Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bittersweet - The radio response

Okay, i don't know if we should be worried or not, but it seems like the radios aren't supporting her all over again. Someone on PopJustice said:

"If you look at the Compare My Radio website, it would seem
that the only radio station supporting Bittersweet has already dropped the song.
Scroll down to track play history.
I hope Team Sophie have some sort of back-up plan
because if this album's campaign was supposed to ride on Bittersweet than it is
not looking very good."

Now i don't know how radio stations work there, but if requests are allowed, i hope you guys are requesting for the song. Some people say that Radio 1 and Radio 2 are the major stations who have wide audiences, and without their support, it is very difficult to sell a song. Sophie was lucky with Heartbreak, even though Radio 1 didn't support her, she managed to sell in millions, and chart on the higher side of the Top20. But at least Sophie had a whole lot of performances on TV, but so far, i've seen nothing.

A friend of mine told me that Bittersweet is getting played on TV, but it was played late in the night. I haven't seen the video on VH1 or MTV as yet. Again, i don't know if i should be worried, because the single isn't out before May, so there's plenty of time for it to catch on, but can we do something about it?

I'm trying to get the local stations here to playlist the song. Here we can actually head over to the website and request the music manager to playlist a song, and based on the reactions they will continue to play it. If such a policy exists there, i suggest you guys to start requesting..

What you can also do?
- Vote for Bittersweet on the MTV Dance chart -
- Vote for Bittersweet in this Spanish newspaper -
(you can vote any number of times on both)

Anyway, now that i have calmed down a little bit, i thought i would share a little something with everybody. I requested the guy who posted the snippet of Revolution to post Under Your Touch, and he did. So you can hear a snippet of that song now - ... it's pretty decent. But then again, i shouldn't be judging this from a clip. Anyway, he also sent me this, which has the intro to Revolution. It sounds amazing...

special thanks to KMGuy


Eden said...

Well I already am voting on a daily basis on MTV hehe many times a day should I add.
The moment the song leaked on youtube, I sent the link to the major radio stations in my country and asked them to add it to their playlist, well not that it will make big influence, but at least, I thought that I'll be helping promoting Sophie's music!
I suppose Sophie should do the whole live performances of bittersweet just like she did with heartbreak, on national
lottery , ... that could help.
I even sent the links to many blogs, most of them in USA to help promoting her there! I guess that would be a good way to promote it!
inform all bloggers about it!
(fingers crossed)that it does well!!!

Chris said...

I live in England and I have not heard Bittersweet on any station yet. The Stations on her radio "tour" are stations that broadcast only to one county (they are not available except in one little area). She needs to get the song on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 and Heart FM or else it will be a flop :(

The video is only playing on one music channel on Sky TV aswell....

kaushik said...

That is one of the most played channels here. They playlist only international songs, not Indian. And there's a request form down there, which guarantees a play.

I've done it a couple of times already. I'm sure they would have played it at least once. I'm giving the mix to my friend, who is a DJ, he'll promote it in the clubs. I really want this to do well for Sophie

Fran said...

Gaydar Radio is promoting really good "Bittersweet". The song has peaked at #1 on their chart.
I don't know what's happening on BBC Radio, but currently their only playing crap music, with no quality at all, & it's a pity, cos' BBC Radio was always the best radio in the UK, and now it is not at all.
Hope Sophie does a couple of live performances through TV, cos' I don't want her to have another flop. It's enough!!

Fran said...

Gaydar Radio (a British radio) is playing a lot “Bittersweet”. Actually, the song has peaked at #1 on their chart, & it’s currently this week’s number 1 again.
As for the BBC Radio 1, I don’t know what’s going on there. They use to play such great songs, but now all they play is crap music. Examples of crap music their playing now are the likes of Chipmunk, 3OH!3, Boys like Girls or Inna. I really hope they playlist Sophie’s new single, cos’ she deserves some radio exposure. I don’t want her to flop again, it’s enough!!
Also, she needs to start doing some promo on TV, performing at GMTV, the National Lottery Show, etc.
By the way, when does MTV update their Top 20 Dancefloor chart?

Anonymous said...

Just In!!! Breaking News
Sophie Is Number One In The MTV Dancefloor Chart We Did it!

Fran said...

Wow!!!! :D

kaushik said...

Thanks for the heads up Charlie. I have posted about it



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