Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hi everyone... Sophierazzi wishes all it's readers and followers a Happy Halloween. I have changed the layout of the blog cos Blogger kept screwing up the layout for me. I picked a simple layout, once again - nothing fancy. The labels, comments, live comments, and archives are available below the blog posts. I will still continue to check the live comments, so you can always post your quick comments there.

Sophierazzi has served fans the world over for more than 8 years (under various aliases) and will continue to provide you with all the information you need. For those of you who have missed a few recent posts, two previously unheard official remixes of Me And My Imagination have been uploaded to TheSophierazzi Youtube Channel. I have also uploaded it on my blog for streaming. Hope you like it. Don't forget to leave your comments.

Cheers, Kx.

Monday, October 25, 2010

SOPHIERAZZI EXCLUSIVE: Me And My Imagination Rare French Remixes

SOPHIERAZZI gives you another set of exclusives while you wait for Sophie's fourth record.

I'm not sure if i have ever mentioned Guena LG remixing Me And My Imagination, have i? Anyway, so Guena did remix the song and it was used for promo only in France. These are the two remixes:

Back 2 First Love Club Remix by Guena LG -
Club Babylon Extended Mix by Guena LG -

Special thanks to Guena LG for making these remixes available...

Personally, i prefer both these remixes to the Stonebridge Remix. I dont see why that was released in the UK when clearly the Babylon Extended Remix is much much much better!

Anyway, you can judge for yourselves. Hope you like them.

Don't forget to say thanks....

(in case both videos get blocked on youtube... you can always stream them right here)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More gorgeous pictures coming our way

Sophie tweeted: Best get some beauty sleep. Rimmel photo shoot tomorrow. Be good to see the new products. N'night!

If she is filming a new advert, i hope she showcases the new single in that. That was planned for Sophia Loren. I'm sure Rimmel wouldn't mind having a Sophie song again in their ad. It could be the start for her promo. The advert would be played everywhere. Then she would sing the song at shows, at other live venues.

PopJustice is bubbling with creativity. The last few pages in the Sophie thread are filled with fanmade covers. I thought i'd attempt one more, with the new picture:


She never lets us down with artwork. THIS is what the album artwork should look like. Bloody amazing! The lady knows how to strike a pose. Thank you Sophie for uploading this new picture on your twitter account. It kinda reminds me of GaGa, only much classier. I thought the Bittersweet cover was gorgeous. The new picture is stunning!!!!

Sorry about the lack of updates folks. There haven't really been any updates. Just confusion regarding what the album artwork is. Someone uploaded one of my covers on Wiki and everyone assumed that was the artwork. Sophie tweeted saying it wasn't. A couple of fans asked her about the release date. She confirmed that Nov 29th isnt the actual release date. I uploaded a random picture from the Monsoon Shoot on Wiki to prove to people that anyone can change things on Wiki and that it shouldn't be trusted. Unfortunately HMV picked that cover... Anyway, to whoever changed the album title on Wiki, it's not called "Make A Scene" anymore. Stop changing it over and over again. And no one knows what the next single is. So if you see Wiki listing Revolution or Under Your Touch as the next single, don't believe it. We will have official news sometime soon*

*soon in Sophie's world is a long time, but "please try to be patient" (that's what Sophie said)

Monday, October 11, 2010

No news but...

just found some GORGEOUS picture of her.... the woman sure knows how to strike a pose!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nowhere Without You (Solaris Remix) - unreleased

So i wrote to Mr. Paul Glancey a.k.a Solaris about the Nowhere Without Remix and he was kind enough to upload it on youtube for us fans. Here's his email.

i totally forgot about this remix
i remembered we done called "I wont change" of sophie ellis bextor,
dont kow if that was ever released?
im uploading to youtube now, might take a hour or so i will send you the link

Here's the link:
It's an AMAZING remix that we can finally listen to, after 7 years!!!
You can also find the remix (volume adjusted) on TheSophierazzi Youtube Channel -

Okay now bow down to me.... hehe, kidding! Don't forget to say thanks to Solaris for this. And leave your thoughts and comments about the remix here....

How To Dress Your Age?

Five decades of famously stylish women explain how they achieve their look. Plus, an age-specific guide to this season's key trends:

Teens: Diana Vickers, 19, pop singer
20s: Coco Sumner, 20, musician

30s: Sophie Ellis-Bextor, 31, singer
40s: Sadie Frost, 45, actress and designer
50s: Jo Wood, 55, organic entrepreneur

extreme left: Sophie Ellis-Bextor (with her auburn hair - mama looking good!)

My style hasn't changed much over the years, but I think my taste has improved – I make fewer mistakes. I still have clothes I had when I was a teenager. I'm quite experimental – I love quirky fashion and don't take it seriously. It's only putting clothes on, so it doesn't matter if you get it wrong. I'd rather do that than play it safe.

I love vintage fashion, especially 50s and 60s styles. When I was growing up I found fashion intimidating. So I worked out that if you wear customised or secondhand clothes, you're taking yourself outside of that world and you'll not be judged so much on whether something is "on trend" or not. All my favourite pieces are really exciting finds that were cheap and cheerful, found in charity shops, markets or on eBay.

Once I reached my late 20s and had my children, I started feeling more comfortable in my skin. I'm in better shape than I ever was when I was younger. Everything seems to have fallen into place and I understand myself better. I've stopped caring what anyone else thinks. I've lost my inhibitions and rediscovered the joy of dressing up, too.

I've always had a clear sense of what I liked and what I didn't like. There's a slight misconception about me – that I'm always well turned out – but I think the complete opposite is true. I always have ladders in my tights, loose threads hanging down or safety pins holding things together, but I just don't think it matters that much. Fashion shouldn't be po-faced, regardless of what age you are – it's fun.

I still feel a bit too irresponsible to wear designer clothes all the time. I have a healthy mixture in my wardrobe, and I like classic designer pieces, but I tend to treat all my clothes, irrespective of whether designer or not, the same. Sometimes I'll see something crumpled up on my floor and I'll wince and think that's really not the way I should treat that. Some of my favourite designers are PPQ, Chanel, Paul & Joe and Dolce & Gabbana – who are particularly good for stage stuff – but I think we're lucky to have the best high-street shops in the world.

Growing up I always loved Sindy – before she looked like Barbie. She had big, dark hair, red lips and eyeliner, and she was really curvy. I also used to watch Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and Grease lots. If you take the tartiness of Grease, the tailoring of Mary Poppins and the remaking ethos from The Sound of Music, that's sort of what my wardrobe looks like. A tarty nanny in a curtain.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

bittersweet (not the song) news

Sophie is really random with her tweets. But...

@SophieEB stop tweeting and release your record!
@Josehsito just finalised new tracklisting. it's a beauty!

OKAY WHAT!? We're all looking forward to those 13 songs she mentioned earlier. And suddenly she says there's a new tracklist. This all seems to be going a little like Annie's "Don't Stop" which is a very very bad thing. Unless, if she going to shove the current singles onto a bonus EP and include some Kish Mauve tracks.



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