Thursday, April 8, 2010

More about Bittersweet + slightly bigger picture from PJ + new interview

(irishguy28 is on fire!! Thanks for all of this)
7" single (2737677)
A - Bittersweet
B - Bittersweet (Freemasons Radio Mix)

CD Single (2737676)
1 - Bittersweet
2 - Sophia Loren

Sophie was interviewed on The Hits Radio. Here's the whole interview, for those who missed it.
(thanks to Paul for this)
Interview on The Hits Radio with Sophie -

There's a slightly bigger picture of the artwork on PopJustice, thank you Mr. PJ for posting it. But i still wonder why it's so wide...

Mr. PJ's thoughts about the artwork:
Here is some Sophie Ellis-Bextor artwork.
It's BLACK AND WHITE but it's also COLOUR meaning that it is at once CLASSIC and CONTEMPORARY.
We do like the fact that 'Sophie' and 'Ellis-Bextor' are separated - it's a
separation that immediately changes the emphasis on her surname from Bextor to
Ellis. This is precisely the sort of career redefining attention to detail that

AND... the moment that i have been waiting for since 5 years (at the very least) - Sophie might be branching out into Fashion!!!
Sophie Ellis-Bextor has revealed that she would like to branch out into
The Digital Spy website reports that the singer said to The People
that she would particularly like to design her own range of footwear.
Ellis-Bextor is quoted as saying: "I would definitely do shoes. I'm
obsessed with them and have more than 200 pairs."

She went on to say that she would like to work with a high-street store, saying:
"I love Topshop. That's the sort of thing I'd like to do."


Anonymous said...

The reason it is so wide is because in the UK cd singles (god bless them, as they still exist there) are released in cases that are, while quite thinner themselves, also a good deal wider across than traditional cd albums since they lack the "spine" of a traditional cd album. Thankfully the artwork is done in such a way that when "clipped" to fit into the confines of a square mp3 player screen, it doesn't cut out Sophie or the font.

Kim said...

yes but that beautiful blue splash of paint blobs will get edited on side, and her hair on the other

Eden said...

mmmm I dont know if I liked the artwork or not!
Heartbreak was already in black and white with writings on it in fuschia! so to do the same concept again and change the posture and the colour on it, that seems to me a bit boring! I guess she should have done smthg related to the video, maybe a photo of her in the air while jumping on the trampoline, or just maybe a photo of her sitting at the side of the photo and on the right side, back in the background, the backdancers floatting in the air (just looking much smaller than Sophie of course)! anyway, I hope the album artwork will be much better ...

kaushik said...

wow, you didn't like this Eden? It's actually very nice. I actually want the album's artwork to be on the same lines as Bittersweet

Eden said...

Kau, I dont think I liked it that much really!!
You see, I think that Sophie has an outstanding beauty! and the photo itself is nice! but in your previous post, you put all the covers that she made, and except the shoot from the hip era, all other covers have the same concept, the face of Sophie in different colours or postures or whatever!!!
by contrast, it made me like the shoot from the hip photos more, even if their quality is not good as the rest of the covers, but I liked them just because they were different! dont get me wrong, she looks stunning in all of them, but it's just nice to have smthg fresh and new and not a typical Sophie material!!! I was really hoping to have smthg different, that's all!
Dont you know what is Madonna's secret for success during all her career and still going on and on??? it's the reinvention, she keeps reinventing herself in every possible way, not necessarly her looks, but her music, her sound and songs. And that's smthg I really like to see Sophie doing!!

Lee B. said...

Kinda glad there's not a new song for the b-side on the 7" - we probably wouldn't have got a code to download it anyway.
It'd be good to have a different new song for a b-side on the digital single though.

I'm not that keen on the artwork - I've never been a fan of text over pictures unless it's done creatively (Read My Lips era was good with the text being written in lipstick). However, I do like the black & white pictures splashed with paint idea.

kaushik said...

I'm sorry Eden, but i disagree with you on this. With a face like Sophie's, all you'd want to do is just put that on the cover. No one has a face like that. So why not show it off?

And each era has been so different, with just her face on the cover - except Shoot From The Hip, which was great, but it didn't really suit Sophie.

Read My Lips - sexy poses with stuff written over her pictures in lipstick
Shoot From The Hip - it's nice, but it seemed like she was trying too hard. There was way too much emphasis on the font. And the pictures were just too "look at me, i can model!"
Trip The Light Fantastic - All about the glitter and glamour, which represented the album's genre perfectly - glitter pop!

I like the cover for Bittersweet because it suits the melancholy in the song perfectly.

MakkeBernhard said...

I love the artwork, but oh damn if her label isn't gonna release the Freemasons remixes of Bittersweet on any of the singles, it'll suck if we have to hunt for a promo cd. :(

We should tweet to SophieEB and comment on her site that she'd know fans would like to have the Freemasons mixes released on a retail cd-single, too!

scottwaterson3789 said...

I like it! it's nice, it's different it's unusual! thanks for the updates!

Fran said...

Digital download EP confirmed on
1. Bittersweet
2. Bittersweet (Freemasons Club Mix)
3. Bittersweet (Jodie Harsh Extended Remix)
4. Bittersweet (Freemasons Radio Mix)
5. Bittersweet (Freemasons Extended Club Mix) *exclusive to iTunes*

Ready to pre-order now! :D

kaushik said...

thanks Fran. I don't understand why they say it's exclusive to iTunes. That was the first version which leaked. Lol. But yeah, good way to get people to download the track.

@Lee - totally agree with you. I didn't like it when Here's To You was on Vinyl. But thanks to Paul and his sound-engineer friend, we now have an amazing version of the song.

@MakkeBernhard - awww dont bum so hard, we're getting a b-side. Cheer up.

@Scott - you're welcome

MakkeBernhard said...

@kaushik - Sure we are, but what about people who don't use iTunes and like to own the remixes on a CD? And there have been singles with BOTH a B-side and remixes. Does 'I won't change you' ring a bell?

It's a bit thin to only include a B-side with the single and nothing else, especially after 'Heartbreak', even though it was a Freemasons release. I just hate to download the remix from the net knowing it won't support Sophie in any way. :\

kaushik said...

MakkeBernhard, what you're refering to is a CD Maxi. I'm not sure if Fascination makes CD Maxi's for any of their artists anymore. The chart rules say single + one track on the CD. Which is why they have been giving us just that since Catch You. Yes, there should have been a Part 2 of the single, but i don't understand why Fascination aren't doing it.



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