Monday, April 27, 2009

more details on Heartbreak's release

I'm loving all this hype for the single. I don't think Freemasons or Sophie have ever done this in the past. Its nice to know they're taking the extra mile to ensure this hits the charts.

The song has already been added to the C-list this week on Galaxy, and hit #1 on the Cool Cuts chart.

But it isn't going to get a release anytime soon. The release date has been pushed back to 21st June. Here's what the Freemasons had to say on their MySpace blog:

"First of all apologies for not being in touch recently - we had such an amazing time in Australia at Mardi Gras and across the continent in some great clubs and ever since we got back it's been go go go to get the single ready, do the video (although that was mainly Sophie to be fair!), get cracking on our mix album 'Shakedown 2' and also start writing and producing for a very special lady (but we can't say who yet...). Anyway here is the sleeve for 'Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)' , how gorgeous does Sophie look? Believe us when we say she is exactly the same in person. The release date has had to be put back just a week, it's now 21st June, because the video is taking much longer than anticipated - there's loads of post-production special effects being done to make it look spectacular. Can't wait? Neither can we!"

They have also added a snippet of the song on their MySpace. I'm not too sure about the beginning of the song, its very brash. To be honest, i preferred the way the demo opened slowly with a beat. I hope the final radio edit has a good opening.

This is going to be massive! YAY!!


Anonymous said...

lol I've never been waiting for a song to get released in my whole life. but in this case, time seems to be passing soooooooooooo slowly, i just cant wait to have it. All my hope is that they arent just doing this as a way to promote it and we dont get smthg aa high as our expectations :S

musicfreakkaushik said...

yes the wait does seem endless, doesn't it. they should just release the song on iTunes for download and bring out the physical release just in time with the video. That way the sales will be good.



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