Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SEB.net Q&A - Radio and Video talk

from SEB.net

Hello Sophie, how are you?
I'm really good, thank you. I'm busy and everything seems to be going in the right direction. I've been on the road, doing bits of regional radio. Today is my trip down south. I've already done Scotland and the north of England.

How's that gone?
It's all been good. But this has been more fun because we've gone to the seaside and today's a really beautiful day. We left mine a little earlier than we needed to, it turned out, so we actually got to have breakfast in Brighton which has been really nice. It's a great way to start the day.

So you're in Brighton to do a bunch of different radio things?
Yeah, I'm doing a few different places. I've already been to Juice and Heart and then I'm going on to Worthing and Hampshire.

Do they tend to ask the same sorts of questions at these interviews?
They do, but I don't mind. I'm here to talk about all the new stuff so it's understandable.

Do you have stock answers for things?
Probably. But you have to make it sound like it's new and fresh!

What's the most common topic that tends to come up?
Probably where I've been for the last sort of while. Which is OK.

They don't still go on about your chart battle with Victoria Beckham or anything like that, do they?
No, that doesn't come up that often these days. I've also outgrown Blue Peter, finally, after ten years.

The Bittersweet video is obviously out. Are you pleased with it?
Yeah, I'm really pleased actually. I probably shouldn't have gone on so much about how it's made - with all the trampolining - because actually when you watch it, it looks other-worldly and I don't think you would necessarily know there had been a trampoline involved.

People seem to be liking it.
I think so. I'm glad I didn't get covered in paint for nothing. Ha ha!

But there isn't much hula hooping.
Just a tiny bit. But to be honest with you, I was a little bit disappointed because I'd practised hula hooping like crazy before the shoot, but then on the day they gave me a child-sized hula hoop instead of an adult-sized one. And it's actually a lot harder. So I couldn't hula hoop to the best of my ability.

Clearly that's poor hula hoop preparation on their part.
Well, I thought so. I thought, why can't I use the one that I'd been practicing with?

Did you have it with you?

And they flatly refused your hula hoop?
Well, it had to be one they could put loads of powder inside so that when I hula hooped with it, all the powder could come billowing out. Very disappointing.

It's a hula hooping basic that the smaller they are the harder it is.
Completely. Tell that to them, they didn't understand.

They'll be telling are their friends you're a hula hoop diva.
Exactly! Put that on my grave, I don't care!

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