Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sophie Q&A - Bittersweet talk - Pt. 2

How did the recent photoshoots go?
I did a great one this week with a circus theme for the Sunday Mirror Magazine and a make-up artist called Louise who I worked with for Murder On The Dancefloor and Take Me Home - I've known her for a long time. She got to play around with four different colours of glitter, all on my eye, and it looked very pretty and very sparkly. I'm still removing it now, but that's okay. I don't mind being a bit twinkly.
(Sophie mentioned this shoot on the Heart FM interview, check the previous post)

And the sleeve for the single has been revealed.
Yup. More paint. I like it actually. I'm really pleased with the artwork - I think
it's going to be a really good campaign.

Popjustice pointed out that your name is broken-up with Sophie and Ellis-Bextor on different lines. Was this a deliberate thing?
Um, no. But that's Peter Robinson for you. I'm actually speaking to him this
afternoon. I'm doing that NME thing he does, Peter Robinson Versus. I'm ready for
him. Bring it on Peter.

And the Jackson Pollock-esque paint splashes, are those going to continue throughout the campaign?
That or something similar. We've got a couple of ideas. It might be that we stick
with the paint because I do love the way it's turned out. But there are a couple of
other ideas knocking around too.

The cover's a little bit Stone Roses-ish in that sense.
Yes I suppose it is.

Did you do the paint splodges yourself?
I didn't, no. They would have looked worse than that. I know they're supposed to
look artistically chaotic but mine would probably have just looked really messy.

Do you think they did them with actual paint, or with a computer?
I think they did it with actual paint.

You think they stuck a load of pictures of you on a wall and threw paint at them?
I think they probably did because the same company did the first album, with the
black and white image which they'd written over with lipstick. And they did use real
lipstick and just scrawled on the picture.

Also from, a few updates about TV appearances
1. Justin Lee Collins' new show over on FIVE will be welcoming Sophie Ellis-Bextor on Monday 26th April. 'Good Times' will feature an exclusive interview with Sophie, alongside fellow guests, Kevin Bishop and Richard Hawley. Catch Sophie and JLC on Monday at 10pm on FIVE.
2. Sophie will be joining Lorraine Kelly for a chat on that famous GMTV sofa and a performance of her new single 'Bittersweet'! Tune into GMTV with Lorraine next Thursday 29th April on ITV1 from 8.30am. As an extra treat, straight after the show, log onto to watch a special acoustic performance and take part in an exclusive webchat with Sophie!


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