Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fascination tweet + CFTF video still

Fascination's recent tweet:
welovepop Ooh....first cut of the Sophie Ellis-Bextor 'Bittersweet' video just arrived in our inbox!!

So..erm yeah. That's pretty much what happened. Oh and to your right is what appears to be another video still from Junior Caldera's new video "Can't Fight This Feeling" with Sophie. Sophie seems to be wearing two outfits for the video. Or this may just a picture from an after-party (if there was one).

And thank you readers, PopJustice readers, UKMix readers and Sophie-Online readers for the good response. I'm really happy that you all liked my edit. Looking forward to the radio edit now. *prays it lands safely in the top 5*


Frn said...

:-) I just can't wait to see the videos!! :D

Anonymous said...

leak leak leak leak leak!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new link, Kaushik. It worked, and it is a big improvement. Please follow Alan Whiteman (not me, unless you want loads of emo) because he writes useful stuff, and is linked by O2. Love Alec

Fran said...

Album's title confirmed: "Straight to the Heart". What do you think?? I like it! :-)


Gosh I'm so looking forward to everything Sophie comes up too!
By the way there's already a Teaser of the 'Just Can't Fight This Feeling' video avaiable on YouTube amazing!!! Sophie looks fantastic and I think she's even wearing 3 diffrent outfits in the video, a black dress and two diffrent blue ones aswell.
Check it out Everyone it's worth it! xx

kaushik said...

You're right Bittersweet, Sophie is wearing three outfits. Sorry, i hadn't observed it earlier. I will edit my post. Thank you

Good to see someone new on the blog. I hope this blog has been helpful to you.. Also, try using your real name, so i can credit you rightly for whatever information you provide.




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