Friday, April 2, 2010

Magic is on Fascination's playlist

Magic is on Fascination's official playlist. That could possibly mean that it's on Sophie's forthcoming album. So i guess we have all twelve tracks figured out then.
Thanks to Dan for the update
Amazon (and eBay) have listed Sophia Loren as the b-side to Bittersweet. But, it hasn't been officially confirmed yet.
Thanks to Fran for the update


Lee B. said...

This went up after I e-mailed them to ask if Magic was going to be on the album, the teasers haha... I also begged for them to put it on the alum even as a bonus track if it's not part of the main tracklist.

I wanted to e-mail you this info but I couldn't find any e-mail address to contact you, anyway I'll post it here. I asked Richard X himself before I asked Fascination whether it'll be on and he replied, here's basically what he said -

1. He thinks Magic is on there, it was on a few weeks ago but tracklists always change up to the last minute.

2. Starlight is definitely on.

3. Immune to Love may be a b-side.

I'm a big Richard X fan so I really hope we get to hear all the tracks Sophie did with him. The thought of Sophie + Richard X tracks is too good!

Fascination haven't e-mailed me back yet, hope they do and I really hope Magic will be on the album... her work with Richard X is something I've been really looking forward to hearing since I found out she was working with him all those months ago for a GH!
So yeah, I'll be disappointed if we just get Starlight when I know there's two other tracks she did with him waiting to be heard :(

Sorry for the long post, I'm way too excited about the Sophie + Richard X tracks!

kaushik said...

That's alright Lee. I appreciate the fact that you decided to post this. Thank you for the info.

Also, i added a contact me link on the site. If you ever need to contact me about anything, feel free to do so.

Once again, thanks for sharing this bit of info with the rest of us, i will post about it soon.




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