Thursday, April 22, 2010

Digital Spy update about the 4th album

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has revealed the tracklisting for her upcoming album. Straight To The Heart, due for release in July, will feature 12 tracks including the singer's Freemasons collaboration, 'Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)', and her new single 'Bittersweet'.

In an interview with Gay Times, Ellis-Bextor confirmed that songwriters and producers who have worked on the album include Calvin Harris, Richard X, Hannah Robinson, Cathy Dennis, Greg Kurstin, Ed Harcourt and Joe Mount.

She also revealed that one track, 'Dial My Number', was inspired by a "text stalker" she has, while another, 'Homewrecker', is about "girls who flirt with your boyfriend right under your nose, which is very annoying".

Ellis-Bextor, 31, has released three previous studio albums since launching her solo career in 2000, notching up seven top ten hits with tracks including 'Groovejet (If This Is Love)', 'Murder On The Dancefloor' and 'Catch You'.

The Straight To The Heart tracklisting in full:
Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)
Off & On
Cut Through The Heart
Dial My Number
Under Your Touch


BLOODY HELL THE ARMIN TRACK IS MISSING. After all that hype. There better be an explanation for this, and that better have "UK BONUS TRACK" written all over it.

EDIT - Sophie tweeted saying "armin track is on the album x"... sorry for all that drama folks. I was really looking forward to hearing that song. And he's the world's #1 DJ. That's some goodwill that Sophie can cash on, in my opinion.


Makke said...

Aww don't worry, I'm quite sure 'Not Giving Up On Love' will be released, one way or the other. Either as a bonus track or a B-side. :) Otherwise we'll spam her twitter account and call her a "piglet". <3

Disaster9 said...

Maybe she's saving it up for the greatest hits? I doubt she'd just omit a song she kept on mentioning.

Joh X nn said...

She says it's on the album (which I think is bad, how can you put a trance track on a Sophie album ><) so don't panick.

Fran said...

Sophie confirmed on her twitter it's on the album!! :D Yayy!

Eden said...

It's really disappointing not to have the track on the album!!!
Having it as a B-side or Bonus track is better than not having it but it isnt really useful, it wont have any positive impact on the album sales!!! such a horrible management behind Sophie!!!
Even if it's a Trance song, Armin is so talented and sometimes his kind of trance is very close to electro dance pop which fits perfectly with Sophie's 4th album direction!
And saving it for the greatest hits album...for heaven's sake, it's just good that we finally have an album! it will take 10 more years to have smthg new! :P

Makke said...

Indeed. I'm still scared about Sophie getting pregnant, again. xDD
Btw I'm also a bit..bittersweet about the fact that Kylie's new album is gonna be out in July and Sophie's no sooner than in August.

Just wondering if Kylie's album will "steal" all the attention... Then again I love Kylie (too) so much that I don't mind that much when I get her album on my hands. :D And oh well, Bittersweet's out sooner anyway, so maybe I just worry too much.

kaushik said...

Makke, i'm worried about the same thing too. I'm a Kylie fan too, but i know i'm definitely going to like Sophie's album better. Kylie's is going to be good too, but for me, Sophie's will be better. It has always been that way.

I hope Kylie's album does not overshadow Sophie's album. I really hope Sophie does well on the charts. She really needs to work her arse off to get her singles to chart somewhere near Kylies.

Or maybe if Kylie's singles flop, then Sophie might have a chance. I'm a Kylie fan, so i don't want to hope for a flop for her, but if things don't start looking better for Sophie, i might have to pray for Kylie to flop. (not like my prayers will make a big difference, but whatever)

Eden said...

lol well Kau & Makke, you could really count that it's going to be fierce between Sophie and Kylie!
I heard a snippet of Kylie new single "all the lovers" and it sounds very very promising!!! to a point when it was posted on her site, it crashed down cos of the enormous load on the site!
Personnally, I think that Sophie needs to release the whole album in June and to avoid all summer competition!!!
Her only way out of this whole thing is to work with David guetta!!!! he's the man of the year!! just check out the Kelly Rowland's new song "commander", it's done by him, and it sure is a summer anthem!

Eden said...

Oh and did I forget to mention that Madonna's next single "boom" is expected to be released this summer and guess what, Guetta is behind it!!! lol am not promoting him, but I just think that a collab SEB/Guetta would be beyond amazing!

Makke said...

Eww, no offense to anyone but I just got something against Guetta, which I really don't know how to describe (possibly 'cause I've had enough of straight Finnish guys "dancing" to the sound of 'Sexy Bitch' lol). :D
Though I have to admit he DID better Madonna's Revolver a huge bit (the album version sucks socks). But no, no Sophie & Guetta stuff, atleast not too much. :DD

Anyways, Kylie's album is truly arousing ambivalent feelings 'cause it indeed will be released before 'Straing to the Heart' and with Stuart Price being the executive producer on 'Aphrodite' there's absolutely no doubt it will be perfect (and marketed a lot better than 'X' anyway... Who the hell decided not to release 'The One' as a physical single? Not that I suffer too much about it, I got the Asian Tour Edition.....But still, that was so lame.).

Therefore Sophie indeed has to work her arse off to stand out, with all the good music (anyone else noticed how REALLY good music seems to appear between every 9-10 years [2000/2001 - 2009/2010] and no less? That is if we ignore 'Confessions on a Dancefloor', but Madonna's ahead of everyone in everything anyway....) coming out this year.

But if someone asked me which album would I recommend the most this year, it'd definitely be our Sophie's, no doubts about that. :)



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