Monday, November 14, 2011

Bob Sinclar feat. Pregnancy Hormones - Fuck With You

1. What you're going to hear might make you extremely happy, and at the same time really sad. You're going to be very embarrassed when the song is done, but you'll press-play again, cos lets face it, this is the catchiest thing Sophie has done since Catch You.

2. I'm going to quote dsdlovespop's post from PopJustice, "This song is a groundbreaking genre-defining MASTERPIECE." Yes. It's over the top amazing, and if it was a random somebody on this song, I'd play the shit out of it. Oh that chorus and bridge! If she used a tune like this on Make A Scene, it wouldn't have flopped like it did. But I wouldn't change a thing about her album. It's perfect the way it is.

3. Am I embarrassed because Sophie used the F word? Not at all. She's done it before in theaudience. It's actually funny because she seems sort of embarrassed to say the word, so she's using her falsetto for it.

4. She's really trying to be a big thing on the commercial scene, isn't she? Fair enough, everyone wants to make it big. The sad thing is, Sophie Ellis-Bextor just went from that classy-but-slightly-eccentric-posh-diva on Starlight to this trashy man-stealing-Ho. What really confuses me is that she was just singing about girls like this on her own album, and she's now playing that character. Explain yourself Bextor, NOW.

5. By now, you'd have reached the middle-8. Brace yourself, you might have a stroke. Surely she couldn't have been in her right senses when this decision was taken, don't you agree? Maybe, like ansintheboy said on PopJustice "she's taking the piss out of 'rent-a-rapper'", or maybe she's just FUCKING wit her fans...we know she loves to do that anyway.

6. To sum up:
  • Sophie Ellis-Bextor just achieved the newest low in the world.
  • Bob Sinclar took the purest thing in pop and turned it into the next Britney Spears. Shame on you man.
  • I blame Sophie's pregnancy hormones for this (sorry love, I'm extremely happy for you and the baby, but clearly you weren't in the right mind when you sang this song.)
  • The cover is rather lovely though.
Here's the song: Bob Sinclar feat. Pregnancy Hormones - Fuck With You. Apparently the song is going to be the soundtrack to some movie.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fifth album, Bob Sinclar collaboration and more

So, SMEB's busy working on her fifth record. But here are the recent updates:

1. Not so long ago, Sophie mentioned that she had worked with Bob Sinclar. Well, the collaboration is included on his album "Disco Crash" which will be out in January. We still don't know what the song-title is and who the co-writers are. Let's hope it's a melancholic disco song...

2. I have already mentioned a new song title that surfaced recently. For those of you who don't remember, its "Love Is A Camera", co-written with Ed Harcourt. It seems like she has written a new song called "My Hearts Desire" with Fred Ball.

3. Also, Fred Ball mentioned Sophie on his Logbook saying. "Writing more tunes with lovely Sophie. Taking inspiration from She-Ra, Thundercats and Marshall Bravestarr. 'Speed of the puma, eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf....'"
Here's hoping for another out-of-this-world song! (Right, picture from Fred's blog)

4. Bex is also going to perform at Abu Dhabi again. She is performing at two events this time. More details here -



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