Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sophie at Meribel

So, Sophie's concert at Meribel had a long list of tracks -
1. If I Can't Dance - with the same intro as the iTunes performance, she even says Good Evening Meribel at the same time as she does on the itunes performance
2. Take Me Home
3. Me And My Imagination - sounds great live...amazing breakdown. Sophie's vocals sound crisp when she la la's from 2:14mins to 2:28mins. I have to say, this is my least favourite track from TTLF, but this performance made me change my mind. I actually like a lot. Love the performance.
4. Starlight - oh my god, the song sounds excellent, i can't wait to listen to it on the album
5. Today The Sun's On Us
6. Catch You
7. China Heart - sounds marvellous live
8. Bittersweet - oh my god, people will go crazy when she starts performing this live
9. Get Over You
10. Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) - excellent as usual
11. Groovejet - encore #1
12. Murder On The Dancefloor - encore #2

The quality of the recording was really crap, but you can easily make out that Sophie's voice sounds as amazing as ever. I can't wait to watch HQ performances from Meribel. I hope the concert was filmed.
(many thanks to Andrea from Italy for the mp3s)


rx said...

Where can we find the MP3S :$?

I'm really exited about this :D

kaushik said...


Eden said...

thanks a lot Kau
but honestly, it's not worth downloading cos the quality is very bad!
you know, i was very excited to hear starlight because so far, i had the impression that everyone is waiting for it and that it's great and so on, but after hearing it on this concert, i didnt really liked the song! maybe it's cos of the crappy quality, mmmm hopefully it leaks in HQ lol
btw, i sent the youtube links of bittersweet to some blogs and asked them to post it because they're american blogs and they dont exactly know Sophie! so i thought that it's a good way of promoting her music there lol :D and they actually posted the radio edit and the extended remix, but no credit to me though :((( lol i dont care, i am just happy they did post it

Mathew said...

Good setlist. SFTH always gets forgotten though :( It's such a great album, she could do at least one song...

Kim said...

Shame that she didn't perform Mixed Up World or I Won't Change You or any other song from the second album - that is a good album with some amazing songs. Why does she always ignore songs from that album?

Has she ever repented recording that album?

Fran said...

It's a shame she didn't perform any song from "Shoot from the Hip". I love that album, I think it's my favourite album from Sophie. However, I love that set list!! Amazing!! ^^
Your love's bittersweettttt!!!! :D



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