Thursday, April 15, 2010

More about Sophie's new track 'Homewrecker'

It's not another title for Not Giving Up On Love. Homewrecker (click here to check ASCAP) is co-written with Greg Kurstin and Lindy Robbins. Now i'm a little concerned about Not Giving Up... After all the nice things she said about the song, she left it off the tracklist? But then again, her recent tweet has left me in confusion. She tweeted Armin saying "just been listening to Not Giving Up On Love really loud and it sounds amazing. i love it! very excited." Are we getting UK Bonus tracks? Is it going to be a hidden track? Or is it going to be a b-side? I wish we get more information about the album soon.

And i must say, Under Your Touch is really really good. I've been singing the chorus all through, and i've only watched the performance twice. This album is going to be great, i just know it! Sophie tweeted, "is it wrong of me to say i love my album? because i do. big shout out to all the producers involved. your work sounds lush."
Here is the performance on youtube - (thanks to Arrs)

By the way, here's part two of the Total Access interview with Simon Morykin -


Wextor said...

Hi Kau, just loved that you share the lyrcis of Under Your Touch. I really loved this track =D Thank you, Wx.

Eden said...

I think this UYT is very nice, and that it is going to be the same for all the album tracks, it's going to be a great one!
I really want NGUOL to be on it, Armin is very talented and all the armin fans would consider getting Sophie's album and get to know more her music!

Eden said...

Well, I know what I'll say isnt related to Sophie, but I've been waiting so long for this song and the video has been released.
It's called "the flood" by Katie Melua. Everything in it is amazing, the melody, the lyrics, her voice and the singer also.
Well her new album is going to be smthg since William Orbit is the producer!!! I hope you like it.

So since Sophie seems to have her mind set on changing her style soon, I hope she would consider working with him, he's a genius and collaborated with huge names, Madonna included!

Dirk said...

I hope, this album won't get any iTunes exclusive bonustracks which aren't available in every country. I hate US or UK or Germany only bonustracks. That's the most stupid thing of the complete digital-release-thing. (besides previous Sophie albums have two or more UK-only bonustracks - I don't appreciate that recordlabel politic)

Daniel said...

hey guys, if you didn't know you can preorder bittersweet from AND it comes autographed by sophie!!! ps. isn't not giving up on love an old kylie song that wasn't used for X?

Kim said...

No, it's not a Kylie song, even though it's the same title. Sophie co-wrote this song. Don't worry

kaushik said...

Thanks Wex!!



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