Thursday, April 8, 2010

8 things you need to know about Sophie's artwork

(thanks to irishguy28 for the artwork)
1. It's so not Circus
2. It's just as diva-ish as i expected
3. It's somewhere on the lines of the Heartbreak cover
4. Kinda reminds me of Kelly Osbourne's video for One Word
5. That blue thingy is amazing
6. No, it's not like Lady GaGa's artwork, in case anyone is thinking about it
7. It's Black & White, Sophierazzi approves
8. The font suits the artwork perfectly, very 80's.

I wonder why it's so wide though. I'd love to see this in HQ. By the way, i have to quote what someone once mentioned on some forum, Sophie should model for a shampoo. Her hair looks stunning!


Fran said...

I absolutely love the cover!! It's soooo Sophie!! I love it!! :D

kaushik said...

I love it too!!! It's so good... but maybe this is from the Make A Scene sessions and not Straight To The Heart sessions... who knows. Cos Sophie looks like she is shouting something

Fran said...

Perhaps the "circus themed"- photoshoot that Sophie mentioned on her twitter is for a magazine, not for the album.

Anonymous said...

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kaushik said...

You actually might be right Fran, i hope the album is just as dark and mysterious as the Bittersweet cover



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