Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sophie's king-size aspirations

I know we don't have the 4th record in our hands yet, but is it wrong to be totally excited about her 5th record already? Ever since Sophie said that she might change her direction, i've been hoping that she embraces her indie side again. Well, she might actually do along -

Sophie Ellis-Bextor would like to work with rock group Kings of
Leon or electronic rockers Daft Punk.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor wants to work with Kings of Leon.

The 31-year-old singer would like to try a new direction with her future
material and has a number of collaborations in mind including with rockers The
Killers and electric outfit Daft Punk. She said: "I'd love to work with
someone really different like the Killers or Kings of Leon. I think it would be
good to do something really in a completely different direction. Daft Punk would
be great fun as well."

However, she's keen to make sure she doesn't alienate her fans by
taking a complete U-turn in her style. She said: "I don't know if I want to
do something that's different just for the sake of it so it might be quite a
logical step away. But still, I don't want to exclude anybody. It has to make
sense. The sort of music I make is the sort of music I listen to. It's got to be
something I have the same passion for."

The 'Bittersweet' singer also admits she is scared about becoming
irrelevant with the rise new singers like Ellie Goulding and Florence and the
Machine. She told BANG Showbiz: "I think relevance is very much the sort of
fear you have. You want to keep being relevant to what's going on. If I'm
honest, that's the biggest fear when you work in an arena like pop. It's very
much about the here and now. But I'm very happy to be doing what I do. It's nice
to be wanted."

I know i'm going to be happy. But i'm not too sure if the rest of her fans would accept it. I know theaudience is still very unpopular among majority of her fans. Frankly, i don't know why. She's an indie kid, she should do some indie, if you ask me.
Anyway, Sophie talked about her wishlist on The Album Chart Show. I hope she has Kaiser Chiefs and Pet Shop Boys in there too. I'd definitely like to see an album half filled with indie songs and the other half with her famous dance-pop songs. I'd love it if she collaborated with Scissor Sisters, Freemasons (again), Groove Armada, Pet Shop Boys and Daft Punk for the dance-pop stuff. She should work with Kaiser Chiefs, Kish Mauve, The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Alex James (again) on some indie songs. Oooh... how wonderful would that be!?


Lee B. said...

I wouldn't mind if it was "indie" in a Kish Mauve / indie-electronica kinda way but I would not want her ditching the keyboards completely.

Now, I'm not a verse to a bit of rock but pop, dance and electronica are what rocks my music socks. Sophie going all indie, singer-songwriter rock chick would not be something I'd like and I don't think it would suite her now.

Yes, going a bit more experimental but staying electronic I would love! Kish Mauve, Ladyhawke, Mirwais, Metronomy, Richard X etc. all that type of stuff I'd love to hear from her.

Disaster9 said...

I think it really depends on what kind of indie she's heading in for. Theaudience was nice (the music suited her vocals) but overall it seemed to be catering for a niche market.

I'm hoping she goes indie like Two Door Cinema Club; crisp electric guitars, synthesizers, a modern sense of pop/rock and amazingly catchy songs. Or lacking that, something like the Ting Tings would be bloody brilliant.

Mathew said...

I absolutely love her work with theaudience and I think Shoot From the Hip was the closest she's gotten to 'indie-pop' since then. I would love if she moved towards that direction again :D

kaushik said...

Has anyone heard stuff by "The Bang Bang Club" and "Penguin Prison". I'd definitely want her to do something like that. That's indie pop with a whole lot of synths.

if you haven't heard them, look up on youtube
The Bang Bang Club - Chemistry
Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets



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