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Sophie's thoughts about "The Ministry of Silly Walks" (lol) - Heart FM Interview

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Here's the entire transcript (thanks to Paul)

Good Morning, I'm Dan Mills, in for Jules and Bunker on Heart Breakfast this week. Sophie Ellis-Bextor came into the Heart studios on Friday. She looked so glam, so I started off by probing her on her fitness regime.
Ah, today I had very sore thighs. I went to the gym yesterday and did some very strange thing involving a big inflatable ball and some weird hip raisers or something. I think if I was left to my own accord I would never exercise ever, but I make sure I book in with a trainer, and then she forces me to do stuff like walking lunges! Nobody does a walking lunge if they don't have to,do they? I think trainers club together, like "The Ministry Of Silly Walks". You can imagine them saying "I made one of mine do this today!". That woman yesterday was making me do really big skips across the football field - really big skips - and that just looks ridiculous!

Aren't you worried that someone will snap you on their camera phone?
I have no shame, I don't care. If you want to get a picture of me in mid-flight, go for it!

How do you juggle the music, being the Face of Rimmel, and being a mum at the same time?
Well, some of it is more demanding than others. The Rimmel stuff, wearing the make-up, that's pretty easy and natural for me. I've always loved make-up anyway. I think the most demanding are definitely the children. But they're happy and I probably spend more time with them than a lot of working mums, because I'll have periods of intense activity with my work and then maybe I'll have times when it's a little bit quieter, when I'm in the studio or something.

How old are they now, and do they understand what you do for a living?
I have a one-year old who doesn't really get what I do at all. Although when I came home from work the other day with four different shades of glitter all over my eyes, and very big eye-lashes he was pretty excited by that. And then my other child is going to be six in a couple of weeks, and he is aware of what I do.

Here is a sneak preview of Sophie Ellis-Bextor's new song. It's called "Bittersweet". In the video for it she has paint thrown all over her. It's not a computer-generated thing, it really happened. So I wanted to know why she said "yes" to that.
We just thought of a number of silly things to do, like trampolining, having cannons fire things at me, hula hooping, and paint over the head.

Trampolining, the cannons and hula hooping (if you can do it) sound like fun. But how ever did they put to you the idea of chucking paint all over you? Were there alarm bells going off when they tried to get you to do that?
You know, I kind of enjoy all of that. I think, the more extreme, the better! All the dancers had it done, and I thought, "come on, give me your worst, let's do it!". And you know how you spend your life not really living those extremes very often. I mean, how many people have had a bucket of paint dropped over their head, right?

It's the kind of thing Noel Edmonds used to do to people in the 80's
Being slimed or gunged; it's fun, isn't it!

This was the day before Sophie's birthday, so I wished her a very happy birthday.
Ah, Thank you!

Are you excited?
Yeah, I love birthdays. I'm going to have a party. I'm going to have cake. This is a bit of a silly time for me because April is my husband's birthday, my two best friends' birthdays, my eldest child's birthday, my in-law's birthday, my uncle's and three of my four cousins'.

Woah! That's a lot of photo frames to buy people.
Photo frames, scented candles, and cakes... Wow!

The best people have birthdays in April. It was my 30th last Friday.
Hey! Happy birthday! I think it's a good time. I'm going to be 31 tomorrow. So as someone at the other end of their first year at 30 I can tell you it's good. It all works out fine.

So new single, Bittersweet comes out Third of May. The first track from your forth album which is out in the summer. The tune is amazing. Thank you so much for coming in, Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
Ah, thank you Dan very much.

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