Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Official Catch Up Part 3


Moving back to the album. Do you have a concept for the artwork?
Yeah, I think we want to do something which is a bit looser and more informal than we have done before. I've done lots of lovely things where it's been quite diva-ish and distant, and I do really like that angle for pop. But now that it's album four, I feel like it might be OK to show a slightly different side of me. Maybe something a little bit more playful.

We snuck onto your Twitter account earlier and asked your followers for some questions for you. @Bangshowbiz would like to know what the plan is for your Feeling collaboration.
Well, I've done a song with them and it's on their record, which they're in the middle of making.

And it's a duet with Dan?
That's correct. I really love it.

@EmzyLB asks. "Will you ever work with Gregg Alexander again?"
That's a good question. I have seen Gregg recently. He was a very big part of my first and second albums. There isn't really a particular reason why we haven't done anything together for a while. I guess sometimes you just move into a different era. And he actually stopped writing for a little bit and went and did some other things for a while. But I'm sure we'll end up working together again. He's lovely and talented.

@JordiGuercia asks if you have any plans for a European tour after the album comes out.
Touring is definitely something I want to do, yes. I don't know the scale of it yet, though. Watch this space.


Eden said...

the duet with the feeling is really good news! you know, i was thinking recently that Sophie never did any duets before (except the old one with the manic street preachers). Honestly, i think she should seriously consider doing collaborations with other artists, that would really help her. I wish she would sing with Robbie Williams, the petshop boys, moby, ... may this duet with the feeling be the start to other great duets!!!!

Mathew said...

Not sure she'd ever sing with Robbie Williams - she doesn't think much of him :)



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