Monday, April 6, 2009

Looks like we have a release date

June 15th, according to HMV

But then again, i'm not sure if that can be trusted, cos Sophie is making the video in about a week or two now, and the mix is ready, so is the radio edit. I think only the artwork has to be decided and then released. That shouldn't take too long.

Rumours said that the song would be out by the end of April, but even if all the above said takes some time, then it should still be out in May. June is too far off, unless Sophie is considering this to be the first single off her album.

Too much confusion... Sophie needs to come online and tell us something more about the album.

In other news, Sophie is (finally, thank god) planning on making a christmas (dance) song. She was on Twitter when she discussed this with Calvin asking him if they were the people to do this together.. I do wish we get a christmas dance hit from her this year though... She's also been working with a bunch of people, still songwriting and stuff. The collaboration with The Feeling, like i confirmed in my previous post if for their album, not Sophie's. But who knows, if Sophie does end up having an equal share on the song, then the song might end up on her album as well, as a bonus track or whatever. Not too keen on that happening though, i'd rather new songs from her than collaborations from other people's albums finding their way onto her album.. Apart from this, Sophie has been feeding and taking care of her new baby, and she's been really busy with family. I do wish, though, that she would come online and tell us how the album is shaping up..


Anonymous said...

It's really getting boring to delay the release date of this song. I mean, it's all ready and so no, why cant they just release it!!!!!!!!! (Eden)

Anonymous said...

It seems Freemasons are still working on the radio edit! Plus they have to do the video with Sophie!



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