Saturday, April 24, 2010

DID I leaks - Sophierazzi EXCLUSIVE

(thank you dedei for sharing this with the world - same guy who gave us Pop Wow & Mr. Friday)

Remember the song "DID I"? Well, here you go (new link)
It's an amazing song. It hasn't made it onto her new album. Cheers

Here's what i heard on the song
Do you
Still see me the way that you used to
Remember the streets that we ran through
The corners that held our embrace

The feeling was right
We were young and we lived for the night
All around us the city was out
Can we still find that place?

Can i forget
Is it all in my head
I can't be sure anymore
Was something lost
In the moments we share
Why do i wish we were there


Did I
Did we?
Give up our love easily
Did I
Did we?
We'll never know cos you left it all upto me

You don't have the answers you're just right
To do what is right
But did i, why do these questions remain

Still so fresh in my mind
The last time where we said our goodbye
We'd no choice, oh we just has to try
And get over the pain

Cos we had our journey
The rush and the ride
Life carried on all the same
Now who's to say
We were wrong, we were right
I'd do it all over again

Did I
Did we?
Give up our love easily
Did I
Did we?
We'll never know cos you left it all upto me


Disaster9 said...

Thank you! I can't wait to listen to it!

Listening to it now, I quite like the direction, though it is quite an album track, isn't it? But the transition to the chorus is fantastic, really love the chances she took with the arrangements.

Kim said...

YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you, and thank you Dedei (who is credited in the post). I love it. Its like a mix of Dear Jimmy and Take Me With You

Makke said...

Okhay... Now I think that this is not really 'Straigh to the Heart' style, so it's probabply good it didn't make it to the album... But how on earth does Sophie get such awesome tracks like this made and unreleased? o.O
I finally heard 'Take Me with You' the other week (it leaked 2009 already?) and was totally surprised it was not released anywhere officially. Or was it? Anyways, she has some weirdly good unreleased tracks in her backpocket. :)

Eden said...

When I first saw the post, I didnt realize that there's a song to download, I only thought there are lyrics, I wasnt expecting such an amazing surprise. That Dedei is a bliss!!!
@ Makke: well take me with you leaked last year and Kau also did an edit to it!!! so when you say that you heard it, does it mean you managed to get it in HQ???? if sooooo, please share it with us :)))))) or anyone, if you have it in HQ, please do so :) thanks

Wextor said...

Thanks Kau, Thanks Dedei! Love it so much! But is it really from STTH? It sounds TTLF...

Makke said...

@Eden Oh is it an edit? I've only heard the version someone has uploaded to YouTube. But very good anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW THAT SONG IS FUCKING GOOD. Who is it produced by? If something like this got left off the album, then i can't wait to listen to the rest of the tracks.

by the by your site is awesome...keep up the good work!

Eden said...

@Makke: no no, it's a complete song that leaked last year, but the end of it wasnt good, so Kau did an edit and fixed the ending in a better way!

Fran said...

Thank U!! It's an amazing song!! x

Lee B. said...


M. said...

Thumbs up!! I like. As always THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Great song really like the chorus thanks Kaushik.
Don't know if this has been mentioned already,
But I was watching mtv dance top 50 Summer Dance Anthems
Yesterday Which was presented by sophie and she mentioned that she worked With Roger Sanchez
for his new album :)
so with the collaboration with the feeling we can now expect 2 extra tracks from our sophie.

kaushik said...

@Charlie - YOU'RE NOT KIDDING RIGHT?? Roger Sanchez? Wow! I'm really looking forward to that now

@everyone - You're welcome guys!

Eden said...


I gave it a listen and just for the lyrics, there is smthg to change :
To do what is right
But (Then) did i, why do (the) questions remain

I do hope that news about Roger Sanchez is true :D

Eden said...

hehe one more thing:

We'd no choice, oh we just (had) to try

LEON said...

Lovely song , Sophie sang this beautifully

Anonymous said...

NO KIDDING i even rewinded the part to be sure it was for his new album called WORK IT OUT.

kaushik said...

Do you have the whole show taped Charlie? could you upload it somewhere for us?

kaushik said...

@Wextor, sorry i didn't see your comment earlier. I think its from STTH not TTLF. TTLF never had this title in the list on unreleased songs. This only surfaced recently on S-Online boards, remember?

And the electronic sounds dont really sound TTLF to me, i could be wrong though

Anonymous said...

well I don't think that's possible because i recorded on video(i know im a dinosaur)
and its like 4 hours long with maybe 10 minute of sophie talking.

bad news she's not @ number one any more on the mtv dance chart
we need to do more voting!!!



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