Monday, April 27, 2009

The OFFICIAL cover art: Heartbreak

I know its not very "heartbreak", but its one hell of a sexy pic!! I for one adore it!! Sophie looks so much sexier after having teamed up with Rimmel.. does she still do her own make-up or does someone else do it for her now?? She's such a pussycat, don't you think????

I'm loving everything about this single:
1. The (original) song - EXCELLENT!
2. The new mix - Smash Hit in the making
3. The video still on the Freemasons' FB Page - fierce
4. The cover art - Sexy (going back to the old RML style, very nice)

With just the right promotion and a superb video, i'm sure this is going to be a #1


Anonymous said...

If she looks even half as stunning as she is in that pic in the video, then i'm going to fall in love with the video

my god she is breathtaking in that picture

and yes, its very very READ MY LIPS era style

Andrew said...

To bad it is black and white though, i wish there was some color b/c her TTLF album cover was.... EPIC! Still it is an amazing picture. I cannot wait for the release and video.

TheWV said...

WoW amazing Pic

Anonymous said...

I love the black and white look that the photo has

musicfreakkaushik said...

I agree. Black and White has its own charm... it looks so retro! But i have to say, the picture does look like it would suit a shampoo ad better. Plus, the hyphen in Sophie's surname is missing... i hope the Freemasons take notice of that. Otherwise, Sophie looks as gorgeous as ever!



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