Thursday, April 8, 2010

Straight To The Heart may have a Circus themed artwork

Remember this - "I think we want to do something which is a bit looser and more informal than we have done before. I've done lots of lovely things where it's been quite diva-ish and distant, and I do really like that angle for pop. But now that it's album four, I feel like it might be OK to show a slightly different side of me. Maybe something a little bit more playful."

Well, Sophie tweeted saying, "i am all sparkly today after a circus themed photo shoot yesterday"

I'm a little surprised that they didn't stick to the pictures where Sophie was made to shout out words while the photographer took pictures. That was done back when the album was called Make A Scene (oh the good days!)

Anyway, that tweet left me with an image of the Britney Spears' artwork for her recent album Circus. That was horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible! I hope Sophie's artwork turns out to be good. I was skeptical about trampolines, paint and hula hoops before the video for Bittersweet came out; so now i have learned not to make an opinion before i actually see it.

Radio 1 have playlisted songs which are out on the 16th of May but they haven't even C-Listed Bittersweet. Radio 2 have played the song once, so far. If the song doesn't get playlisted on Radio 2 in a week's time, then i think it would be time for us to panic...


Disaster9 said...

Not the BLOODY circus theme, goddamit! It's been done to death! Britney Spears, P!nk, Christina Aguilera, Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi- easily some of the biggest names internationally. Why Sophie, WHY?

Eden said...

I dont see no harm with the circus theme you know... if she worked with creative people, she can come up with really nice concepts and photos!!! we'll just have to wait and see!!

Fran said...

I love the circus theme!! It's gotta be really funny!! :D
By the way, F***ING BBC RADIO!!!!! ¬¬

Daniel said...

hey at least you guys are getting some sophie on the radio! i'm from canada and just stumbled on this site (it's awesome by the way). and SEB is non existant here. i wish she would get a little publicity here somehow - cd imports are so expensive!



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