Saturday, March 13, 2010

more about the Bittersweet video

Sophie tweeted saying "video shoot great. a lot of trampolining, a spot of hula hooping, a ton of wind machines and a bucket of paint over the head to end the day."
Not sure if i should get excited about this or not. I don't want to jump to conclusions. Hoping the video will turn out to be totally amazing!
I just hope its a video where Sophie is enjoying herself, something like Music Gets The Best Of Me. Cos somehow i can't put the song and trampolines and hoops together, it doesn't make any sense in my head. I do hope the dance routines are interesting..... *prays for more hip thrusting actions*


Mathew said...

Hmm, certainly does sounds...interesting. You're right, somehow Bittersweet and trampolining doesn't really mesh in my head, but Sophie's videos usually turn out quite good so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

kaushik said...
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Kim said...

WOW! I haven't checked here since a while. So many updates at once. Damn, i should be more regular.

First of all, Kaushik, i love the new layout. It's perfect. The previous one was too crowded with information. Everything is well spaced now. I like the new banner as well. Is it from the Monsoon shoot?

Lovely news about the new single. Have you heard the radio edit in full length?



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