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Digital Spy Interview + Album Chart Show + confirmed tracklist

This is a no nonsense post. Enjoy.

Following last year's summer smash with the Freemasons, 'Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)', Sophie Ellis-Bextor has proved that lightning can indeed strike twice by teaming up with the dance duo again from her cracking newbie 'Bittersweet'. In the middle of a promo tour for the single - and mere minutes before she was due on live telly - we managed to grab a quick chat with Mademoiselle E-B herself.

What's the response to the new single been like?
"Good, it all seems positive so far. I probably shouldn't say this but I think it sounds really good on the radio! I'm happy with how it's all shaping up."

What sort of chart position are you hoping for?
"God, I honestly haven't given it that much thought. I think whatever position means that the next single gets support and the album does OK. I think the more important thing is that it hangs around - a bit of longevity would be good, please!"

Have you decided what the next single's going to be?
"It's going to be 'Off And On', the track penned by Calvin Harris and Cathy Dennis."

You posted 'Off And On' on your MySpace page a while ago - are you worried that will affect sales?
"Nah, I don't think that's how things work anyway. I put 'Heartbreak' up a while before I released that too. Lily Allen put 'The Fear' up on her MySpace about a year before it came out and it still did really well. It's a new mix of the song too."

Any ideas on what the video will be like?
"Well, ages ago there was talk about 'Off And On' being the first single and I was approached by [director] Sophie Muller and she had some really good ideas for the video. I think it was something to do with having a fairground on my face! Hopefully we can revisit that idea because it sounds intriguing! I'd be foolish not to see what that's all about, wouldn't I?"

Is the album ready to go now?
"Yes, there's one song that needs a final tweek, and then we'll master it and sort out a running order, and then we're done. I think the next single will be out the last week of July and the album will be out the following week. Knowing me, that could all change, but that's what I've been told!"

There's an especially dancey song on your album called 'Revolution' - what's the story behind it?
"Well, I wrote it with Greg Kurstin and Cathy Dennis and it was actually the quickest song to write on my whole album. We started work at midday and Cathy had to leave by 4pm, and we even had time for some lunch outside in the garden, so it was probably about three hours' work. I think it sounds great - really fresh and quite heavy. The best bit is that it refers to 'Murder On The Dancefloor'."

Was the reference to 'Murder On The Dancefloor' intentional?
"Yes, very much so! It wasn't my idea - I think I'm too British to think of something like that - but Cathy suggested it and I really liked the idea. I think it's great if you've been around a while to reference yourself."

Do you think it will be a single in the future?
"I think so, maybe after 'Off And On'? The third single will either be 'Revolution' or a track called 'Starlight', which was produced by Richard X. I think that's quite a pretty song. I like all the songs on the album though, so I don't really mind what's a single."

What's your favourite track on the album?
"I like all the ones we've been talking about, but there's another song I did with Richard X called 'Magic' which I really like. I always know a song is a favourite when I start imagining myself on galloping horses - that often means I'm onto a winner! There's also a song called 'Dial My Number' which has a great electro vibe."

Would describe it as a dance album?
"Very much so - more so than any of my other albums. What I'm planning next though is an album that's really different. I think I need to do something different now and move on from the dance stuff. I might come back to it, but I think this album is a good way to bow out of the dance sound for now. I think it's finishing on a high."

Any ideas of what sound you might take on next?
"Yes, but I won't say just in case I change my mind! It's still couple of years away, but I still like thinking about these things now."


(many thanks to Paul)

Gay Times Magazine, May 2010 - Sophie discusses each track. (someone please buy the mag and send in a transcript)
Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)
Off & On
Cut Straight To The Heart
Dial My Number
Under Your Touch
(hidesebastian from the PJ forums just posted that Not Giving Up On Love is a part of the album, no need to panic)

She's done a duet with The Feeling on their upcoming album. It's called "Leave Me Out Of It". Oh and there's a bit of French on Under Your Touch. And the vocoder on Under Your Touch makes it sound like a Pet Shop Boys track - very good!

Here's what i hear, if anyone wants the lyrics:


Come, the night is waiting
I want to waste it on you
Voulez Vous?

Come, this invitation
Is only open to you
What you got to lose?

If i could be under your touch
Nothing would take me away
Cos i've been dreaming you up
Again and again

Baby i'm so ready for love
I'm so ready for love
Want to be under your touch
(Want to be under your touch)

You, you got me thinking
I'll break tradition for you
And make a move

Yeah you, my neon vision
My sole ambition to love
Let's make it true

If i could be under your touch
Nothing would take me away
Cos i've been dreaming you up
Again and again

Baby i'm so ready for love
I'm so ready for love
Want to be under your touch
(Want to be under your touch)

The way you've made me fall
It isn't logical
I had a craze and now all i want is you

So don't look and see
Come put your hands on me
On and on, nobody else will do

If i could be under your touch
Nothing would take me away
Cos i've been dreaming you up
Again and again

Baby i'm so ready for love
I'm so ready for love
Want to be under your touch
(Want to be under your touch)


Lee B. said...

Soooooo happy about 2 Richard X tracks! Fascination never got back to me but now I know... I hope we get Immune to Love as a b-side or a bonus track now. Also hope we get to hear the Pascal Gabriel and Jim Eliot tracks.

MakkeBernhard said...

They've included all the good stuff on the album, yay! <3 Can't wait to hear Revolution. .__.

Fran said...

According to, "Bittersweet" is currently holding the #35 spot with 65 spins on the Top 40 most played tracks on Capital FM.
That's really nice!!

Daniel said...

can someone upload the album chart show on youtube? the megauploads don't work for me.. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe how they said "under your touch" is awful! It's bloody brilliant! Maybe not a single, but a hot hot album track!!!!! I love it! I was singing it just after the second chorus on the first time I've seen it! Thanks for the file!!!

Fran said...

"Under Your Touch" is really amazing & quite catchy!! ^^

Daniel said...

why was revolution cut out of the show?

kaushik said...

Revolution was probably not aired because it's going to be a future single. Maybe they didn't want to give it away so early, if that makes any sense.

And yes, Under Your Touch is amazing.

Dan, i'm sorry, i'm really busy at the moment. I hope someone else uploads it on youtube for you...



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