Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Right now, everything you need to know about Bittersweet

thanks to irishguy28 for this.


Release: 3 May 2010

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, purveyor of some of the finest pop music of the past decade, is set to release her brand new single, Bittersweet, on 3rd May through Fascination Records. It is the lead track from her fourth solo album. Bittersweet is a compelling, emotive epic with dramatic wooshes, tick-tocking drum machines and cold Eighties synth. It’s the euphoric, guaranteed pop moment of the spring. The new single is one of two songs to come out of Sophie’s collaboration with Freemasons. It’s the second time Sophie has worked with the Brighton-based producers, following their work together on Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer), which was a Top 10 hit for Sophie last summer in the UK and also became her biggest selling single across Europe. Sophie comments: “They’re really good at celebrating the song, embracing as much pop and melody as they can. It was a natural collaboration and came together surprisingly easily.” Sophie’s album is due in the summer and her work with Freemasons is typical of how the rest of the album came together. All but two tracks on the album were co-written, the diverse team of writer/producers including: Freemasons, Greg Kurstin, Calvin Harris, Cathy Dennis, Metronomy, Richard X and Armin Van Buuren. “I collaborated with a lot of people but wanted a cohesive bunch of songs, not a scattergun approach, and I think we’ve really achieved that.”

CD Single - catalogue number 2737676
7" Single - catalogue number 2737677

Tracklists and Artwork: TBC
(Sophia Loren - rumoured b-side)

TV: Video added straight onto The Box, Chart Show, MTV Dance, Clubland and Starz.
(Keep voting for the video at MTV Dance - Sophie is currently at #1, but keep voting so she stays there. There's no limit on voting. Just refresh the page or clear your cookies.
Also, keep voting for bittersweet here - She was at a higher spot, but now she is down to #11, you can vote once in 15 minutes, but you'll have to clear your cookies. Please vote...)

Online: Perez Hilton ran the online exclusive of the video and it had over 20k hits in less than 24 hours!

TV Campaign:
April 15:
Album Chart Show - 5 tracks
April 20: GMTV film piece
April 23: Album Chart Show – 5 tracks.
April 24: MTV Dance take over – 2 hour special.
April 28: GMTV performance and chat
May 1: 4 Music: The Crush
May 5: Loose Women
May 5: 4 Music: The Crush repeat
May 7: Live At Studio 5 - performance
8 May: Saturday Kitchen
Plus: Confirmed, but still awaiting tx dates, Koko Pop- performance, 5.19, Pocket TV, Teen Nic and Freshly Squeezed.

Radio: Single went straight onto Capital, Hit Network and Galaxy – 6 weeks upfront. Currently on Capital and Hit Network B list, Galaxy daytime C list and Kiss Playlist. Also added to 102 Spire FM, 105-106 Real Radio (Wales), Atlantic FM, 106-108 Real Radio (Yorkshire), Juice FM, Viking FM, BBC Radio 2, Citybeat, Cool FM, Gaydar Radio, Heat Radio, Isle Of Wight Radio, Leicester Sound, Metro Radio, RAM FM, Red Dragon and Trent FM.
More adds to come…
(Two radio shows were up for download on the blog)

March 2:
Music Week Playlist
March 9: Attitude Single preview
April 7: Marie Claire 4 page feature
April 7: Attitude Feature
April 9: The English Home Feature
April 21: Gay Times Feature
April 26: Bliss Q & A
May 2: Live/Mail on Sunday Feature
May 2: Sunday Mirror Mag Cover
May 2: Fabulous Body And Soul feature
May 2: Sunday Telegraph Mah Feature
May 3: Metro 60 Second Interview
May 4: Stylist Feature
May 4: Closer Fridgeraider
TBC: The Times Weekend Feature/Cover

1. Locking down homepage features with ASOS and Fashionair (to run prior to single release)
2. Extensive communication with database and working to drive new fans to sign up
3. Behind the scenes at the video film piece to run across Sun Online (tbc)
4. Heavyweight online ad campaign across ASOS, MSN Messenger, Pop Justice, Facebook and Gorilla Nation
5. Radio advertising from Sunday 2nd May through to Friday of release across Capital and Galaxy network


While moving 21-4 Upfront, Sophie Ellis-Bextor is back on top of the Commercial Pop chart for the first time in three years, and the fifth time in all, thanks to Bittersweet. Ellis Bextor was last on the list in summer 2009, as guest vocalist on The Freemasons’ Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) which pulled up a notch short of the top. Ellis-Bextor’s relationship with The Freemasons continues – they contributed the lead mix of Bittersweet, which was also given a Jodie Harsh makeover.


Fran said...

Wow!!!!! :-)

rx said...

Good news! I have Pre Ordered Bittersweet a couple of days ago :)

I hope that she will also tour in The Netherlands because I don't plan another waste trip to the UK for maybe nothing... ;-)

Pete said...

The Album Chart Show - Sophie Ellis Bextor Special: This episode features an interview with Sophie Ellis Bextor, who also performs songs from her new album

10:55 T4: THE ALBUM CHART SHOW... 35 MINS - Thursday April 15th Channel 4 (UK)

^^^^ Woo!

Renzo said...

Yes, is Thursday April 15th, not April 23th...

kaushik said...

yep, 23rd might be a repeat. 15th is what i told my friend, and he is going to record the whole show. Let's see....

Lee B. said...

I might get the 7" if it's a lovely picture disc and if it comes with a code to download the b-side. Quite a few new vinyl releases do that but I don't think Fascination do?

Also I can't believe she's got a show special! I thought it was just going to be a regular show with them just showing Bittersweet and Heartbreak or Groovejet, but if we get to hear Revolution and Under Your Touch it will be most pleasing!!! :D

scottwaterson3789 said...

Can't wait to see the perfomarmances! i've missed seeing sophie on tv! such a great blog to thanks!

kaushik said...

hey, you're welcome! i'm glad my blog helped you :)

the artwork for Bittersweet is out.. check the new post



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