Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Exclusive Chat with Sophie - Daily Record (youtube)

Watch Here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6S1zgSjBl8
1. Album out in July... maybe the second single is going to co-incide with the album's release. Well, time will tell.
2. She changed the album title after having a glass of wine with Richard. She named the album after a line from a song she wrote with Ed Harcourt (which i guessed long back) called "Cut Thru' The Heart". The song is going to be on the album, and it's produced by Dimitri (according to ASCAP). Now this changes everything. I'll have to re-work my possible tracklist.
3. And she confirmed "Dial My Number" the stalker song by Liam Howe (again, i guessed that long back)

So far Dimitri/Harcourt, Freemasons/Biffco, Liam Howe, Calvin Harris/Cathy, Richard X/Hannah, Metronomy/Future Cut, Armin Van Buuren/Nervo Sisters and Greg Kurstin have been confirmed by Sophie herself. The other possible collaborators include Christopher Rojas and Fred Ball.

So the tracks that will be on the album are:
Dimitri/Harcourt - Cut Thru' The Heart
Freemasons/Biffco - Bittersweet & Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer
Liam Howe - Dial My Number
Calvin/Cathy - Off & On
Richard X/Hannah - Starlight
Metronomy/Future Cut - Make A Scene
Armin/Nervo - Not Giving Up On Love
Greg Kurstin - (unknown)

Possible inclusions:
Fred Ball - Synchronised
Christopher Rojas - Sophia Loren
(unknown) - Revolution

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