Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wanderlust (Album Sampler)

Bruno Tonioli commented on Sophie's outlook for the Charlseton dance saying that she was "stylistically perfect" and that she "popped out of The Great Gatsby, all guns blazing."

Whether Sophie belongs in the age of the flappers is left for you to decide. One thing is for sure, this porcelain skinned beauty definitely belongs in the 60s (and sometimes in the 80s).

Sophie Ellis-Bextor recently uploaded a teaser video for her upcoming album, Wanderlust, and what one needs to appreciate about this is the way everything is put together. There's no doubting that the album will be yet another gorgeous piece of work, with perfection oozing out of every song... Kudos, by the way, to Ed Harcourt and the tight-knit group of musician friends who worked on this album. They've all brought out the best in Sophie.

But what is commendable is the way everything is being done this time around. So far, its not a messy campaign like the last one! And Sophie and everyone around her have been handling things so perfectly, that it almost feels like a dream to a fan. Somebody pinch me now...

The teaser video, directed by Sophie Muller, showcases the statuesque beauty with a troubled expression on her face in more than one scene. Hopefully that mood that Ms. Muller tried to capture is indicative of the content on the album. Check out the stunning trailer video below.

Yet another brilliant Sophie & Sophie video. Sophie Muller has directed several music videos for Sophie Ellis-Bextor, including Take Me Home, Murder On The Dancefloor, Move This Mountain, both versions of Music Gets The Best Of Me, Catch You, Today The Sun's On Us and Not Giving Up On Love; co-produced the I Won't Change You music video; and has now done the entire photo shoot for the new album. That is another thing to be excited about because the Deluxe Version of the physical album comes packed with pictures.

The songs that you heard on the trailer are 5 songs that we were already teased with in the "making-of" videos, that Sophie uploaded on her YouTube account (check previous posts for the "making-of" videos)
01 - Young Blood (Sophie gave away the demo of this song for free on her official website)
02 - Until The Stars Collide
03 - Wrong Side Of The Sun
04 - Runaway Daydreamer
05 - Birth Of An Empire

Sophie and her team have done all the right things so far to get the fans properly excited about the album - the free demo, the tracklist announcement and the stunning trailer. And the thing that is both astonishing and reassuring is that we have an actual release date! (I want to use multiple exclamation marks here.) We in Sophie-land are accustomed to push backs after the last two albums, so this era is like a breath of fresh air for all of us. And what is really interesting is that the album was recorded in just two weeks.

The album is available for pre-order. Click on the links below to take you to the respective webstores:
Sophie's Shop - signed Deluxe Edition

I have already pre-ordered my signed Deluxe Edition and my digital copy from iTunes. Have you? Well, what are you waiting for?

Also, UK fans, please support Sophie by voting for her on Strictly Come Dancing. Fans outside of UK can watch Sophie's performances on BBC's YouTube Channel.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Wanderlust: Album 5 out in 2014

In the 17 years since Sophie Ellis-Bextor signed to Mercury Records as the 18-year-old frontwoman of indie darlings theaudience, the singer has experienced some incredible moments. Following theaudience's Top 40 success and NME acclaim, Sophie made her first solo appearance in a collaboration with Italian dance DJ, Spiller. That song, Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) shot to Number One around the world and became one of the UK's most-played songs of the decade. Sophie built on that success with her debut solo single proper, the smouldering Murder On The Dancefloor, which became another global smash, backed by a striking video, the first of many collaborations with Sophie Muller. The song was quickly followed by Sophie's two-million-selling debut album, Read My Lips, and a string of further chart hits, including Music Gets The Best Of Me, Get Over You, Catch You and her 2010 collaboration with Armin Van Buuren, Not Giving Up On Love. Continuing her run of successful collaborations with dance artists, Sophie reached Number 12 in the UK charts with her soaring single with the Freemasons, Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer. She then found herself back in the Top 20 with Bittersweet, the glorious lead track from her fourth album, Make A Scene, an album which helped cement her position as a global success story. On January 20, 2014 Sophie will release her fifth album, Wanderlust, a record co-written and produced by acclaimed singer-songwriter Ed Harcourt and recorded in just two weeks with a tightly-knit group of musician friends. The record sees the 34-year-old Sophie blossoming into an accomplished singer-songwriter, with its 11 powerfully understated songs showcasing a newfound maturity, warmth and songcraft. Wanderlust will be preceded by the single release of one of its standout tracks, Young Blood, a life-affirming, piano-driven testament to true love. That song, which comes accompanied by another of Muller's trademark videos, marks the beginning of a glorious new chapter in her career. 

01 Birth Of An Empire (3:48)
02 Until The Stars Collide (3:39)
03 Runaway Daydreamer (4:00)
04 The Deer & The Wolf (3:54)
05 Young Blood (4:28)
06 Interlude (2:23)
07 13 Little Dolls (3:32)
08 Wrong Side Of The Sun (3:50)
09 Love Is A Camera (4:13)
10 Cry To The Beat Of A Band (3:38)
11 When The Storm Has Blown Over (3:31)

iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/in/album/wanderlust/id724525162
Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wanderlust-Sophie-Ellis-Bextor/dp/B00FSFZ7J6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1381807432&sr=8-2&keywords=wanderlust+sophie



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