Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 10th, PJ Almighty, Music Week Playlist

Junior Caldera posted on his facebook page saying that he will be filming the video for his new single Can't Fight This Feeling on the 10th of March. Sophie will be in Paris to shoot the video with him.

In a previous interview with Digital Spy Sophie said she would be filming the video for her single shortly. Maybe the lack of updates from Sophie is because she is busy with the video, organising the final tracklist and deciding the promo work.

(thanks to Egalite for posting this on the PopJustice forums)
This week's Music Week playlist had this to say about Bittersweet:
Sounding like something straight out of the Stock, Aitken & Waterman songbook, Bittersweet is a classic, synth-charged pop song that puts Ellis-Bextor in her element. It bodes well for the new album.
This could mean that promo CDs are being sent out. We're not too far away from a radio premeire now!! *excited*

Also, not sure if anyone is keeping track, but Sophie has been on top of the PJ Almighty for several weeks now. Maybe even months. That has to mean something right?! Here's wishing Sophie all the success for her new single. Hope it goes #1. Also hoping for Can't Fight This Feeling to chart somewhere inside the top 10.


Anonymous said...

"Time goes by... so slowly"
Madonna hehe


kaushik said...

so slowly, so slowly, so slowly, so slowly...

Anonymous said...

OMG!! She's changing the AlBUM title
R.I.P Make A Scene LOL.


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