Friday, April 17, 2009

Critical Reception of the new single

1. It lacks character. The song is actually a song about overcoming pain by dancing it away. It just needed a hint of disco flavour and be a dark sounding song. The original "demo" was perfect. The new mix is way too let-me-see-you-resist-this-on-the-floor type show off track. Its just beats and sounds and is pointless. You have a huge title like that, means that your song should be really good, not crap it up by remixing it mindlessly.

2. Its going to do NOTHING for Sophie!! She's probably going to get re-labelled as the queen of disco, and that is not what we want for her now, is that?? Sophie is a pure popstar and all she does is include a bit of dance flavour to her singles so they perform well. But that doesn't mean she's into disco. I mean, even her "hardcore dance record (TTLF)" has some gorgeous down-tempo pop songs! So the new mix is going to do nothing for her, except let people know that she's not pregnant anymore and she's probably thin enough to star in the next Rimmel advert..

Here are some fan responses:
  1. I really do not like it. Perhaps it's a generational thing, but I cannot see it as an improvement on the earlier demo. I think they have ruined the song, and in its present mix it does Sophie no favours. Just my grumpy opinion.
  2. I don't like it at all. I know I'm not a huge fan of remix, but there's no improvement! I don't like the fact they cut out "keep it coming on" and it takes like a minute for the first verse to start... They could have done something nice like Calvin Harris did with Off & On, which I think it's completely "releasable"
  3. I don't think it's strong enough to launch an album - and certainly not to create the kind of impact Sophie is going to need to sell albums.
  4. But I liked the "keep it coming" bit...
  5. I love the pumped up sound of the remix but, yeah, the song suffers without the "keep it coming on and on and on" part. Such a little thing makes such a difference in the game of disco tension & release. Hopefully this clip is just the "club mix" and the single version will reinstate that little bridge.
  6. The updated version has so much more verve. Also the YouTube leak is a short chunk of an epically long 9 minute mix, but the point is that they made everything dramatic tenfold -- which only stands to serve Sophie better (as the original was a bit...plodding.)
  7. I heard it at Mardi Gras and it was a bit fucking amazing. I don't know how to describe it, but it had obviously been beefed up. Think the album version of The One compared to the remade club mix. Not altogether different, but alot more worthy of the attention it's getting...
  8. That is the version of the single?
    The intro can not be longer by god!
  9. This is why remixes of original songs should never happen - because there are very few that don't turn to complete shite!!
  10. Sucked the emotion out of the original, but, good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

lol I did not see this coming. I mean the good part in it, it's like if the song does well, the credits wont go to the freemasons but instead Sophie will be more into the spotlight which is pretty good actually. However, there is the part in the remix where there is only the violin playing, that part alone is AWESOME, and when the remix leaks, i'll try to do my own version of the song lol I just want to include that part in the demo version and if I manage to do it, i'll share it with you :DDD (EDEN)



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