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