Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Sophie/Freemasons track, first ever review!!

Okay i listened to the song about a million times now. One good thing is that they kept the twangy bass intact. I noticed that they've used an atmospheric organ kinda instrument, which adds to the dark effect of the song. But all that is only in the verses. Once the chorus pops in, the song takes on this dancefloor anthem image and the dark image sort of fades away. Thankfully, they kept the "keep it coming on and on and on" bit, cos now the song sounds almost complete!!

Whats missing in the song?? A twangy guitar, like the one on Dear Jimmy. I think with that, this song would be a delicious treat to my ears. Nonetheless, bravo!! Both Freemasons and Sophie.

One more thing that i appreciate is the live drums that they have used for the snare-fill effects, and that slap/whip beat is simply amazing!! The middle eight with the crescendo of the strings/violins etc is brilliant!! As a dance track, i think the song is just ace. Flawless and a sure #1 on the dance charts. But this song would sound really odd on Sophie's album cos i'm sure she's not going to do anything this ibiza-ish for the album. So i think a good thing to do is also to add the Junior Caldera track to the final tracklist, so this song would have a bedfellow!

I'm still not sure if it is going to do anything for Sophie. If anything, it might just arouse some attention in her and inform people that she is ready for her next album. Sophie, apparantly, is performing the song sometime soon at G.A.Y. So keep your eyes peeled. I wish she performs more songs from her new album - Sophia Loren, Synchronized etc., and some older ones as well..


Anonymous said...

Speaking of those two tracks, do you happen to have them Kau? (Sophia Loren and Synchronized)

musicfreakkaushik said...

No, actually. I don't have them. I can't wait for the album to come out

TheWV said...

I've been listening for a while... & I Guess I Like It, The Old Version Sounds Too Much As 'Rain Down Love' By Freemasons, But this one Is A Better House Track... I Mean Is not The Same 'Pop Dance' Sophie Uses To Sing, Maybe that's Why Some Sophie Fans Are a Few Disappointed, But I Love it!



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