Monday, April 26, 2010

Daily Star's write-up

SOPHIE Ellis-Bextor is back to help the world rediscover its dancing feet after a three-year break.
The porcelain-skinned belle returns with club banger Bittersweet, and she reckons there’s never been a better time to burn up the dancefloor.
Sophie, 31, told me: “There’s a been a resurgence in the power of DJ. You only have to look at the fact that Bloc Party and Snow Patrol’s last singles had a trance edge."
“This is the longest gap I’ve ever had between records, but if I can’t make it work in this climate I should give up because everything is ’80s, a bit electro synthy and disco."
“That’s exactly what I’ve been doing, but the new songs are a bit harder. It’s the best stuff I’ve done. So let’s have a go.”
Sophie teamed up with the cream of the dance pop world on incoming fourth album Straight To The Heart.
She explained: “I’ve always focused on the bottom end and I’ve been very spoilt this time."
“I have Calvin Harris, Freemasons, Richard X, Sneaker Pimps, Metronomy and Cathy Dennis all on the record. "
“I formed a good relationship with Calvin so we might work on more stuff.”

Sophie’s love of dance music has even seen her try out DJing with her husband and bassist Richard Jones, 32.
“We just have fun, it’s brilliant to play records we love very loud,” she said.
“Old disco, Prince, Bowie songs, feelgood pop.”
Sophie’s offspring are poised to join the business too. She said: “I want to take the family on the tour, my two boys love music.”
Bittersweet is out May 3.

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