Thursday, April 29, 2010

Official catch up - G.A.Y Talk


You've changed the name of the album to Straight To The Heart.
Well, in a lot of ways, people shouldn't really have known about the working title because Make A Scene was one of the first songs I wrote for the record so I had that in my head. When I came to finish the album, the label were asking, "What are you going to call it?" and I hadn't really given it much thought but I had been calling it Make A Scene and they said "we like that" so we stuck with it,. But then I thought I'd quite like the chance to think about it a bit. It was quite cool because I got to use Twitter in it's purest form saying, "right, I'm changing the title". I like the fact that you can have a very direct hotline to fans without having to go through a load of emails and phone calls.

You seem to be back on Twitter recently.
I kind of go in and out of it. I'm starting to think I might use it as a consumer rights sort of thing where I can do little tweets about when I feel I've had good service or bad service. Whether it be restaurant and food related or in shops.

It's nice to feel you can tell a few people how rubbish a company are.
Exactly. That's what I'm thinking I might do. I might say, like for example, Ryanair, you should be able to check in one bag for a family as long as it doesn't exceed the individual baggage allowance when it's all combined. You shouldn't have to go and buy a separate bag to half fill two bags. It's rules for rules' sake and it just drives me insane. They just find any way to make money.

Indeed. So, why Straight To The Heart?
It's a lyric from a song I did for the album. And I think it sits in well with all the other album titles. I'm happy.

How was your gig at The Feeling's festival in Meribel?
That was such a good week. It was like a holiday really, with a little bit of work. Everyone was on very good form and we had loads of great weather. It was really hot actually and I did some skiing which I'm a bit of a new-comer to but I like it.

What do you wear on the slopes? Are you high fashion on the slopes?
I don't think that's possible. I think ski-wear is generally pretty grim. I got some nice stuff from this label, I think they're called Roxy. They're like the female Quicksilver and I just went for very plain stuff really. I did see some quite cute old French women in like all-in-ones with, like, normal belts on top of them. That looked quite cool. And someone had Chanel ski boots. I was quite jealous of those, although she was about seventy.

And the gig went well?
Yeah it was really good. It was exhausting because I was up in the morning skiing and then at night there were loads of gigs. We had at least two things on per night. But there was a really good atmosphere and everyone played really well.

And now you've got G-A-Y coming up?
I have, yeah.

You're an old hand at that.
Yeah, I love it. It's always a good night. They're a good crowd - very loyal.

You must have played G-A-Y as much as anyone?
Probably. I've certainly lost count. I don't do it every single, but most singles.

And you did the Album Chart Show recently.
Yeah, with the band. That was fun. I have been doing a few bits of telly. I did something for GMTV and some MTV stuff. But I think they're all going out "strategically"!

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