Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finally, a little info about that Scottish Style Awards

Pop princess Sophie Ellis-Bextor presented the lavish event, held at Glasgow's Old Fruitmarket, setting the tone by wearing five different outfits over the course of the evening and giving an energetic performance of her hit Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer.


Pop star and model Sophie Ellis Bextor fought her nerves to dazzle on the red carpet as this year's host. Sophie, 30, opened the show with a surprise live performance of her smash hit Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer, before showcasing no less than five designer outfits throughout the night.
She said: "I'm thrilled to present. These awards are my first ever compering gig and Halloween is the perfect night for me to be scared! It's an important event in the fashion calendar and it's an honour to be asked."


Scots fashion designer Deryck Walker has been honoured for his contribution to the industry for a second year in a row.
Walker was crowned top designer at Scottish Style Awards hosted by pop star Sophie Ellis Bextor in Glasgow. The artist, who is from the city, was the favourite of the judging panel which included musician Tricky, stylist Judy Blame and jeweller Stephen Webster.


Well, the good thing is, Heartbreak might end up becoming her 2nd Murder On The Dancefloor in terms of popularity. I'm so happy that song is still alive and people still enjoy it! Fingers crossed the fourth album goes multi-platinum.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More pictures of Sophie from the Russian gig

Sophie should just change her name to "Sexy Ellis-Bextor"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sophie @ Q Awards, The Grosvenor House Hotel. October 26, 2009

Wow, either Sophie is really really tall or Amy Winehouse is really short! Good pic of both of them though, Sophie looking fabulous as ever, Amy looking healthy.

Just a rehash of what we already know, still worth the post

This is actually bits from an older interview that i watched. But for those who have missed it..

Sophie Ellis-Bextor began her career as a rocker in the band theaudience, but soon after she was voted ‘Sexiest Rocker’, she qualified for a solo career. And she didn’t disappoint.

Her disco songs ‘Groovejet’ and ‘Murder On The Dance Floor’ reached # 1 in the UK and took her to the big leagues. This year she has released a single named ‘Heartbreak’ and will release her fourth solo album. In this interview, she speaks of the single, collaborating with the dance band the Freemasons, and her album.

The song ‘Heartbreak’ was written by dance band Freemasons. Sophie reveals how the single came about. “I was working on some new material with a guy called Biff (Stannard), who's good friends with the Freemasons. They sent over the instrumental to 'Heartbreak' and we wrote the lyrics. The single remix has changed a bit from the original demo, but it was always their song to start with."

Sophie says the best thing about the Freemasons is that they understand what it takes to make a hit. She says, “The thing I love about them is that whilst they've got a lot of dance sensibilities, they've also got pop sensibilities. With them there's always an appeal from a melodic point of view as well as just the basic four-to-the-floor beat. Their songs feel like they've got a bit more texture and shape to them. I think they respect the fact that people want a song to tell a story as well as make them boogie.”

The fruitful first partnership isn’t going to be their last. The band and Sophie are already working on another song. She says, “We will be doing a bit more, definitely. There's another song we're working on at the moment. I think if something works then it's worth persevering with."

Sophie’s forthcoming album was supposed to be released in the summer, but she couldn’t complete it in time after giving birth to a baby boy in February. "The album's pretty much done – we've got about three quarters of the way through it. I was supposed to have finished it earlier in the year but then I had my baby so my schedule changed somewhat," she says.

Sophie started out as an indie artist, but moved to disco music midway. About her latest album, she says, "If anything, the album's going to be a bit more dance and a bit more electro. In the past my albums have featured quite a broad range of genres – a bit of indie, a bit of electro – but this one definitely feels like it's more dance-centric. I've done tracks with Calvin Harris, Metronomy and Liam from the Sneaker Pimps, which is maybe why!"

Sophie says she’s not been able to think of a title for the album, something she’s usually done with before she’s half way through. She says, "I seriously need to think of a title! Usually with albums I come up with something before I've finished half the songs, but this time I've neglected the name so I need to get on it. Maybe I should just use Trip The Light Fantastic again or go down the eponymous route?"

Sophie is married to The Feeling bassist Richard Jones, who often helps her with her music. She says, “Well, we've got a studio at home, so if he's free one afternoon and we need a bassist I'll give him a shout. We tend to go back and forth playing everything that we do to each other anyway. He's got very good instincts for what works so I like his advice."

Sophie says her husband and she don’t share the same taste in music, but they are getting more and more similar. She says, “I think they've gotten more similar over time. He introduced me to a lot of stuff when we first met. He would say that he's got broader tastes than me because he likes everything I listen to but I don't like everything he plays. Recently, he's managed to get me into some of the old country stuff like Vampire Weekend and Sigur Ros, while I've hounded him with disco classics."

Sophie was supposed to release a fourth single from her last album, but didn’t because she began her tour. She says, “I wanted to release 'If I Can't Dance' but I ended up going on tour instead. Then we were planning on doing a greatest hits and releasing a new track from it but I felt that was maybe a bit premature. That's where 'Heartbreak' originally came about. It's all been a bit higgledy-piggledy, but I think we made the right choice."


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sophie Drinks To Kit's Progress

HARMONY is the key to success for singer Sophie Ellis Bextor, who combines motherhood with being a pop star and a top model.

In February Sophie, the face of cosmetics maker Rimmel, gave birth to her second son Kit, who weighed just 2lb 6oz and had to spend his first month in hospital.

Earlier this year she released a single with the Freemasons, Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) and she has written 25 songs for an album due out next year as well as doing several photo shoots.

Speaking in New Orleans, where she was helping the drink maker Southern Comfort to promote its range of cocktails, Sophie, 30, said: “It’s been a pretty hectic year but that’s the way I like it."

“I enjoyed song-writing during pregnancy because I had so much time and there was no pressure to do anything else. When Kit arrived he was just 2lb 6oz and they were worried about him because he should have been 3lb. He was in hospital for a month but he’s great now – well over a stone and doing brilliantly.”

As Kit gained weight, she resumed her song writing and is putting finishing touches to the songs with Los Angeles-based jazz musician Greg Kurstin.

Sophie, whose song Murder On The Dance Floor reached number two in the charts in December 2001, is hoping to release three singles from the album, the first in January.

She will also be doing a UK tour after the album, her fourth, is released next spring and will probably do gigs in Europe and Russia after that.

Sophie is married to The Feeling guitarist Richard Jones and while they were in New Orleans, she left young Kit and her other boy Sonny, five, at home with her mother, former Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis. She may take Sonny to Moscow in the summer.

“I do Russian gigs quite often because I have quite a following,” she said. “Heartbreak was number one there for ages."

“I’ve told Sonny all about Russia and he is very keen to see it for himself. I’m lucky because I can balance work with bringing up the children. I couldn’t be happier.”

Article by James Murray

So, I've highlighted something really important there. Why only 3 singles!? Its like she wants this to be Trip The Light Fantastic part two. Everything is being planned that way. I really wish she brings out more singles from this album. She has recorded the songs with top notch producers, she has got to have an album filled with tracks which are single-material.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A little more about the B1 gig

Sophie's set list at the B1 Maxim Club was quite a power-packed one:
  1. If I Can't Dance
  2. Take Me Home
  3. Me And My Imagination
  4. New York City Lights
  5. Today The Sun's On Us
  6. Catch You
  7. Starlight
  8. China Heart
  9. Get Over You
  10. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)
  11. Murder On The Dancefloor
  12. Heartbreak(Make Me A Dancer)
But it makes me sad to think that Sophie has stopped performing songs from her second album. I would love to see some songs like You Get Yours, Love It Is Love, Party In My Head, Nowhere Without You live..

Anyway, according to a fan Sophie spent 15 minutes after the show in the rain giving autographs and taking photos with her fans. There is a photo of him with her on his blog. There is also a little interview on the way.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Starlight - Live At The B1 Club, Moscow (and a little teaser)

According to the person who posted that video:
"Sophie Ellis-Bextor premieres her new song 'Starlight' during her concert at B1 club in Moscow on October, 22d 2009. She said it may be one of her upcoming singles, but not the first one."

So long as its a single, i'm happy! Thank you Sophie. Your performance was brilliant, and i love the song.

Just a little bit of news

Sophie performed in Moscow recently, and she thanked her audience for being lovely.
"thanks for a great show, moscow audience. you were lovely. x"
Here are some pics from that gig:

and, this -

Sophie is going to have another gigat Cosmo Heels festival soon.
"British pop queen Sophie Ellis-Bextor is coming to perform at Kyiv’s “Cosmopolitan Heels” festival honoring the 10th anniversary of Cosmopolitan Ukraine magazine. The retro-style beauty with strong original vocals and classy disco -pop songs began her career in 1997 singing in an indie band – theaudience. In 2001, she released her debut record “Read My Lips” featuring smash hit “Murder on the Dance Floor.” Since then, she recored two more albums, the latest one being “Trip the Light Fantastic.” Ellis-Bextor's latest hit – collaboration with Freemasons “Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer)” – is currently enjoying a major airplay worldwide."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Love Heist is not a new song at all

Well, according to fascination
"‘Love Heist’ is actually a demo from Sophie’s 3rd album. This is definitely NOT her next single"

Well, there you go. Officially confirmed, not on her 4th album. It was a good track though. I really wish some of these songs are uploaded on iTunes or Napster. This idea has been suggested several times on Sophie's official website, on PopJustice.

Sophie's fans are all willing to pay for the unreleased songs. I wonder why the label hasn't considered this idea at all... If they do consider this, i would love to hear these:
Love Heist - cos the song is amazing!
Dontcha Wanna Get Crazy - i've been crazy about this ever since the title was revealed
Fake Love To Me - doesn't it sound amazing!?
Revenge - i love this song. I would love to hear Sophie's voice on it

FASCINATION please release these on iTunes...

Thanks Wextor for confirming this with Fascination

Sunday, October 18, 2009

in the mood for more Sophie unreleased tracks?

Well here you go then,


(HQ 256 kbps)

Pop Wow is kinda silly. Its a gay anthem, i can so imagine Geri Halliwell doing this. Mr. Friday is very good, it would have been huge if it was a single. Bloody hell! Trip The Light Fantastic should have been a 2CD album. There are so many good songs which are locked up in Sophie's unreleased songs vault! :)

Kudos to Sophie, Paul and Shelly for these two songs!

Here are the lyrics (thanks to Paul "Littlefish" for Pop Wow)

Hey, what's your name?
Been watching you
I noticed too
That you, you look the same
I'd like to see you
You look again

So lets just take it easy
Progressing through the dance
Our words can set the tempo
My heart is beating fast

I need to hold it steady
Because you raised the bar
I feel intoxicated
Show me who you are

Friday brought you to me
Friday finest day of the week
Oh it's a good day when love comes around
Hey Mr. Friday baby, don't leave town

Boy, when you speak
I feel my heart
Skip a beat
Oh a what a night
It's quite a ride
So hold on tight

I introduce the notion
I want to make you mine
I like your loving potion
Drink it down like wine

So now I'm feeling heady
My thoughts are crystal clear
The world is full of wonder
When you are near

Friday brought you to me
Friday finest day of the week
Oh it's a good day when love comes around
Hey Mr. Friday baby, don't leave town

Oh on the one day blues had to go
Because Friday came and stole the show
Hey Mr. Friday, what do you say?
We watch Friday baby, turn into Saturday

Through the night to the sunrise
Every moment I'm with you, I'm so alive
When we wake to a new day
I will be just be waiting till its Friday

Friday brought you to me
Friday finest day of the week
Oh it's a good day when love comes around
Hey Mr. Friday baby, don't leave town

Oh on the one day blues had to go
Because Friday came and stole the show
Hey Mr. Friday, what do you say?
We watch Friday baby, turn into Saturday

Can you read what I think of you?
I feel like you could turn my pages
Don't judge this book by her cover, boy
I want to draw this out for ages

It's coming to midnight, darling
So what are we gonna do?
Don't you feel like you're missing something?
Baby let go

Pop. Wow! Here I am
Oh you turn me on
How about I dress it up
With my high heels on?

Pop. Wow! You and me
Aren't we just the bomb
Plug me in and charge me up
Let's make electric

I feel sparks when I'm next to you
Though I'm trying not to react
Lightning strikes more than once tonight
With every bit of visual content

I'm not in a hurry darling
To make you my very own
What ever will be will happen
I'm out of control

Pop. Wow! Here I am
Oh you turn me on
How about I dress it up
With my high heels on?

Pop. Wow! You and me
Aren't we just the bomb
Plug me in and charge me up
Let's make electric

If I have my way
We'll ride up the dawn
So what do you say?
I can see in your eyes
That tonight is fine
Leave up behind
because I can hear you say
You say "Pop. Wow!"

Pop. Wow! Here I am
Oh you turn me on
How about I dress it up
With my high heels on?

Pop. Wow! You and me
Aren't we just the bomb
Plug me in and charge me up
Let's make electric

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"LOVE HEIST" - Sophie Ellis-Bextor's new song
I think its called Love Heist. Its not on the list of songs that we have right now. It's a brand new song alright. It sounds very country disco to me.. It got me all tingly! You'll love it!
Its very Groovejet meets Murder meets Catch You, with a tinge of theaudience! Yum! Its very very different from what she did on Trip The Light Fantastic (correction, what she released on Trip The Light Fantastic)

EDIT - this is the new single which will be out in Jan next year. Thankfully the single hasn't leaked in full. My inside source confirmed that it is a new song, and it was recorded freshly - 2 or 3 weeks ago. I'm still unsure about who the producer is. But we'll soon find out.

I just collected a few responses from here and there (PJ, UKMix, SEB-online, Youtube)
  • The Johnster - I'm not sure I really like it, it sounds as though its trying to be Not Fair meets Miss You Bow Wow. The middle 8 is nice, but the rest is fairly average in my opinion.
  • SloMover - Return of Murder Sophie? Sort of that organic disco sound and all.
  • Nunya B - I really like it (shocking, I know). Same lyrical themes as Catch You, totally different genre. The chorus is really catchy but not obvious.
  • 3Xs - Oh wow I really like this! Glad she is going back to that Murder sound, that was her best song imho.
  • Axie - Wow, it sounds great. Like a return to roots without recycling old material. I love it!
  • dominic spez - Why is everyone saying this is a return to her Murder sound? It doesn't sound anything like Muder. Sounds fab though.
  • SockMonkey - Great track. Love it. Wouldn't be a hit single, but I already want a proper version! It's definitely an album track or a b-side as opposed to single material.
  • aMusicListener - Sounds a little 'demo' but is still amazing. It can't be the new single. She said it was coming out by January.
  • Ice Cream Skies - I like it very much.
  • toby3000 - love it, I can't wait to have it on CD in 2014....
  • Vignesh - Love it!! Cnt wait for new Sophie Ellis Bextor!
  • IceAngel - Why is her music so perfect for catwalk stuff? They put her songs in a lot of reports from fashion shows etc hehe Cool song
  • franpopstar - I absolutely love Sophie's new song!!!! :D It's amazing!!!! :D
  • djodjo - It's very catchy
So, Sophie, if you're reading this... We're all very proud of you!

Thanks "djodjo" @ Sophie Online, for updating us
Special thanks to

Not really news but..

"Kazakhstan has been very welcolming. Gig great. Off to moscow in 1 hr. Sleep a bit pointless..."
Kazakhstan!! When the hell did she go there!? Moscow means there's going to be another gig. Darn it Sophie. Are you performing any new tracks anywhere?

In other news:
Georgia May Jagger and Coco Rocha are announced as the new faces of beauty brand Rimmel London. The pair will join Kate Moss, Lily Cole and Sophie Ellis-Bextor as icons for the British make-up brand, and will appear in advertising campaigns next year. Now i understand if Coco is taken, but Jagger is "FUGLY"!!! I always thought Moss was disgusting-looking, but now they've picked someone even worse! Oh well, at least Sophie (and Lily) add beauty to their brand!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sophie's fourth album is still in progress - some updates

A few days ago, Sophie tweeted that her official website would get a make-over soon. I couldn't wait, so i changed the header on the blog - what are your thoughts about it? Cos for the first time, its not neat and organised.. Montage, dare i say.
Anyway, the fourth album is still in progress. As Sophie continues to record, we get little bits of information from her official website and her twitter:

Sophie is song-writing in LA. She mentioned this already on her twitter.
"in LA. what should i do while i'm here? any restaurant recommendations? am here to songwrite primarily but can make time to eat of course.."
She has also been flying to Sweeden to add some final touches to her material. Any guesses as to who she is working there? :)

There could be a song called "Let's Go Out", cos that is what i gathered from a Twitter conversation:
Julian: hey sophie, how are you? did yo hear 'let's go out' yet? you likes? jules x
i haven't had the latest version. would love to hear it. i'm sure i'll love it. hope you're good.
can you whizz me a direct message with your email on it and i'll send? x
But this could be wrong speculation. For all we know it is one of the songs he produced and wanted to Sophie to listen if she wanted something similar.

Her official website says she is working with Greg Kurstin again, which i think is a very good thing. I have been saying that she should work with Greg again. I think Fascination is trying to purchase another instant hit for her, well, works for me.
"Working with some of the biggest names in the business, Sophie has got together with Greg Kurstin, who added the sparkle to Sophie’s "Catch You", Kylie Minogue’s hit single “Wow” and some of Lily Allen’s top tracks."

She is working with Andreas Kleerup
"Hitmaker Andreas Kleerup has also been working alongside Sophie, who you will know as the man behind Robyn’s smash No. 1 record “With Every Heartbeat."
I'm not a fan of any of Robyn's works. But i gather that she is liked by a lot of people, so i'm hoping she comes up with something amazing with Kleerup.

There MIGHT be a new single in January. Sophie stated on her twitter that she will have a new single in January. But i'm guessing that is just a possibility, considering her release schedule statistics.
new single in january.. x"

Sophie knew how to play the guitar when she was in theaudience, but she tried not to play because of one funny incident when she played a wrong note (or something like that) live. She also knows how to play the piano. Now she is learning to play a new instrument.
i am going to learn xylophone and play a solo on all my stuff. under a spotlight. wouldn't that be great!"

2 more unofficial mixes of Heartbreak D/L mp3

Two more unofficial mixes of Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer. I haven't heard them yet, so i don't now what they sound like. I'm downloading them right now. Here you go

Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (DJ Nejtrino & DJ Baur Remix)

Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (Dmc Vityok Citi FM Especial Mix)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What's going to happen to Sophie? (with fan responses)

Sophie has a number of public appearances lined up. Its good to know that she is practically everywhere. But is that all we want. Few years ago, Sophie was this little person who made amazing music, but she was not your typical celebrity who is always seen everywhere. Now Sophie is your regular social activist, but her musical career is left dangling somewhere! Will Sophie end becoming a part time musician with her occasional modeling offers and public appearances? Express your views.....

theberen says:
Her management aren't pushy enough & she's throwing her career away. The new album will flop, a GH will be pushed out (& probably another baby as well) & that's it. She sticks to occasional modelling & motherhood.

Rebirth says:
this will be her last regular album and it will flop hard and it's her fault. Maybe she will pull out a "Greatest Hits" in 2 years or 3 years, but that's it...she is not pushy enough, she is waiting for nothing..

Cactuar says:
I think her next single will flop, charting at around #55 or somewhere equivalent, and then the album will be cancelled, and then 4 months later a Greatest Hits nobody knew existed will be released a la Jamelia.

Skelofect says:
I think her 4th album should be called Discussion and it's not in album format, it's in the format of a topic and we just discuss the album. That way it will definitely exist.

RRC says:
She's a strange fixture in British public life, forever popping up in places. I think if she comes back with a great lead single and can sustain interest, she can take as long as she wants, really. Heartbreak didn't exactly storm the charts but it didn't die on its arse, either, which it could well have done given the absence of any real Promo / support.

anfunny2003 says:
The problem is (as everyone keeps saying) that there's so many problems with SEB. Seriously, I think she should just go mad and do a workout DVD and a book and take drugs. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - The Wild Years. Then she can do a raw, gutsy album in 2012.

aMusicListener says:
I think it is Sophie who wants to work further on the album. The label would simply have made her sing a surefire hit by some big producer and get it released soon. I honestly think that Sophie is the one not happy with it and I trust her judgement. I'd rather wait another 6 months for a great record than having a mediocre album released next Monday.

Nunya B says:
I think the problem is SEB has put SEB on the back burner… sigh.

SomethingKindaUgh says:
Being a Sophie Ellis-Bextor fan is about as more stressful than dating

Vasilios says:
I think this album has 15% chances to come out. What about you?

Davidavies says:
She has got to release a single before christmas... I don't care if it's a shitty single that doesn't even make it into the top 100.... (Which it obviously would do, it's Sophie! Let's not forget that "Today The Sun's On Us", which I still love, just scraped into the top 100)... I want a new Sophie single!!

MSernity says:
This is getting slightly ridiculous. I wish she would just release the album, fuck promotion.



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