Friday, March 5, 2010

The latest catch-up + Tweet confusion

So the latest tweet left us in confusion. Sophie recently confirmed that the album would be called "Make A Scene" but now she wants to change it? Personally, i love the title. I hope it's just some idiot who hacked into her account. Anyway, here are her recent tweets (and one by Sophie HQ)

  1. just come out of a shop where 'i like the way you move' was playing...surely the creepiest song ever.
  2. Anyone got a question for Sophie? We're doing our latest Q&A for the official site at lunchtime today, so bang 'em over... SophieHQ
    (tweet your questions -
  3. busy time starting... off to dublin to dj, back for album photos then two videos to film next week. lordy. no rest for wicked etc.
  4. the two video are: Can't Fight this Feeling in Paris with dj caldera and Bittersweet in blighty. x
  5. Changing the album title. Make A Scene not good enough! Will get back to you...

And now for the official catch-up

Hello Sophie, how are you?
Not too bad, thank you.

Are you busy today?
Not really, actually. It's the quiet before the storm, because next week is pretty absurd. It's all good, but it's all coming in one week.

What are you doing?
Well, Richard and I are going off to Ireland on Friday to DJ on Friday and Saturday night. We come back on Sunday and then on Monday I'm doing all the photos for the single and album cover. Then Tuesday I'm doing press photos. Then Wednesday I'm in Paris cos there's this dance record that I've done with a French DJ. It's the fourth single from his album and it's doing quite well, so I'm filming a video there.
Then Thursday, back in London, I've got a dance rehearsal, because on Friday I'm filming my video for Bittersweet. Then I go to Meribel on Saturday for The Feeling's Little World festival.

Blimey. That really is busy.
I know, it's a bit ridiculous. This week has been quite quiet, but I feel like I've got a lot of nervous energy, cos I'm waiting to get started. But I think I'll just need to get my head down, work hard and then get to Meribel and have lots of cheese, red wine and fun.

So, you're making two videos in three days?
That's right! It's good that I've got a day inbetween - they were originally going to be back to back. So I'll probably just go into the dance rehearsal on the Thursday for a couple of hours and take it quite easy. And because I'm just "featuring" in the French track, I don't feel the responsibility is so much on my shoulders.

Are you happy with the album cover photos you've done before?
Actually, with the album covers, I think I've been incredibly spoilt, because I've used the same company for everything I've done. It's a design company called Michael Nash. And I just completely trust them.
They've always managed to pick these photographers that are on their way up. We've been very lucky. The first album was done by these photographers called Mert & Marcus and they've gone on to great things. So, yeah, I feel like I've always landed on my feet with photographers. Next week we're working with a young photographer called Ben Weller whose work is lovely. I have a good feeling about it.



Kim said...

Not "Make A Scene" anymore? She is a joke!

Mathew said...

Lol, her album should be called 'Sitting On the Fence', since she seems to be doing an awful lot of it.

Aaanyway, good to hear she'll be hard at work.

Fran said...

"Can't Fight this Feeling" is up to #31 this week on the French Top 40. :D The single is having great success on the charts, despite only being released as a download only by now, & the video has not been released yet. Really impressive!! :D

Eden said...

you know, I started thinking about what will happen after her album gets released, I mean she will release the album then a single or two or more, and then, if they work on the same pace as they are nowadays, we're gona have to wait 10 more years to get another new album! lol

kaushik said...

Lol. Someone on popjustice said give her a week and she'll start recording new songs cos the old ones aren't good enough.

Eden said...

well that's really possible ! for TTLF she wrote or recorded around 70 songs and now since the release is till Autumn, she might just as well do the same thing! lol



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